Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mouse in the House

This past Sunday as I was exiting the kitchen to the garage I almost stepped on a field mouse that was on the door ledge. It quickly scampered away.

Oh no, not a Mouse in the House again.  Remember the problem I had last year?  One night after I came home from work I encountered a mouse in my pantry.  I think he was as surprised as I was when I opened the door looking for a late night snack.  I put out mouse traps and caught the little (fat) bugger the next day.  He was hiding out under the refrigerator next to the warm coils. Much to my surprise I also caught another mouse in my Have-a-Heart trap.  I think that was his wife. I took her down to the end of Oyster Rocks Road, to start a new life in those wetlands near the Broadkill River.

Yesterday I prepared (with peanut butter) and put out four deadly mouse traps. I also put out the Have-a-Heart trap with a big chunk of cheese. 

This morning I expected to see a squashed and bloody mouse in one of the traps.  Nothing.

This afternoon when I went out through the garage I happened to see two brown eyes looking at me through the metal screen of the Have-a-Heart trap.  One lucky mouse 

Bill and I took it down to the end of Oyster Rocks Road to join its cousin from last year that I released there.  

I put the Have-a-Heart trap out. I fully expect another mouse to show up. Hopefully it will be smart and take the bait (a big chuck of cheese) in the Have-a-Heart trap. 


Jon said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to catch the mouse unharmed and release it far away. Hopefully it won't find its way back to your house....

I have another mouse in my house. It gnaws at a grating in the wall that's near the washing machine - EVERY night at the same time, and it's really loud. I don't have any traps, but I sprinkled a lot of black pepper around there today.
(I also heard that mice hate mothballs, so I'll try that next).

Practical Parsimony said...

I hate mice, but I caught one coming from behind the refrigerator years ago. There was blood up a foot on the wall and all over the refrigerator. Yuck! I need a have a hart.

Ron said...

I don't like to kill the mice but I can't have them in the house. I'm glad I caught him/her in the Have-a-Heart trap and was able to release it three miles down the road in those wetlands. That mouse will find a happy home there if he can dodge the cranes. You have the best "mouse trap", your cats. Only problem there is that usually when a cat catches a mouse they like to torture them to death before they do the final kill. My Mom's cats used to catch chipmunks and play cat and mouse with them. I didn't like that.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
I think the mice like hiding under the refrigerator. It's a good hiding place for them under those coils and it's warm too. I'm afraid they're going to start a nest under there. Last year I caught two mice. I just know they were setting up house. Not in my house.

Paul said...

I don't understand the thinking behind using the "Have a heart " traps and the squishy kind. Can't you just use the catch and release method ??? Mice are harmless little critters whereas rats are another story entirely.

Ron said...

I prefer the catch and release. I did catch another mouse in the Have a Heart mouse trap but it was dead. Sometimes they die of shock.

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