Friday, October 19, 2012

Medical Issues

The view from my doctor's office
I just can't seem to get off of this medical treadmill.  It seems like the past three months I can hardly go a week without a visit to the doctor.  This morning I visited my dermatologist to have a stitch removed from my left forearm.  Last Friday I had a small, wart-like growth removed from my arm.  Turns out that the growth was yet another case of actinic keratosis.

I've been going to a dermatologist at least once a year, sometimes twice a year since the early nineties when I first discovered a painful scaly patch on my face when I was shaving.  Turned out that my whole face was full of these little small keratosis spots.  To treat it I had to undergo topical chemotherapy which meant that I had to have the top layer of my facial skin burned off.  I remember that time well.  The treatment was VERY PAINFUL and I ended up with a red, RED face. I looked like I had the worst sunburn, ten times over.

I was told at that time by the dermatologist that I would have to be checked the rest of my life for this pre cancerous skin condition, every six months or every year.  Over the years I have had a lot of small patches of keratosis removed.  All those cases were mild cases.  This year is different.  I have had several cases of "medium" keratosis instead of the lightest cases I had in the past.  When that happens the doctor has to take out a bigger chunk of skin/meat.  The doctor said "something is going on."  Something ominous that I did not want to hear.

This was the information I received this morning.  It was not information I was expecting.  So I now have another appointment next Friday with my dermatologist to take another chunk out of me.

So what are we looking at here folks?  Three things:

  • High PSA count - monitoring
  • Irregular heartbeat - monitoring
  • Pre cancer skin condition - treating
Sorry for the down posting.  Just reporting things like it is today in the Life of Ron.  

I'll try and think of something more upbeat in my next blog posting.  No more political rants for a while. 


Ur-spo said...

alas, that is a hazard of aging. Growing old ain't for sissies.

Ron said...

You can say that again Dr. Spo!