Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Pat's New Home

Pat relaxing in his living room
This is what retirement looks like folks. This is my friend Pat's new home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Pat purchased a condo on the 10th floor of the former Royal Connaught Hotel in Hamilton. 

Royal Connaught Hotel Condos, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The total square feet is 548 (I think) which consists of an open "great" room which consists of a kitchen and living room and a dining area. 

Pat his his kitchen

 He has one bedroom and one bathroom.  All amenities are top of the line. Pat is the only one tenant on his floor at this time.

Pat and me in front of his new home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Pat now has a big flat screen TV in his living room. No more streaming movies from his tiny iPhone.

When I visited Pat in September, his air conditioning unit wasn't working properly. Because one whole wall is all windows, and the unusual heat in Hamilton during September, his condo was too hot for my fragile body temperature.  I had to book a hotel room at the nearby Sheraton for most of my stay. I went back to Pat's condo the last two days, after he had blinds installed which cut down on the heat.  

I have to say, after seeing the convenience and efficiency of Pat's condo, I am tempted to toss all my "things" and go condo like Pat.  I may do this eventually anyway as I get older.  

Below is a mini tour of Pat's mini condo. This is living!


Deedles said...

Very nice. So clean and airy. I really like that unusual couch pillow :) said...

I love the simplicity of it. Lovely!!

Bea said...

Oh, that condo looks gorgeous. I like how he's decorated the living room space. And that flooring looks amazing. Is it marble? Anyway, good for Pat!

Jon said...

Pat's condo is beautiful and the compact size should be cozy and easy to maintain. Years ago I wouldn't have considered living in a condo - BUT after battling all the troublesome burdens of Mother Nature here in the forest, I'm almost ready to consider it... I've forgotten what civilization looks like.

Ron said...

I have to tell you after staying in Pat's condo for ten days, I was tempted to make the move to a condo myself. But a couple things hold me back. I would hate to get rid of most of my "things" (paintings mainly) that I have accumulated over the years. Also a big negative is that monthly condo charge. But what I'm paying for my monthly maintenance (lawn care, etc) is a lot too. Something to think about as I get older and more invalid. I also liked that Pat was right in the middle of everything in downtown Hamilton with we refer to as a "goldilocks city" - not too big, not too small. I lived in the woods for twenty-five years and loved it but I have to tell you living near civilization is much better. Some downsides but mostly upside. Decisions still to be made.

Ron said...

Pat will like your compliment about the pillow. He took a LOT of time choosing it!

Ron said...

Pat is a minimalist. He keeps things simple and proves that one can live that way. I am tempted to make THE CHANGE.

Ron said...

Pat's condo is gorgeous and nicely decorated. Pat choose that floor himself and he had a special wall put in. All lovely and unique. I am so happy for him.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - thanks for pictures and notes on my new condo. And thanks, too, for all the lovely compliments from your readers. I am truly a lucky individual to be living in this nice space in this city I love. Shopping, movies, philharmonica, small cafes and galleries, indoor mall, mechanic, yoga - even my doctor - all a walk away. The many downtown buildings that this city has saved and refurbished from the 18 and 19 hundreds - along with modern architecture sprouting up here and there adds to the beauty of the city nestled in the Niagara escarpment at the west end of Lake Ontario. Yep, I have to pay condo fees - but the freedom it allows you is considerable. And lastly - the people of Hamilton are so proud of their city which has had it's up and downs as a once major steel producer. And the friendliness of the people blows me away. I don't know if this honeymoon I have with Hamilton will ever fade. - Just a note - I'm on the 12th floor which has the benefit of 13 foot ceilings. An aesthetic which appeals to me.

Raybeard said...

It's a beauty. All Pat needs now is some friendly, quiet neighbours and his perfect world will be complete.

Marie said...

Thanks for the posting, Ron, the condo is lovely and just what Pat seems to like. However, I'm like you though, inasmuch as I don't know if I would like to part with some of my "things".

Jane Karwat said...

I love Pat's place. I wish they would rehab older buildings here where I live. It is a really good urban urban plan. Thanks for sharing.

Ron said...

I must have a mental block about what floor you live on. I keep getting it wrong. You do live in an ideal location though Pat. Everything is at your doorstep and you live above it all. What a wonderful life you have now. I am so happy for you.

Ron said...

Pat will be getting his neighbors soon enough. And I know he will make many new friends. That's just the kind of person he is, sweet and gentle and likable.

Ron said...

Thanks for the push to get me to post about Pat's new home. I need to post more about my trip to Hamilton which I will do in future blog post. I like the minimalist way Pat lives but I just cannot imagine my life without many of my "things." Too many good memories that I would hate to part with.

Ron said...

I love it when they rehab older buildings. Many of those older buildings have so much character and history. I always feel sad when they tear down those buildings to make way for new skyscrapers that don't have near as much character.

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