Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Back..............with an iMac!

Monday my Dell computer crashed. 

Tuesday I spiraled into semi-deep depression.

Wednesday I began to climb out of my well of frustration, despair and anger.

Thursday I bought a new iMac computer. 

Friday I moved my Dell computer out of my office and setup my new iMac.

Today I am writing about this Week That Was.

I decided on Wednesday that I would leave the world of Mr. Softee (Bill Gates) and Windows operating systems.  I also decided that I would never buy another Dell computers.  Of the five computers I have owned in my lifetime, three of them were Dells.  Every one of them crashed.  My other two computers were a Tandy (the old Radio brand) and a Gateway computer.  I sold the Tandy and the Gateway computer I am still using. Doesn’t say much for the quality of Dell computers does it?

Thursday morning a Dell technician came by the house and installed a new hard drive on my crashed Dell.

Thursday afternoon Bill and I got in his Jeep for the 39 mile (one way) trip to Dover and Best Buy.  Not for nothing to they call Sussex County Lower Slower Delaware.  Nothing is close down here except for those poor miserable chickens in their wooden cages going to slaughter at the local processing plant.

At Best Buy (after a side trip to Sam’s Club) we were greeted by a slovenly,not too knowledgeable  salesman who was missing his bottom two front teeth (which I had a difficult time not to keep looking at that gap between his other yellow teeth – why is it that the sales clerks in reality never look like the ones in commercials?) 

I eyed up the iMacs and quickly decided that I wanted the 27-inch version.  A good friend of mine purchased an iMac a couple of years ago.  He told me he loves it but if he had to do it over again he would get a bigger screen.  I decided not to make the same mistake and I’m glad I didn’t.  I’m sitting in front of that big screen now and I like it. 

I made the purchase, got the three-year warranty (which I will always do after my experience with my Dell), and also purchased a standard keyboard.  The iMac comes with a wireless keyboard but it is too small for me.  It is the size of a laptop keyboard.  That doesn’t work for me because I type with all ten of my fingers.  Fortunately my Mother insisted I take typing in high school (back in the Fifties when boys didn’t take such “girlish” courses) and I’ve been typing ever since.  With the small laptop keyboard I can’t keep my normal fast typing speed. 

Yesterday afternoon and into the night I was glued to my iMac learning the new system.  I still don’t know how to set the mail up.  I’m not pleased with the built in speakers.  I need a sub-woofer for that deep bass boom-boom for my music.  I plan to buy the Bose speakers that area available for the iMac.  Then I should be set for life.

Now my next job is to try and recover the files that I had backed up daily on my Maxtor external hard drive.  I’ll have to load the Maxtor software into my refurbished Dell and go through the process of restoring those files.  I don’t think I can restore those files directly to my new iMac because it is a different operating system.  I’ll restore them to the Dell and then copy the files (mostly my digital pictures) and move them to my iMac.

I have my work cut out for me the next few weeks.  I hope my old brain can handle it.  


  1. Good choice on screen size. Glenn said that the Macs are worth the change now because they are more compatable with microsoft programs. Sadly he knows nothing about how the Mac functions so he won't be able to coach you on this.

  2. Mike,

    Oh darn! I was just going to ask him some questions too. I love my iMac. However it is different. It's going to take me a while to get out of the cut and paste function that Microsoft used. I had a problem ejecting a disk (I bought a new printer) this morning. What I'm finding is that I'm expecting the problems to be harder than they are. I'm finding that Mac are more user friendly that the nerd written MS programs. I'm loving it.

    Once I become an expert, and I will, I'll help you and Glenn when you get your 27 inch iMac. The big screen is the ONLY way to go. You'll see.


  3. Anonymous3:27 PM

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  4. We have a 26 inch HD 1200resolution. But you win with the Mac, it's a fine piece of work.

  5. Good luck, Ron. We are very pleased with our Mac.

  6. Ron,

    I wonder if your keyboard was different than what I have. I picked it up and laid it atop my HP and the keyboard itself is the same size. What is smaller is the box or frame or what-you-call it the keyboard sit is. The IMac is not as bulky or thick.

    I wanted to learn to type in high school and it was an elective in tenth grade. I took it, but when I got to the class the first day they were four typewriters short. So they switched four of us to Art. We were told in the second semester we would be switched back to typing. It never happened. They kept us in Art all year.


  7. What make PC do you have Mike? 26 inches is pretty big in anybody's book. :)

  8. L & I,

    I can see why people love their Macs. Even though I'm still on a learning curve, I am having fun using a PC again.


  9. Our new PC is an HP quad core, 8 GB memory, 600 GB hard drive running Windows 7. and an ASUS brand 26" monitor. And there is one more 8 I was going to mention but I'll let you figure it out. I'm not one to brag, often.

  10. Lar,

    At first glance the keyboards look to be the same size, they are not. I checked them several times, holding them up to each other. They looked the same but each time I typed on the smaller keyboard I kept hitting two keys at once. I hooked up the larger keyboard and then I noticed I wasn't hitting two keys. I looked closer and lo and behold, the spacing is different of the letters. Check it closer and you will see.

    I took typing because my Mother insisted on it. I too was going to take art class but she said that wasn't something I could use in a job. She said I could always use typing. My first year I didn't do well at all. I got mostly D's. However, my second year I was the best typist in the class. In fact I even got an award from Underwood Typewriter Company at graduation as the Best Typist in the class. Big whoop. However, my Mother was right, typing has help me greatly in my many jobs in the business world. I'm still typing. Taking typing was one of the best decisions I ever made. Now if I only took piano lessons.


  11. Mike,

    Pretty impressive, I must say. Everyone tells me that next to the Mac, an HP is the computer to get. "One more 8?" Really? I'm not one to brag often either. :) I have big hands and big feet..........too.

  12. Anyway, where were we? Oh, I love Underwood typewriters. In my typing class we had them and also Royal. Typing, once you learn, is like riding a bike, you never forget. Oh look at the time it's almost "8" PDT. Thanks for making my day a little more fun.

  13. Mike,

    You're right, once you learn how to type you never forget. I took some grief because I was one of the few (only four of us in the class of all women) who took typing in high school. I wish I could have taken home economics too but boys were forbidden to take Home Ec. Same with Shop. I didn't really want to take Shop but my friend Bonnie did. She was stuck with Home Ec. What a surprise that I turned out to be gay and Bonnie became a lesbian. I hope high school is more flexible these days as to what classes students can take.

    I'm glad I made your day a little more fun. I always enjoy hearing from you Mike.



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