Thursday, August 06, 2020

Hurricane Isaias Damage

Hurricane Isaias roared through here a couple of days ago and left some damage behind here at the Tipton-Kelly Bed and Breakfast Oasis.  My favorite trellis which supported a magnificent display of pink clematis earlier this summer is gone, broken in half by the fierce wind gusts of Hurricane Isaias. By the way, what's with that name "Isaias?" "Irving" wasn't available? What's next, "Hurricane Mohammed"? Just saying.

That trellis was metal, that the Isaias snapped off like a toothpick. I'll another.

We do get the fierce winds down here in southern coastal Delaware. My poor river birch trees that shade my bedroom suffered more major broken branches.

Had some damage to our home, a small piece of facie roof trim was torn loose by an Isaias gust.

On cement bird bath was overturned and a heavy clay pot planter containing hen and chickens plants was picked up and tossed down the outside cellar steps.

Ah, sometimes I daydream about living in Palm Springs, California where the threat of hurricanes and tornados is non existent. Of course the temperatures can reach 116 on an "average" summer day.  Hey, it's been pretty hot around here for the past month with the heat index (which humidity) often topping over one hundred degrees.

I am thankful though because the damage around here could have been a lot worse, a LOT.  Minimal damage here.  Tomorrow one of my handyman neighbors is coming by to fix the roof trim.

Life goes on.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

be careful. Some may consider you questioning storm names a bit racist.

Practical Parsimony said...

Too bad about the flowers and pot damage, too.

College Town Guy said...

I am relieved to know that you and Bill are safe and unharmed. The damage to your home and landscaping can be replaced but is understandably upsetting and frustrating to you. I must admit that I agree with you and many others that Isaias is a bit difficult to pronounce. It seems that a couple years ago they found that the list of names for storms were running low because the rule is never to use the same name twice. The selection of names has nothing to do with racism. I think that if they are including some names that are tongue twisters they need to provide a guide to proper pronunciation. The news reporters had a heck of a time saying the name correctly. So much havoc caused by a low grade hurricane and sometime tropical storm. A disaster that has added to the suffering of a population so terribly affected by the Covid 19 virus. I am hoping neighbors are helping neighbors at this difficult time. Keep safe Ron and Bill and all the blog followers.

Ur-spo said...

I am warped I want to experience a hurricane.

Ron said...

You're right about me questioning storm names may seem racist. After I posted I thought the same thing myself.

Ron said...

College Town Guy,
Always a pleasure to read your comments. I heard that they do reuse the storm names except if a particular storm like Hurricane Katrina causes extensive damage, then they retire that name. I'm afraid my writing about the name "Isaias" came off as possibly sounding racist. Probably some latent racism in me that I prefer not to recognize in myself. I'm working on it.
There was some serious damage around here from Hurricane Isaias, we were lucy to avoid that damage. I do have someone coming over this morning to fix that facia strip that is dangling off our roof.
Have a great day!

Ron said...

Oh no you don't, you definitely DO NOT want to experience a hurricane. We're still waiting for the Big One. We just missed Hurricane Sandy by fifty miles. This one caused some significant damage (tearing roof off of houses) but we got a pass again.
You have the heat, enjoy.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
Small potatoes damage. We were lucky to avoid what some houses around here suffered. Roofs torn off, siding stripped and even one woman who died when a tree fell on her.
Have a great day!

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