Thursday, November 09, 2017

Seventy-Six Trombones - Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 76th birthday!

Wow, how did I ever get this old? 

Never in my whole life did I think I would live this long.

I have already outlived most of my friends.  Thank goodness I still have Bill, who turned 89 years old in September.  

Thank goodness I have new friends like my blogger friends like Pat, Spo, Ray and many others. 

I am so thankful for the life I have had. 

Like all of you who are reading this blog, I have had my ups and downs.  But considering the very humble beginnings I came from and my average intelligence (I was a B student in high school and college), I've done pretty good. 

Of course I started life with several major advantages being born an American citizen, a HUGE plus in this world. 

I was also born white and male and tall. More advantages.  Now don't anyone take this the wrong way, I'm just stating a fact and you all know what I mean.  

But I was born with several major disadvantages.  I was born gay, a fact I new I was "different" when my brain began first working and figuring things out.  This happened when I was four years old.  I know that for a fact because I "knew" before I went to first grade.

Another major disadvantage was that I didn't have much encouragement growing up.  My father consistently put me down so much so that I was pretty much totally beaten down by the time I joined the Army when I was eighteen years old.  

Joining the Army was the best thing that ever happened to me. Got me away from home and caused me to strengthened my self confidence.

Then after I got out of the Army I met the love of my life, Bill Kelly.  

Me and Bill

Fifty-three years later here I am entering my 77th year on this planet.  

I have this fabulous friendship with my Canadian Travel Buddy, Pat. 

I have a great part-time job.

I live in a fabulous house in a diversity friendly state of Delaware.

My health is good for my age.  I have survived prostate cancer. Several bouts of kidney stones. I'm managing my arthritis.  My brain is still functioning relatively well and I still have hair and that hair isn't snow white. 

Yes folks, life is pretty good and I am so thankful. With Thanksgiving coming up I have so much to be thankful for.  I've had a good life and I continue to have a good life.

Have a great day everyone!!


Deedles said...

You were born tall? Your poor mother! Enjoy your day, you deserve it.

Raybeard said...

It's a fanfare you well deserve for a fine 'achievement', Ron. Have an exceptionally Happy Birthday! Best wishes from England, from me, and from Patchie.

Jon said...

What a wonderful post, Ron - upbeat and cheerful, with great photos. You have a good life and truly have a lot to be thankful for. I knew your birthday was in November but I had forgotten the exact day. I'm sending Big Hugs and all the very best wishes - hoping that this special day is a great one for you.
Happy Birthday! I'm privileged to have you for a friend.

Jane Karwat said...

Happy Birthday Ron. What a positive post. May everyday bring something new to be thankful for. I think you maybe an honorary Canadian. I turned 65 in October, and like you I am grateful. And as Neil Young would say"Long may you run!" Or in your case walk!!! Have fun.

Bea said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, Ron!

AlexandriaVic said...

Happy Birthday Ron! If one can look in the mirror and truly say we are happy that is all one can wish for. I am glad that you have Bill and Pat. Once again Happy birthday!!

angie said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Travel said...

Happy Birthday!

Breenlantern said...

Happy Birthday

pat888 said...

Wow Ron - that's quite a synopsis of your life from different aspects and - like all of us - we still march on. Maybe to 76 trombones. But we are lucky to have you with us!!! And for a long time more to come. I know you are working on your birthday and that's ok with you - I always felt that way about my birthday too. And like you - I sometimes think how lucky I am to be still kicking despite some obstacles. And you might have been a B student - probably from underachieving like so many of us - but you are an ace human being and I'm lucky to know you!! A very happy birthday Ron!!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday!!

wcs said...

Hope it was the best birthday yet! I also enjoyed the views of Pat's new place. Very nice!

WARPed said...

Holy Sh.t Ron!!!

Happy 76th !!! I hope I make it too...seems like a long way from 62...

Super YouTube clip, a veritable low-brass orgasm...I'm going to have to go listen to "Stars and Stripes Forever," after I comment here.

Many Happy Returns!



Ron said...

Like you, I LOVE marching bands and this You Tube video of "76 Trombones" is fabulous!

Ron said...

Thanks Walt. Always good to hear from you.

Ron said...

Thank you Alicia!

Ron said...

You are a gem and I am so fortunate to have you as my friend. I hope we have many more years together enjoying life together on our adventures.

Ron said...

Thank you Sean!

Ron said...

Thanks David!

Ron said...

I had a great birthday, just the way I like it. Nice and quiet. Just slipping into another year.

Ron said...

Thank you Bea.

Ron said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes. I wouldn't mind being an honorary Canadian now with our current president. Canada is so accepting of diversity However, the taxes in Canada are even higher than they are here and what would I do about my medical insurance (Medicare?) Alas, I'll just have to settle for a once a year visit and three visits yearly from my Canadian friend and hope that some time in the future, during my lifetime, we have a president that can make us feel proud.

Ron said...

Yes, I was tall at a young age. Always being mistaken for being older than I really was and asked if I played basketball (which I didn't play even though I was the tallest member of my class). Thanks for your good wishes.

Ron said...

Thank you Ray and Patchie!

Ron said...

Thank you Jon and I am privileged to have you as a friend.

Ron said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes. I am so fortunate to have both Bill and Pat in my life. They keep me balanced.

Ur-spo said...

I know it was a splendid one
May this next year be your bestest one yet

Ron said...

Thank you Dr. Spo! I'm planning on this next year to be the bestest yet!

Linda said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ron! I wish you a wonderful, healthy year!