Sunday, September 26, 2021

Happy Birthday Bill

 Today is Bill's 93rd birthday. He's surprised that he's reached this age. 

Bill continues to do well after having two strokes this past January. He's gradually getting weaker but still manages to walk without help, go to the bathroom by himself, and knows who I am and not in pain. 

We treasure each day we're together. 

The photo above was taken on our wedding day in July 2013 in Georgetown, Delaware. 


Walter said...

Congratulations Bill and Ron from the Netherlands!

kent said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday to Bill

VRCooper said...

Dear Ron,

Don't let me have to call the house!

I kept waiting and waiting for an update.

Happy Birthday to Bill! I know he has stories to tell!!

Hope all is well on the homefront.

Best of health,


Lady Caer Morganna said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Bill! God Bless you both!

Joel Reisteter said...

Happy Birthday, Bill! I just wish you and Ron were in much better shape for such inspirational and wonderful men in your age group.

pat888 said...

All the very best to Bill. That is an achievement - and the fact that you are able to look after him is his best birthday gift!!


wcs said...

A very happy 93rd to Bill! Cheers!

lexie said...

Happy Birthday Bill

Its because of you that Bill is here to celebrate this birthday so congratulations to you
Good work both of you !!!

Jon said...

Congratulations to Bill on his 93rd birthday! I'm glad that you have been able to share these valuable years together. My very best to you both.

Ironically, my father's birthday was also September 26. Had he lived, he would have been 100 this year!

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes from across the sea Bill!

I am still reading Ron,I always check in to make sure you are both ok - or as well as you both can be.

Stay strong and find something to smile about every day.

Best wishes


Ron said...

thank you all for your birthday wishes for Bill. I am so thankful he is still here and we're able to enjoy our remaining time together at this time of our lives. W are so fortunate that we are still together now and reeving so much support. God bless you all!

Ur-spo said...

Congratulations to Mr. Bill !

Richard said...

You guys are still alive! Thank you! It can be done.
Happy Birthday to Bill.

It is a good thing.

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