Friday, January 17, 2020

January Musings

Modernism Week Palm Springs during our visit 2018 - perfect weather, paradise on earth!

Another week has flown by already. I remember those days when I used to post a blog daily, sometimes twice a day. Apparently those days are over. Just too much to do these days.

Like today, I'm working at the hotel filling in for my co-worker who is visiting his family in his home country of Turkey. At one time I was working five days in a row until my other co-worker noticed and offered to fill in for me Sunday. Thanks Don!

What's keeping me busy these days is just running our household. I am Bill's caregiver but he's sweet and doesn't take up a lot of my time. Thank goodness. My Mother, who was a saint, wasn't so pleasant during her later years which my brother and his wife had to deal with. Bill is just sweet and cooperative. I make him his pudding, provide him with his favorite candy (peppermint bark) and favorite soup (carrot ginger soup).

In a few weeks I'll be headed off for our (me and Pat) annual Palm Springs Winter Adventure. We'll be in Palm Springs for two weeks.  In the past during our annual California trip, we spent a week in Los Angeles and a week in Palm Springs. Last year we were so comfortable in Palm Springs during Modernism Week, I decided that we should just stay in Palm Springs for the whole two weeks. Now I'm regretting it because I will miss our usual West Hollywood hangouts (Veggie Grill, Shag, Alfred's and The Price Is Right tv show).  Next year we'll do the week in Hollywood and a week in Palm Springs. 

Last week we had Palm Springs temperatures here (68 degrees) which was lovely.  Now we're back to the freezing temperatures (35 degrees).  Some snow is forecast for this Saturday. I'm hoping that there is no snow when I leave for my flight on February 9th.  I had to make a hotel reservation the night before my flight because American Airlines changed by flight departure from 10:11 AM Sunday to 7:09 AM Sunday morning. It takes me at least two and a half hours to get to the airport. That means my ride Clarence would have to get up at 3:30 AM to take me to the airport. I can't put him through that.  So I'll leave the day before, Saturday and luxuriate the airport Marriott.

I'm ready folks for balmy Palm Springs. Now to decide what to wear.


VRC-Do You! said...

Ron...Please have a nice time in Palm Springs with Pat...

pat888 said...

Ron - this is new for us. Your suggestion. No LA this time. So we'll have to make some new discoveries. Also, we do have lots to things planned during modernism (2 weeks). I think you'll have lots to blog about at the end of it all.


Ur-spo said...

I am having problems leaving comments I hope this works.

Ur-spo said...

The Mac laptop in its last update apparently doesn't allow me to leave comments now at blogger sites. What a pain. I am 'back on' via the office PC
I hope your weather in PS is clement.

Practical Parsimony said...

It is good that Bill is so cooperative. Enjoy your trip.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
Thanks! Pat and I always have a good time when we get together for our quarterly trips. We're so compatible that anything we do is enjoyable. Looking forward to enjoying he warm Palm Springs weather too!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Your comment came through. These changes are frustrating. One would thing they would be an improvement. Now I can't answer comments individually. Oh well, we adapt.

Ron said...

I'm going to miss our time in LA this year. Veggie Grill, Shag Store, The Grove and our annual trip to Green Earth in Pasadena. All will be missed. We'll go back to our previous schedule next year!

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
You can be sure we will enjoy our holiday in Palm Springs, we always do. Nice to have two weeks of mild weather in February too1