Monday, December 25, 2006

Sold The House!

Finally sold the house! After 10 long months and over 60 showings and 7 failed sales. I had the misfortune to place my house on the market right at the beginning of the slowest housing market in 11 years. Also, I had the misfortune to let it be known that I had two mortgages. Buyers in this Buyer's Market were all too quick to take advantage of my misfortune and bad timing. At 65 I should no longer be surprised by the cutthroat nature of some of my fellow human beings but I am. Many buyers were all to eager to jump up and down on my Adam's apple while I was down on the ground. Some "friends" and neighbors told me "You would do the same wouldn't you if you were in that situation?" Well, actually, NO I WOULDN'T. I would offer what I thought was a fair price for the house and land and hope that the seller would accept it. However, that was not to be the case with 7 buyers. They were all too eager to get a "steal" (read that "greedy") and take advantage of me and my financial situation carrying two mortgages. Those who were so greedy discovered that they didn't get the property. Through their greed they, perhaps, lost out on the best opportunity of their lifetime to own almost 7 prime acres of Chester County, Pennsylvania woodland with a custom built Gambrel roof colonial house. Because of their inability to control their greedy impulses, they will never know the joy that I knew for over 25 years living and sharing that 7 acres on Crawford Road near Downingtown Pennsylvania. I have now sold the property and am now enjoying my new home on the eastern side of Rt. 1 near Milton, Delaware. I will perhaps never sell a home again but if I do, I will never buy another home before I sell the home I live in first. Lesson learned!

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