Sunday, November 24, 2019

The "Holidays"

Here we go again, "The Holidays".  

This week is Thanksgiving. As in years past, I'll be working at the hotel on Thanksgiving Day. No complaints here, I'm used to it.  Interestingly I meet the nicest people at the hotel during the Thanksgiving holiday. Usually grandparents visiting their children and grandchildren who stay at the hotel because they can't take all that grandchildren activity 24/7.  Can't say as I blame them. I couldn't either.  Whoever the guests are, they always seem to be in good spirits which I welcome.  Life is too short to be unhappy. Be happy folks!

Now once we pass Thanksgiving Day we'll get inundated with Christmasy things. Some of the worst is that U.S Post Office advertisement that is singing  "There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays". OMG! Do we have to listen to THAT until Christmas Day?  Come on Post Office, take that commercial off before you turn our brains to 


One good thing this holiday though, I haven't heard too many "HO, HO, HO's"  God, I can't stand that phony Santa "HO! HO! HO!"  

I probably sound like a "Bah humbug" kind of guy but I'm not really. I love the Christmas season and "the holidays" but what I don't like is the over commercialization. 

The one Christmas activity that I have always engaged in and enjoyed is sending and receiving Christmas cards. However, for the first time in my living memory, I think I'll drastically cut back on my Christmas cards this year. There are those former co-workers and friends I've been exchanging cards with every year, I'll still send those because I truly wish them a Merry Christmas.  There are also a few blogger friends I like to send cards to.  But I don't think I'll continue to send cards to those relatives and others who I never receive a card from.  My cards are probably just an annoyance to them anyway. And the relatives, sad to say almost all of my relatives are Trumpers. Can't do it folks, just can't do it.  I've unfriended all of them from my Facebook account so why send them a card wishing them well as long as they continue to support the criminal in the White House. They're lost, especially to me.

I'm looking forward to spending a week before Christmas in Philadelphia with my friends. True friends. I'll be returning Christmas Eve to work at the hotel.  I'm also working New Year's Eve, which is always enjoyable for me working at the hotel.  Long gone are those days when I celebrated New Year's Eve partying at the gay bars in Philadelphia. Those were the days folks!


VRC-Do You! said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ron...I am thankful for YOU!!! You make my days brighter. I love your tangents and outlook of life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bill!!

"Home for the Holidays" is a little myopic. It connotes the traditional family. That is not what we have today. We have our CHOSEN family. We have LGBTQ folks carving out what family means to them. And I am sure we have our straight folks doing the same. So please put away the Norman Rockwell viewpoint. That never was. The old narrative induces stress on folks who a striving to have that perfect family and never can-to that extent. I love the new Target Christmas commercials. Target appears to have advanced the narrative of what a family is. If you catch the Target commercial of the guy in the wheelchair, that is a gay person who I follow on Instagram. He was paralyzed in a trampoline accident years ago. His name is Carson Tueller. He just moved from Utah, yes he was a Morman, to New York to be with his boyfriend Brain.

Be well! Hugs XO

Ur-spo said...

Tonight while walking the dog (11/24) the neighbors have their outside lights up already; in the window stands their Christmas tree.
These are the same ones who took umbrage of me putting up halloween decorations on 10/15.

Practical Parsimony said...

interestingly, I intend to send more cards than usual. That is so for many reasons. For one thing, I sent none last year.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful comment. You're right that true "families" are not only the Norman Rockwell myth image, not even Norman Rockwell's family was like that. One of my favorite TV shows was "Father Knows Best". Oh how I believed that fairy tale that dad came home from work and put on his smoking jacket and mom was swishing around in her shirt waist dress, immaculate and preparing dinner. In reality all the actors on that show with perhaps the exception of Jane Wyatt were screwed up in their real life. My "Thanksgiving Dinner" day will be with hotel guests which has always been most pleasant in past years.
Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

Ron said...

I read your blog that you will be spending Thanksgiving alone. Actually, you will have Harper with you, it just doesn't get much better than that.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
Actually, I'll probably be sending out a lot more cards than I had planned too. That happens every year.