Sunday, October 08, 2017

Canadian Holiday 2017 Part One

Me at Pat take our seats early at the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra 

Okay folks, I'm going to share some of the events I participated in during my recent Canadian holiday.  One of my blog followers reminded me that I haven't said much about my Canadian holiday. Here goes!

This is the third year I've visited my friend Pat F. in Canada. The past two years I visited Pat at his home in Toronto. However, this year I visited Pat in his new home in Hamilton. 

Pat sold his home in Toronto and purchased a sparkling, brand new condo at the renovated Royal Connaught Hotel in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. A former steel town of 500,000 or so souls that fell on hard times but is now undergoing a rebirth as a millennial destination of Canadians fed up with the congestion and expense of Toronto. 

I've already mentioned in previous blog posts of my difficulty in going through customs at the Toronto airport.  I won't belabor that extreme frustration other than to say I'll never put my body at the Toronto airport again in my lifetime.

And I've already mentioned that Pat's condo was a hotbox, with air conditioning that wasn't working properly.  I couldn't stand the heat so I got a hotel room instead at the Sheraton hotel a few blocks away from Pat's residence. That's another whole store that I haven't delved into all the way either but I might in future blog posts when I feel like venting.

Usually on our trips we don't plan anything special other than to dine at new restaurants, visit furniture stores, see some movies and play some Scrabble. However, this trip Pat planned two special events. One was to take me to a professional football game. That he did and it was fabulous!  I will post about that experience in a future post. 

The other event was a listening to a symphony orchestra in person. Something which I have never done in my 75 years of occupying space on this planet.  Pat took care of that omission by getting two tickets for us to attend the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. 

I've always loved symphonies. Not opera but symphonies. I especially love Russian composers. And what luck that the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra was celebrating Russian composers the week I was visiting Pat. 


Wow. Music just doesn't get any better than this.

So how did I like hearing this music in person?  I LOVE IT!  In fact I loved it so much I have brought two tickets for the Philadelphia Orchestra for me and Pat when he visits me next month in Philadelphia. I'm going to do it again!  

I've included a few videos of our attendance at the concert.  I didn't take any videos of the actual music playing because I wasn't sure of the protocol of videotaping the actual concert, even if it was a few seconds.  The only videos I took was of us taking out seats, the tune up and the end, when the encores took place.  I didn't want to be rude and actually take videos of the thrilling music itself. Now I wish I had.  Can't help myself.  

Thanks Pat for this new experience. 

Pat dressed for the concert - still got those sandals!

I'm so happy we found each other and can enjoy these experiences.  I've always said it's never to late to experience new joys.  


Jon said...

Russian composers - wow, I'm in heaven! There's really nothing like seeing a "live" symphony concert. It's so much more intense than merely listening to recordings.
I used to go to concerts constantly when I lived in L.A. - especially operas and ballets. It now seems like a lifetime ago and I miss it...

Travel said...

New experiences and good times

Ron said...

Attending a concert for real in person was a wonderful new experience for me. I'm looking forward to my (our) next concert in Philadelphia. I have yet to attend my first rock concert. Probably never will. Pat's attended many rock concerts.

Ron said...


wcs said...

When I was a student at Berkeley, the San Francisco Symphony offered special student rates for season tickets. Ken and I did that for a couple of years and it was a lot of fun, especially since we could walk to Symphony Hall from our apartment. I haven't been to a symphony since, but I think I got a good dose back then!

WARPed said...

Agree with Jon...seeing/hearing a live symphony orchestra is an amazing experience, glad you finally got to do it!



pat888 said...

Ron - I used to see a lot of concerts in Toronto as I was a part time usher at the house they then performed in. But back then I have to say I wasn't an avid fan. Tho I did witness some big name conductors and musicians. So glad you enjoyed the football game too. We'll get to a rock concert too.


Ron said...

I will be going to the symphony more often now that I have experienced it live.

Ron said...

I'm hooked now Andy! I'll be going more often in the future.

Ron said...

Looking forward to my first rock concert!