Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in PA

This morning I left my home in Delaware for Pennsylvania.

Me leaving the driveway of my home in Delaware

I'm going to Pennsylvania to stay at my family home in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  My brother Isaac lives there now.  He and his son Isaac, III are leaving early tomorrow for Greenville, South Carolina to visit our Mom who is staying with our other brother John.  I will be cat and house sitting.  I have previous experience in this field having cat sat and house sat for two lovely ladies in Rehoboth Beach a few years ago while they spent the coldest months of winter in Florida golfing.

I'm at my Mom's computer which doesn't have the software for my Canon digital pictures so I won't have the wide and varied range of photos in this blog posting.  The pictures I do show will be snapshots that I took from my Flip video camera.  The following picture is of me driving out of my development as I think I hear my partner Bill softly chuckling.  What was that all about?  Was he happy to finally be rid of me or was he laughing at the engine knock of my car?  I will have to talk to him about that when I return home. Videos don't lie.

This morning was bright and sunny when I left my coastal home in Delaware. 

Almost as soon as I crossed the state line into Pennsylvania the light showers began.  Undaunted I continued my homing pigeon instinct to my family home in East Brandywine Township, just outside of Downingtown.

Arriving shortly afternoon, I was greeted by my younger brother Isaac.  I will be cat sitting for his 16 year old former feral feline by the name of Molly.  This is the time when I would post a picture of Molly but as I said before, I cannot download my digital pictures to this computer so I will have to post a picture instead of my brother Isaac's smiling face.

Isaac W. Tipton, Jr.

I was hungry after my almost three hour drive so I suggested we go to lunch at my favorite eatery in the Downingtown area, the Brickside Grille in Lionville, PA.  Ike agreed.  That made me happy.

At this time I would post a picture of the Brickside Grille but since I'm at a handicap using Mom's computer, a picture of my happy face will have to do instead.  As you regular readers know by now, I don't mind posting pictures of myself.  This is what is called a "personal" blog.  No humility here.  All indulgence.

Ike and I had an enjoyable lunch at the Brickside.  I had my Chicken Quesadillos.  The Brickside is the only place I can get this version of the Mexican dish. 

Next on the agenda was a visit to my absolute favorite super market.....WEGMANS!  Again, I have a picture of Wegmans but I can't post it Mom's computer, et al.  No, I won't post another picture of myself.  By the way, the pictures posted here are still shots captured from my Flip video camera.  I can load video taken with my Flip video directly into my Mom's computer without using a CD-ROM.  Very cool. 

These evening I went out to dinner with friends Carole and Sheila.  Again, pictures were taken but I can't show them here.  We participated in Trivia night later on in the evening.  We didn't do too bad.  We didn't win but we didn't come in last either.  I love playing trivia.  I can't play it in Rehoboth.  They only have Broadway show business trivia in the heavily gay populated Rehoboth/Lewes/Milton area of southern Delaware where I live.  My trivia knowledge is more broad based.  I know very little nor and I interested in Broadway show tunes trivia.  I must have been sick that day the love of Broadway musical genes were were handed out in line to gays.  I have most of the other qualifications for being gay but I missed that one.

It is late now.  My eye lids are drooping.  Isaac and his son are leaving early tomorrow (4 am) morning.  Then it will just be me and Molly here for the next five days.  Molly is curled up over on the padded seat of my Mom's rocking chair.  It is time for me to call it a day. 


Nitewrit said...


It was passed out the day they took the sixth grade picture. You weren't there, but because you and I were always together they got confused and gave it to the non-gay guy by mistake.

I've liked Broadway Show Music since a bunch of us slept over night above a garage behind Dave Fidler's and some radio station we had on played the whole original cast album of Oklahoma! in the wee hours of the morning. I I asked for it and got it for my next birthday. That was the first album I got. I became a real fan of Rodgers and Hammerstein and wrote my own musical when I was 17 called Ya-Ha-Whoey! Stuart and I had ad libbed the title song in 1955 on an old time wax cylinder recorder he found in his Father's study and I wrote down the lyrics. Stuart and I were back writing musicals together in this decade.


Ron Tipton said...


So that's why I didn't get the "Broadway Musical gay gene." All these years and now the mystery is solved. :)