Friday, September 26, 2008

One More Week

Just one more week! The past five weeks I have been working full time at the Inn, filling in for a co-worker who is on maternity leave. She is schedule to be out six weeks. That means next week is my last week of working full time. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work full time. First, it enabled me to sharped my skills at the front desk. Only working twice a week, during the night shift, doesn't expose me to all the different situations that a front desk clerk encounters. Also, working one day after another full time, enables me to pick up my speed. I've also learn how to lay out the breakfast. This morning was my first big test in that category. I passed! Tasha, the regular breakfast hostess came in and pronounced, somewhat surprised, "You did well." You know what? That compliment from her meant just as much if not more than my boss complimenting me on a job well done. Working full time has put more money in my bank account too. That money enabled me to pay my annual school/real estate taxes with a check right out of my checking account. Something that wasn't possible when I lived in Pennsylvania. Back in those day I had to sell stock and cash in CD's to pay my Pennsylvania taxes. After paying my Delaware school taxes, I had enough money left over to buy real wooden blinds for the many windows in my house. Now didn't they change the character of my home? It looks like a real home now. I think we'll stay here. By the way, today is my partner's 80th birthday. Who would have ever thought I would be living with an 80 year old man? In about a month I'll be 67 years old. Who would have ever thought this young mind would reside in a 67 year old body? Well, one more week to go and I can get back to my regular schedule. And what would that be? Watching "Morning Joe" in the morning, catching up on my e-mails and posting to my blogs until noon time. Lunch, a nap, then a bit of gardening or shopping. Then my cable political shows in the late afternoon into the evening. That's basically my schedule, punctuated twice a week by working at the Inn Monday and Thursday nights. Works for me.


  1. Today my grand-daughter (Brittany) turns 19 (9/26).

    My 2nd husband (now my ex as you know) turns 70 on 9/26 too.

    I know you and I get a year older in November...

    Time flies doesn't it! Diane

  2. A lot of birthdays this time of year! I didn't know your birthday was in November. Another Scorpio? What date in November?


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