Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bring On The Fall

Bring on the Fall! I'm ready. The Praying Mantis is ready. Summer was nice. I really enjoyed those long, hazy summer days. What a pleasure to work in my gardens until 8:30 in the evening with the sounds of summers soothing my soul. A special treat for me were my long pleasant evening walks through my development. The warmth of the summertime sun on my skin was almost erogenous. The smell of freshly cut grass brought back memories of my Fifties childhood when I would mow my neighbor's grass for 50 cents. The noisy cacophony of Purple Martins, bluebirds, and even the determined sparrows building their nests, feeding and raising their young added to the special magic of the summertime season. But, all good things must come to an end. However, I do not meet the end of this summer season with sadness. It is time for a change. I love living where I can experience the change in seasons. While it is true that as I get older I do not like the extremes of the summer and winter season, I do appreciate the change. By moving to the southern most county of Delaware, I can enjoy the changes of season without the discomfort and pain of the extreme cold and heat. Also, while I love yard work, it is starting to get old. Yesterday I was again using the weed whacker to trim the backyard after Bill mowed the lawn. It seems like I just did that three days ago. Actually, I did! The rains that Hurricane Hanna dumped on us last Saturday gave every growing thing a fresh shot of adrenaline. Much like McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate reinvigorated the Republicans (don't even get me started on that subject.) Yesterday Bill and I shot up Route 1 to Dover. I picked up my much needed new eye glasses at Sears and got a membership at Sam's Club. After returning home yesterday and having lunch, I took an afternoon nap. I've been missing my afternoon naps since I began working (temporarily) full time at my job at the hotel. Today I'll travel down to a local nursery to stock up on winter pansies and gas up my Subaru Forester (no, I decided not to get a new vehicle at this time) in preparation for another five days in a row working. Polkamotion, a polka festival, is making an appearance at the Rehoboth Convention Center this week. Bill loves polka (I hear him listening to one of his old tapes even now as I type this blog.) The last time I heard a live polka band was in 1961 when I was stationed at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland. At that time I was flying solo and Bill was in the Air Force stationed in Japan. Unfortunately, that outing ended in a bar room brawl (too much beer by some participants) but we all had a great time in spite of the spilled beer, broken glass and bloodied brows. The early morning sun is high in the sky, there is a gentle breeze and the temperature is a low humidity 71 degrees. It is another perfect day at this wonderful part of the country that I retired to in southern Delaware. I am indeed very fortunate.

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