Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hang On Sloopy

Drone view of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

It has begun, the annual assault onslaught of coastal Sussex County Delaware. Yes folks, our Summertime Visitors are and have arrived with a vengeance.  Of course the 80 degree plus sunny clear skies weather has released this damn dam of summertime visitors. 

I think I see friends there in the upper right corner under the orange beach umbrella!

Hey folks, who am I to complain? We don't make anything here on the east coast of Sussex County.  At least the Sussex County natives who live more inland raise chickens and farm crops for a living.  There are no steel mills (never were) or furniture factories around here.  Back in a previous life, the natives here on the eastern shores of Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Milton eked out a living fishing and making Mother of Pearl buttons by punching out old oyster shells.  But those days are long gone folks, only to be seen in black and white photos in big picture books at the various historical society buildings in Lewes and Milton which very few people ever enter those doors (Bill and I being the exception).  

Folks, this annual influcks influx of flip flop wearing, tank topped attired, free spending folks from northern Delaware, and the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey (a lot since Hurricane Sandy) and the District of Columbia (we call them "D.C.") IS our economy.  

We are a service orientated economy.  Those folks are our lifeblood.  Without them we would be just another musty, sleepy fishing village with a lot of memories.  

Works for me

Instead, we're a vibrant, traffic congested, over priced restaurants, salt water taffy eating, feed-the-seagulls Thrashers French fries community.  That said, we locals will now stay away from Rehoboth Beach until after Labor Day.  

Touristias?  It's all yours.  Open those wallets and spend freely and try not to hit any of us locals as you speed down Route One towards your hot sands beach destination of the Atlantic Ocean.  


Jon said...

My Gawd! I have that 1920's photo of the lifeguard in my files and I was going to post it on my photo blog (Cabinet of Curious Treasures) last night - but I had too many other photos. Anyway, he's a hunk.

The tourists are indeed great for the local businesses and the economy, but it's best to stay safely at home and keep away from the crowds. I remember the endless onslaught of tourists when I lived in O.C. near Disneyland. They were always annoying, yet amazing.

When I lived in Hollywood, tourists would come with guidebooks and find the gay cruising areas. I'm not kidding. One time a group of oriental businessmen showed up with cameras. They asked if I was gay...and if the cruising lifestyle was dangerous. They weren't cruising - - just "looking".
Holy crap!!

Have a happy (and hopefully tourist-free) Memorial Day weekend, Ron!

Ron said...

What a coincidence! That photo was posted on my Facebook account by a friend of mine who posts local history photos of the beach. I do believe that lifeguard was from Rehoboth Beach. Yes, he's hot.
I can't complain about the tourists. They are our lifeblood. They ARE our economy.
How weird your story of the oriental businessmen asking if you were gay and cruising. Did you feel like you were an animal on display at the zoo? I felt that way when I vacationed in Provincetown when the straight day trippers would come into town to "look at the gays" like we were an alien life form. Of course this was back in the Seventies and gay people parading around ike "normal people" was probably a sight to behold for those straights. These days not so much, thank goodness

Larry Meredith said...


I've been to some of those museums. I've always been a museum-junky. I looked at that old time lifeguard and my thought was. "What's with all the popping veins in his legs?" It's like he's wearing weird legging.


pat888 said...

Hey - when does the Rehoboth Casino(s) open. This is a big market to be tapped. Boy - the purchasers of Ed's house could have made a mini boutique hotel and succeeded by the look of those crowds. Simply amazing. I guess the weekends are busier than the weekdays - but i'm going to guess even weekdays during the summer must be full of visitors. I guess a lot of the present day natives just give up on lower slower until Sept.


Ur-spo said...

every year you kvetch a bit about the summer tourists. You need to raus between May-August and go somewhere more quiet.

Ron said...

Varicose veins or low body fat, that could explain the veins "popping out" on the lifeguard's legs.

Ron said...

You jest but whoever bought Ed's house and tore it down is probably putting up one of those mini hotels. That's what has been happening to the other old time cottages that were sold and torn down, creating a lot of controversy in Rehoboth that such building is "destroying the small town character" of the town.

James Flagg said...

Ron, I know all about tourist!! I live in New Orleans and, honey, don't get me started on Mardi Gras!!! I'm from here and my family has been here since the beginning. But people come here during Mardi Gras and think they can do as please. I don't even need to get started!!!!
The beaches in Mississippi and Alabama are also full of people this time of year. I had a boyfriend, years ago, from the Mississippi coast and going to see him, in the summer, was a nightmare!!!!!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I'm working on it!

Ron said...

I had several opportunities to go to Madri Gras but did not avail myself of those opportunities. Actually, I don't like to go to places that are bombarded with tourists. My late friend Ed Cage did though. For over thirty years he and his friends faithfully attended the Mardi Gras festivities. The one time I went with him and his friends to Provincetown he only would go on the Fourth of July and Labor Day, holidays I avoided going to that gay Disneyland that was Provincetown. Now I'm stuck here in the East Coast Tourist Mecca for the summer. Maybe someday I'll move to a quieter place. Maybe but not probably.