Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday Update July 2020

Still here folks.  Working two days at week at the hotel, mask on. 

Taking care of Bill who has now been categorized as 100% non-service connected disability by the VA.  

Plowing through the constant ninety degree humidity laden days here in southern Delaware. 

I count my blessing these days.  Even though I have challenges, mine pale in comparison to some of my closets friends and relatives. Both of my younger brothers are undergoing cancer treatments.  My longtime friend Larry is in a rehab center now. He had a stroke and will be in his rehab facility at least another six week until he can manage to walk. He was diagnosed with ALS four years ago.  I've watched his slow decline over the past four years. We're the same age, meeting in third grade (1950) when he outed me to our teacher on a book report I did that was actually from a Scrooge McDuck comic book.  At recess he thought I was going to beat him up and was surprised when I approached him and said "You have comic books?  Would you like to trade?"  

My routine these days is keeping me and Bill safe from catching the coronavirus.  I try to make Bill's life as comfortable as possible now that he has lost his sight.  He can see colors and light but can't make out detail.  He so enjoys the daily ride I take him on (almost) every day.

First thing after I get up and wash is I take a walk through our developing to get the blood flowing through my veins and maintain my weight. I've lost seven pounds during this routine that I began a couple of month ago.  I'm down to 165 lbs., five pounds short of my goal of 160, my fighting weight.

After breakfast I go into my office and check my online Scrabble games, a source of comfort for me. I play eight games with Pat and several others with strangers from the Internet who have challenged me. 

If the weather isn't too oppressive in the morning I do yard work.  I also now mow the grass, a job Bill had for the last thirteen years since we moved to Delaware.

Usually I take Bill for his daily ride in the morning before lunch. Yesterday we went to BJ's, in Millsboro.  Bill used to go with me in the stores but because he has trouble walking, he just sits in the car now.  He does enjoy people watching while he is waiting for me to return from shopping.

I have fallen behind on my e-mails.  I don't even try to keep up with my e-mails now, which is 90% ads or more.

Around noon is lunch then I take a long afternoon nap, usually two hours or more. Yes, I sleep that long. 

Late afternoon I do more yard work if the temperature has dropped. 

Seven o'clock or so is when I have dinner. Bill goes to bed around eight o'clock. 

After Bill goes to bed I'm back on my computer. I usually call my Canadian Travel Buddy Good Friend Pat at his home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada at this time for an update on his day.  We no longer get-together quarterly like we used to before the Great Pandemic. Already we missed our trip to Palm Springs, Philadelphia and I will miss my trip to visit Pat in Hamilton at the end of August. We're still scheduled to get-together for my birthday in November in Philadelphia. However, that is still up in the air because the Canadian border is closed both ways. 

So there you go folks, my update. 

I'm still here. I may not post as often but I'm still here, thankful.

Have a great day everyone!


VRC-Do You! said...

Glad you are making it Ron...I feel your ache for Bill...Please do the much as you can for him without sacrificing your health...I know that outside help is not wise at this time and in general...Consider it when it is safe...Even if it is for just a few hours a day/week...Gives you a break and maintains your perspective on life...

Practical Parsimony said...

I always love to hear from you. Maybe instead of having someone come in to help in the house, you could hire out the mowing and stuff outdoors.

Ur-spo said...

good for you for holding onto gratitude.

Ron said...

Just today I received the news that a much loved cousin of mine, Bob Tipton, died suddenly last Friday. He was kind and gentle and a wonderful person, much better than me. Also, nine years younger. You better believe I am thankful for every day that I can complain and bitch and bother people and just appreciate my independence and to take care of Bill and to interact with friends like you.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
I like mowing but I do get help with the gardening. His name is Ferdinand. He is one of the many Hispanic (Mexico and Guatemala) who live and work in Sussex County her win southern Delaware. He has a full time job at a chicken processing factor. He has an adult son who speaks fluent English (came here when he was four years old) and a new daughter. He's tall and does a wonderful job trimming my twenty-one holly trees and other yard work. I have somebody who can help with cleaning the house but I don't need that yet but I may in the future. I am determined to stay here with maybe a month off in the winter for a stay in Palm Springs, California. That's the plan anyway but one never knows. My friend Larry wasn't expecting to have a stroke. I just hope I don't die or become incapacitated before Bill passes because he is so dependent on me.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
I'm checking my options for "outside help" should I need it. But for now I can handle things. I just hope that if and when the time comes that I need help, the Canadian-US border is open so Pat can take care of me or vice a versa.

wcs said...

Good to read your posts, as always. Life is a little weird now, eh? I didn't realize that the Canadian border is still closed. And Americans are barred from entering Europe right now. Cases are increasing again in France, but not at the rate that's happening in the US. We're plodding along doing domestic chores and gardening. As usual.

Jardley said...

Hang in there, Ron - I occasionally check up on how you're doing and I'm glad for the updates.

College Town Guy said...

Ron, I enjoyed your update. I think you hit on all the major points. By the way the picture of you showing off that beautiful gladiolus is fantastic. I love your facial expressions, especially your smile. Did you know that Gladioli represent character, remembrance, faithfulness, and moral integrity? ALL of which are attributes you have in spades. What you share with us about your current comings and goings leads me to believe you are handling things better than you realize. I personally am alot like you in most ways. I cared for my loved ones alot like you are doing for Bill. You are always looking out for his well being by giving him the best care you can. The most important thing that jumps out at me is not just the love you show Bill but the dignity you allow him to keep which I feel gives him a sense of security and purpose. Ron Tipton you are a good man and I can't think of the words to express it properly. Just remember that you are not alone when you have a good friend like Pat to share life's trials with. Cheers and lots of love from Oxford, Ohio!

Travel said...

‘Tis good to hear from you, take care

"Tommy" said...

It is always a delight to hear what is going on in yalls lives and the area... Keep Posting Sir

Ron said...

thank you so much for your support. Blogger friends like you is what keeps me blogging.
Stay safe!

Ron said...

wcs (Walt),
I miss seeing Pat in person. I was scheduled to fly up to Canada at the end of this month but that's been cancelled because of the border closing. We're scheduled to meet this November in Philadelphia for my birthday celectrationa and, hopefully, the end of the Trump nightmare presidency. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can have that rendezvous in November. Always good to hear from you Walt and glad to hear you and Ken are doing well.

Ron said...

"Travel" (David),
Good to hear from you too David. I hope sometimes in the future, after this pandemic thing is history, we can all get together again for a Bloogerpalooza again!

Ron said...

College Town Guy,
Thank you so much for your comments. Blogger friends like you keep me going. Yes, I do care a lot for Bill and will try with all my effort to make this time of life for him as comfortable as possible. A good friend of mine (Larry) is now in a rehab facility for the past three weeks because he had a stroke. I call him every morning. Of course the thought has crossed my mind I or Bill could easily end up in the same situation. Then I dismiss that thought from my mind. Can't worry about what hasn't happened.
I missed seeing Pat in person and enjoying more adventures with him but we stay in touch several times a day via FaceTime. Hopefully this nightmare of the global pandemic will end sometime in the future and we can all get back to a normal life.
Stay safe!

Ron said...

Thank you for your comment and encouragement. Friends like you is why I keep blogging even though I sometimes lag.
Be well!