Saturday, November 02, 2019

Ron's TV Interview

This afternoon, while going through my thousands of photos looking for those photos where I dyed my hair blonde (it was a disaster) I came across these photos taken in 2013 during the Marriage Equality Delaware state legislature sessions.  Phew! That was a long sentence. I do try to avoid those folks.

The first set of photos was a demonstration I attended in Dover, Delaware for marriage equality. These photos show me being interviewed by a local TV station, an interview I never saw on TV.  My friend Charles Meade, who invited and took me to the demonstration, took the photos. I would have loved to seen the interview on TV.  But you know what folks?  Pat, my Canadian Travel Buddy,  saw a photo of me on the Internet testifying before the Delaware State Legislature and that's how he found me.

Me, all gussied up and ready to testify for marriage equality
The photo that captured Pat's attention - who knew all those years making myself available in all the Wrong Places, this is the photo and circumstance that I would meet my doppelgänger?
Was I nervous testifying? I would say so! (I found this picture on a newspaper website. Somewhere there is a video because there were a lot of cameras that day. Maybe I find it someday

He did an Internet search and found my blog, we started to talk via FaceTime and then he came down for a visit. And as they say, "The rest is history."  I met the guy I've been looking for my whole life (in all the wrong places of course).  Ironic that I would meet him though me involved in making my relationship with Bill legal.  But there it is, life is strange and full of serendipity. 

During the demonstration at in Dover I got a chance to meet Delaware Governor Markel who I personally thanked for supporting Marriage Equality. Thank you Governor Markel!

Me shaking hands with Delaware governor Jack Markel (him wondering "who the hell is this guy?" because I did ambush him)) Dover, Delaware 2013
All's well that ends well.  Bill and I were married shortly thereafter, on our 49th anniversary of the day we met. This year we marked our 55th year of Togetherness. What a life! 

I'm glad I found these pictures. This is why I take and have photographs (and videos) taken folks, to relieve those momentous life changing times. 

I don't have to wonder who will inherit my 100,000 plus photos and 6,500 videos but one thing I know, they will last forever in the Internet because I have now posted them.


Geo. said...

This is dated from the time I began following your blog, Ron. Have I mentioned that you and Bill are heroes to me?

Jon said...

Another great post, Ron, and I love the photos. I'm way behind in reading blogs but just wanted you to know that I'm here!

Ron said...

Wow, this is when you began following my blog? Is this how you found my blog by my testifying for marriage equality? I couldn't get Bill to come out of the car and into the legislature building when I testified. Bill is old school and sometimes still feel guilty being gay. Even when we got married, Bill wanted to know if we could do it without any people around. I told him "No, actually we need witnesses." But he was find when we got married, very emotional.

Ron said...

No problem being behind in reading blogs, me too! I try to keep upbeat time just slips by. You understand.