Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Yet Another Mass Shooting

The past week I've been resting up, recovering from my stressful ten days in Canada. From my nightmarish Toronto airport ordeal to trying to avoid the heat and humidity of late summer Canada, I'm trying to gather my good memories to post to my blog.  But first I had to return to work at the hotel which further delayed my sharing of my Canadian vacation experience. Not only did I work my regular shift on Thursday evening but I had to fill in for my co-worker on Saturday during the day shift. And just my luck, this Saturday the hotel was the site of a major wedding. And you know how I LOVE weddings at the hotel.  This was a same sex wedding (two guys), thus not as stressful as the straight weddings where the mothers of the groom and/or bride drive everyone up the wall with their demands and changes.

Just when I was getting settled down comes across the news of another mass murder shooting.  This one in Los Vegas, Nevada where a lone gunman kills 59 people and injures 527 people who innocently attending a county music event in the street outside the shooter's hotel room at the Mandalay Bay hotel. The murderer used a machine gun to kill and maim all those people. I thought machine guns were against the law. 

I have to tell you folks, I am just deflated. What kind of society do we live in? Why are we the only major industrial country that lets so many of its citizens accumulate such an arsenal of weapons? Sure, I can see hunters having weapons. I can understand individuals owning guns to protect themselves in their homes. But why in God's name (and I'm not religious) does this country not outlaw semi-automatic and automatic weapons whose only purpose is to kill people?  Are those who accumulate all these weapons in their homes really afraid that someday the government forces are going to come for them?  Where are our politicians who have their pockets stuffed with political donations from the NRA who are silent every time there is a mass murder like happen in Los Vegas with semi-automatic and automatic weapons?  Is their office worth more than all those lives that are lost and those who are wounded and have their lives changed forever?

I heard on the news last night that some of those young concert goers who were wounded are permanently paralyzed. One girl survived a bullet through her eye that is now lodged in her brain. She survived. But did she?

I am disheartened folks. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. Exhausted by the ignorant and cruel man who poses as our president. Our fake president.  

"Thoughts and prayers" are offered by many including the politicians who will do NOTHING. "Thoughts and prayers" aren't going to bring back those who died or make those who were wounded better. The time for thoughts and prayers are over. The time is to finally do something, ANYTHING, which will make the ownership of semi-automatic weapons illegal for everyone except the police and military.  

The time is NOW.


Jane Karwat said...

Ron, Thank you for this post. As a Canadian, I am always shocked that Americans continue to allow semi automatic weapons and I really do not buy the argument that now is not the time to have gun control discussions. You are right that prayers and thoughts are meaningless and will never be enough to stop this. The other reality is that every first responder is in greater danger because of a lack of gun control. You want to do something now and that is the best way forward. I wish you the strength of Solomon in this fight. It is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to fathom. Things like gun checks and not selling automatic weapons of war to civillians
are widely popular, but the gun lobby checks any efforts scaring spineless lawmakers.

Melissa said...

What law would you pass that would stop what happened?

Jon said...

The Vegas tragedy is as depressing as it is infuriating. Unfortunately, we can't stop insanity. What I'm wondering is - how the HELL was he able to get all of the firearms and ammunition into the hotel room??? Didn't anybody see it? Wasn't anyone suspicious? Do they have security cameras? Did the staff ever go up to clean his room?

Maybe I'm hopelessly naive, but those thoughts crossed my mind.

Geo. said...

I'm sure with you on this calamity, Ron. Also been puzzling over points Jon raised. Unfortunately, these weapons can be disassembled to fit into normal-looking wheeled luggage. It would be a bit strange to see someone wheel the same case into the hotel several times over, but unlikely to be noticed. Beyond that possibility, I admit myself baffled. Ideas?

Travel said...

Reports are he hauled 10 large bags to the room, 10? I listened to one of the video clips, one was enough, I don't need to wait for an FBI expert to tell me that at least some of the guns were full auto or had been modified to full auto (I believe that is a felony, but you can buy the parts and a conversion kit online, for a few bucks. The defenders say you need a machine shop, I am told that a drill press and a steady hand will do the job.) Selling those parts and know-how should be a felony. No hunter needs that kind of firepower, unless they are being chased by all of the bears in north America at once, and when that starts to happen we are in deep do-do.

Ron said...

Pass a law that bans ownership of semi-automatic weapons and the "bump" device that turns semi-automatic weapons into machine guns. There is absolutely no rationale for the public to own such weapons.

Ron said...

Someone had to see all those weapons being taken up in the elevator to his room. Even if they were in cases or whatever. I think back too the ordeal I had to go through at the Toronto airport and yet this total lax of security happens. The absurdity of it all is this is a country where you can't take a tube of toothpaste over 3 oz. on an airline yet you can have a dozen weapons in your hotel room overlooking a venue. I blame our gutless politicians who enable them.

Ron said...

That semi-automatic weapons are available to the general public is ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason in this world that such an obvious danger to the public should exist. That it does just shows the power of the NRA to purchase politicians who put their need to stay in office as more important than the safety of the public. Sad and disheartening, and dangerous.

Ron said...

Spineless lawmakers, who put their need to stay in office as more important than the safety of the general public.

Ron said...

We are a country that bans taking a tube of toothpaste over 3 oz. on an airline but yet enables someone to take over two dozens weapons of mass destruction in a hotel room overlooking a public venue. Unfortunately we are becoming a country where all luggage must be checked, even those in hotels rooms. The terrorists, both Islamic and domestic white angry men terrorists have won.

Ron said...

I see the day when we have to have our hotel bags checked. That's where this is going.

Jon said...

I'm learning now, from some Internet sources, that the gunman (maniac) was wealthy and went to this hotel quite often. He did a lot of gambling there and was well known by everyone at the hotel...and was always given the VIP treatment. Anyway, that's probably why he was able to get away with so much. I really think that other people must have been involved.
Anyway, the plot thickens....

pat888 said...

Ron - Bingo!! I think this blogs speaks so well for many of us. How many more times - before the gun laws change. True, removing guns won't eradicate those who think about doing such reprehensible actions but it could prevent them from going thru with it. Thanks for this blog. But - as to it's opening - I hope your visit with me wasn't all stress LOL.

Melissa said...

Yes I agree no one needs it, did you realize it was the Obama administration that approved the bump device. Just a sad ordeal