Sunday, January 13, 2019

Slogging Through Home Emergencies and now SNOW!

Snow this morning!

Tis snowing now, first snow of the year. So appropriate after the week we've had here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. 

Before I left for my quarterly visit to Philadelphia last month, I was musing about the fact that things have been going smooth here our comfy domicile. Then fate stepped in as she often does. The night before I left I discovered a leak in the basement wall where the sewer pipe exits our basement. Fortunately the sewer pipe wasn't leaking but the seal around it was broken and ground water was leaking in from outside. I don't know how long that's been going on, probably months or even a year, but over time water has leaked into our expensively wall to wall carpeted media room which I was using as a storage room. Wow, that was a long sentence. My homeowner's insurance doesn't cover that damage because it was "ground water."  Bill took up the carpet, fixed the leak.  One good thing is that we removed everything from the storage/media room which I'm now going through and making tough decisions what to keep and what goes out.  This week a professionals (Dry Zone) are stopping by to evaluate our leak fix.

Then my next problem was I lost my Internet connection. Turns out the Comcast cable was bad. Comcast replaced the cable (underground) but I had to have a computer expert in to straighten out my whole house WIFI connection. That cost me $285.  At least we have WIFI, hopefully for a while.

Now I'm thinking finally I can relax a while and coast.  Then this week I get my quarterly water bill.  Wow! My water bill last quarter was almost twice as much as this time last year.  I did some research and found out the cause was my toilet, it leaks!  Something I probably knew already but choose to ignore. The plunger didn't go down all the way thus causing water to slightly run ALL THE TIME. Doesn't seem like much but over time it doubled my water bill. I told my personal handyman, Bill.  Bill tried to fix it . . . . . for FIVE HOURS yesterday. Finally I suggested "Let's just get a new plunger at Ace Hardware."  That we did, Bill took another hour to install it and now it's working and not leaking water.

This morning I woke up to snow. First snow of the year. Nice. Actually it's not nice. After my fall on the snow and ice three years ago which resulted in me tearing my left leg quadricep muscle. I DON'T want to fall again. My leg still isn't right. I'm afraid one more fall will do me in (broken hip).

In less than a month I'll be lallygagging (with Pat) under California palm trees. Would be nice if I could get to that date without anymore stress (and expense) here at home. 

By the way, it's still snowing.


VRC-Do You! said...

Love the picture...Lighting...Background...Love the fall of fresh snow...Love the look without the hat...I can see a twinkle of the young you...Hope you and Bill's New Year is starting off on the right foot...

Ron said...

Fresh snow in the morning is nice. I still would rather not have snow since I have to travel in it tomorrow night when I go to work.
"....a twinkle of the young you" - a nice phrase. It's still there in my mind's image of myself Vic. I often think of my younger days these days when I'm approached the End. A nice long life. I've had a great run.

Ur-spo said...

Lovely snow! I am mad-jealous.

nitewrit said...


Ah yes, that toilet problem can really run up you bill. Been there, done that.


Travel said...

The condo is easier on the maintenance issues, just what is inside the four walls. Snow day here in DC, the city shut down for Monday (I host a national conference call this afternoon, I can do that from home.)

Ron said...

I do like the change of seasons, I have to admit. The snow is still on the ground but the roads are clear, thank goodness. I think I shall always live here in southern Delaware where there is a change of seasons. However, I do like going away four times (quarterly) a year with my Canadian Travel Buddy Pat. This time next month - California and Palm Springs! Unfortunately we'll miss you and Someone by just a few days.

Ron said...

Travel (David),
I remember when I was at Ft. Meade, the slightest threat of snow everything went into emergency mode. I was amused at the panic button being hit so soon, after having wintered so many snowstorms in my home state of Pennsylvania. Looks like the Washington D.C. area hasn't changed that much.

Ron said...

We got the toilet fixed! Next problem.