Thursday, May 26, 2016

Here Comes the Sun

Summer has finally arrived her in southern Delaware. The sun and warm (80 degrees plus) arrived yesterday just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, and the flood of summertime fun seekers here at Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  This is the time of year, Memorial Day, where we locals (that would be me) avoid Route One and Rehoboth Beach.  We turn over the sun, sand and sea to our welcome visitors who keep our local economy going at a furious rate.

So what is this blog posting about?  A little bit of everything so fasten your seatbelt because I'll be careening and detouring all over the place.

My tongue is still sore but much better after my oral surgery on Tuesday.  It wasn't easy keeping my mouth shut for a full twenty-four hours. I didn't and couldn't go for the full recommended thirty-six hours.  The hardest part about my "recovery" was not eating my usual food.  I don't eat a whole lot but I am a creature of habit and I hate to veer from my old man habits.

I wasn't supposed to talk but yesterday morning, during my walk, I passed my neighbor who was sitting on her front stoop and I said "Good morning! Nice sun!"  Whoops!  I talked!  And my mouth (tongue) didn't start bleeding.  Good thing because I was expecting a local contractor over to replace my kitchen sink faucet.  Now I could talk to him instead of doing my lame Harpo Marx impersonation.

Our Backyard Rabbit who lives under our garden shed and eats my new flowers, every year.  Oh where is that fox when you need one?

By the way, my new kitchen sink faucet, which looks chrome is plastic.  What's with that?  Businesses cheapening up things again?  

With the sun out yesterday, I attacked my mulch piles which has been patiently laying beside my garden shed.  I think I over did myself because at around 9:30 last night, while doing my Scrabble boards on Facebook, I just ran out of gas.  I couldn't do anymore.  I was totally physically exhausted.  I didn't even have enough energy to take a shower.  Right to bed I went only to be awaken by the power going off about an hour after I was in deep rim. 

A house in our neighborhood in which no one has ever lived since we moved here in 2006.  Their backyard has gone au natural.  Actually their yard is interesting, sort of reminds me of prairie grass in the Midwest. I half expect to see bison roaming during one of my morning walks in which I pass this property in which no one has ever lived.  

 I have to go to sleep with white noise, which is supplied by one of those room filters which sounds like an airplane hanger.  Hey, noisy but that sound sends me to La La Land. So the power goes off and I'm wide awake.  The only sounds I hear are the occasional vehicle speeding down Route One. That sound doesn't put me to sleep, only annoys me.  The power finally came back on an hour later and I was off to Dreamland again.  And yes, I had a very intense dream but, of course, I can't remember it now.  What's with that?

My refurbished bike is ready.  I've arranged with my neighbor Bob to take me down to Lewes tomorrow in his pickup truck so I can bring that baby home.  That expensive baby.  I'm looking forward to breezing around the neighborhood on my new wheels. 

So what do I have planned for this Memorial Day weekend?  Just hanging around the house here folks, vegging out.  No way am I going to "the beach."  

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


  1. I love the wild daisies and that photo of the rabbit (wabbit). That empty house in your neighborhood looks similar to my property here in TN. It seldom stops raining and the grass (weeds) are five feet tall. I don't give a damn. I'm in the wilderness....

    I'm glad you're able to talk again. I mostly talk to myself and the cats - but I never shut up.
    It's in the 80's here, too, and finally feels like summer. The nights are still quite chilly.
    Have a super Memorial Day weekend, Ron!

  2. Hey Ron - Happy Memorial Day to you and all your wonderful American blog readers. Our holidays usually coincide - but our early long weekend was just passed - Victoria Day. We still celebrate royalty. Loved the posting - all the detours as you put it. Yes, I can just see you doing pantomime with your handyman. (Let's see, 3 words, sounds like...) And the buffalo grazing made me laugh out loud just thinking of them hovering nearby on your absentee neighbour's lot. Glad your mouth is (almost) back to normal. Enjoy these sunny days!

  3. For the first time in many a long while was able to play your video here, Ron - and with sound too, even if it was only that of traffic and the breeze. Makes me feel connected again.
    Glad to read that your yukky tongue ordeal is past.
    And a happy M.D. to you - though I'm not sure what the memorial is all about. Is it remembering all the fallen in whatever conflict? If so then it would be the equivalent of our Remembrance Sunday which we have in November.
    Anyway, good to be back 'on track' with your blogs.
    Happy cycling!

  4. I like silence when I sleep, I wear ear plugs if I need to. Interesting the 10 year old house with no one living there. There may be a story. I build one for a family one time that didn't move in for two years, they had the cash - I didn't care what they did with the house. We are in Italy for two weeks, Jay is speaking at a conference Monday and Tuesday (not memorial day in Italy.)

  5. Memorial Day is the usual < work!


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