Monday, January 07, 2019

Got Junk?

The Got Junk guys arrive!
You have junk? I do and I got rid of some of it today. What a relief!

The guys stopped by right on time today. They assessed the situation and gave me a quote. One eighth of a truck for my disassembled office desk and wall to wall rug pieces.  Cost $129.00.  While that was painful (I wish I could have gotten rid of the stuff for nothing) I thought it reasonable because they would take it out of our basement and make it disappear. I would have preferred to give those items a new life but they will probably end up in landfill, which make me feel bad.

While they were here I asked them if they could get rid of an old metal baker's rack that was stuck to the side of our garden shed. Our neighbor gave us that item shortly after we moved here in 2007.

I no longer wanted it. I hid the rack between a tree and our garden shed. It had been there so long a tree had grown up through the rack. It was a bitch cutting it out. The guys removed it though and now we're free of it. What a relief.

The Got Junk guys trying to remove the baker's rack from the side of our garden shed
Of course after they left we realized we forgot an item, an old screen door that Bill had brought down with him from Pennsylvania. He thought he would use the screen door during the summer for the basement door to circulate air through the house. We have never done that because we have central air conditioning. Oh well, next trip and you know there will be one.

We feel cleansed now. The removal cost us $179 but it was worth it. 

Bye bye junk 


Jon said...

Ron, send that junk truck over here to my house. I have an entire garage full of stuff that they can take away!!!!

Ron said...

That was so easy to get rid of that junk. I will be using them again.