Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Morning Fulminations

Cold Lady in the Garden this morning

Good morning folks!  How are you on this COLD spring morning.  Yes, another cold one.  Temps down to the low 40's.  

I finished my second shift at the hotel last night.  Business is picking up. We're in the season.  Of course several of the guests are complaining about the cold weather.  I apologize to them and tell them I can only guarantee perfect weather for MY events. 

I did have a pleasant surprise last night.  Old friend (old as me and THAT'S OLD) stopped by to visit two of their former neighbors who were staying at the hotel.  Jack and Judy D.  

A Selfie with my good friends Judy and Jack D. at the hotel last night

Judy is (was) my former high school classmate and, along with her husband Jack they were me and Bill's wedding witnesses last July. This is the first time I've seen them since the Big Day. We had a nice visit.  We made plans to go out to lunch next week. 

Now I have a day off before I begin another two day shift at the hotel this weekend.  I'm filling in for a co-worker who is taking off the Easter weekend to visit his brother and his family in Connecticut.  Good old Ron. Hey, I'm taking two weeks off in August so it all works out.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog posting I've been roped into being the local Democratic neighborhood volunteer.  You know, those people who knock on your door at all the wrong times reminding you to VOTE.  I've been given my list of neighborhood names and time frame to go a knocking (which you know I hate, all those opportunities for REJECTION).  

This be me soon

This morning, after breakfast at a local restaurant (which was a BIG MISTAKE of which I will talk about later), I had Bill chauffeur me around while I tried to connect my list of addresses with the houses where I'm going to bug these poor defenseless Democrat registered voters.

My script goes something like this:

"Hi. My name is _______________. I'm one of your nearby neighbors in Lewes (Milton for me) and a counter for the local Democratic party. I'm stopping by to let you know that the party is active in this district, and that we're hoping to elect more Democrats in the off-cycle election next November. If you have any questions or concerns in the coming years, please feel free to contact _______ at ________. We'd be happy to pass on your concerns and try to answer any questions you might have. Thanks so much for your time today."

You know I'm loving this.  Actually, I should be more involved with local Democratic politics, I just don't want it taking over my life.  But that is a subject for another blog posting.  

So Bill drove and I looked for addresses that are on my list that I received from the local Democratic leader,  this morning and it was basically a bust.  About a third of the houses don't even have an address.  And I definitely don't want to take a chance and knock on an errant Tea Bagger's door!

CAN.YOU.IMAGINE? Joe the Plumber answers the door.  Hey, I'm not Barrack Obama's biggest fan by far but man oh man, do we really want a return of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or any of the new crazy right wing nuts like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  Really folks?

These Tea Baggers are so whacked out with their crazy assed paranoia they scare me to death if they even get close to wielding any kind of power.  Seriously folks, the likes of Louie Gomert for Secretary of the Defense? 

One thing is for sure, if the Tea Bagger Right Wing Nut faction of the Republican Party (is there a "regular" Republican party left after all?) gets in power we'll be in another war with:

  1. Syria
  2. Iran
  3. Egypt
  4. Russia

So proud of themselves - they didn't lose anybody in their Wars of Choice

And who knows who the f_ck else these nut cases decide to go to war with to show their manhood. Of course they never personally go to war nor any member of their families, they send the young folks who can't get a job in the economy that was almost ruined by the back to back Bush tax cuts, prescription drug benefits in which the government was not allowed to bargain prices with the drug companies thus creating a windfall for the drug companies. But I digress (which often happens when I blog post because I don't plan these posts out in advance folks, I just let them "flow.") 

So anyway, I wasn't too successful in identifying the homes I'm going to bother this morning so I'll go to Plan B which is Google maps.  It'll take a little longer but at least I'll be at my desk and not trying to dodge traffic while I'm looking for non-existent house signs.  I had this same problem when I worked for the Census Bureau back in 2010, couldn't find about half of the addresses.  What is it with people that they can't do the basic and put their address out in front of their house?  Are they THAT lazy?  Well…..yes.

Folks, about the last thing I want to do is traipse around my neighborhood, bothering my neighbors like I hate to be bothered but if I can do just a little bit to prevent the Far Right Republican politicians from gaining power and totally ruining this country, I will.  Say what you will about the sometimes feckless president Obama and vice president Crazy "Uncle Joe" Biden but at least they're going to preserve the social safety net and prevent the few very rich oligarchs in this country from completely taking over this country for their own greed which knows no bounds.  What always amazes me is how many of the American voters believe the lies that the Republicans tell them to vote against their own interests. I'm on a rant here folks, I better get off.

Our "betters" - maybe some of their millions will "trickle" down to us lowlies

Today's oligarchs who want to buy the U.S. democracy for their own personal piggy bank:

Koch Brothers - net worth over 100 billion as of April 2014 - they want more
Sheldon Adelson - net worth 36.5 billion as of January 2014 - wants more

You can't let them win folks.  If you do we're f'ckd. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three Good Reasons To Blog

La Queztalteca - friends through blogging

Regular blog readers will recognize the three handsome men in the newest blogger banner photo.  They would be (from left to right):

Dr. Spo (from Arizona) (keeping you up Dr. Spo?)

Randy From Nebraska (cheer up Randy!)

Pat From Canada (cutie pie)

Three perfectly adorable men who traveled the furthest (or is it "farthest"?) to attend the 2014 Bloggerpalooza.  

Waiting for a table at LaQueztalteca Bloggpalooza 2014

The first man is the famous "Dr. Spo" of "Spo Reflections."  I found Dr. Spo through a link to my friend "The Cajun's" blog "On Transmigration."  Dr. Spo recently posted that he was thinking of abandoning his blog.  Of course he's not going to do that, he has way too many fans.  We would be devastated.  Dr. Spo's postings have enriched his followers' lives with his sardonic wit and useful information.  You're not going anywhere Dr. Spo.

Dr. Spo to Randy "Let's ditch this joint and find a room."

Then there is Randy From Nebraska.  Randy just started to write is blog and is still on is training wheels but making fast progress. Randy's enthusiasm is contagious and transmits easily into his blog.

The handsome and infectious Randy From Nebraska

And last but certainly not least is Pat From Canada.  I haven't convinced Pat to start blog yet and maybe I never will but Pat is a faithful follower of my blog.  But there is one thing I know about this gentleman (in ever sense of the word) from Toronto, he also is a positive force is infectious with whomever he comes into contact. 

The good-looking and contagious Pat From Toronto

There are times when I feel like I'm running out of subjects to write about on my blog.  There are times when I just feel like taking a break. And there are those times (rare) when someone uses something I've written about in my blog to use against me that I feel like just chucking the whole thing.  But then I think "Do I want to lose the friends I've made through my blog?"  The answer is a resounding "No."

Who would want to be friends with this goofball?

Sure, sometimes I feel a sadness when a long time follower is no longer following me.  I wonder why?  Did they die?  Did I say something (again) to offend?  Or did they just get tired of my nonsensical, self-absorbed ramblings?  But you know what folks?  I can't let those occurrences get me down.  I won't.  

Well, some people like me in spite of my many quirks (like what's with the red purse? Matches the shirt?)
I will blog until my brain no longer functions and my fingers cannot traverse this keyboard they are dancing over now.  You're stuck with me folks!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Early Morning Comedy

I wasn't going to write about what happened this morning but after telling my friend Pat what happened, he said "You HAVE to write about that on your blog!"

So here's what happened folks.  Because I had food poisoning

a few days ago, from which I still haven't fully recovered, I decided to toss all of my "antique" food from my freezer chest.  Yes folks, I am ashamed to admit that I have food that's been frozen in that chest since we moved here in 2007!!!!  See why I didn't want to write about it.

But wait, my story gets better.

I was going to dive into the freezer chest after Bill went to bed last night to get the poison old food and put it in our Waste Management containers that Bill puts out before he goes to bed.  For some reason, Waste Management stops by our neighborhood very early in the morning.  Usually between 6 and 7 am. 

So after Bill goes to bed I go down to get the food.  I hear the rain beating down outside.  All days it's been raining off and on but now…'s POURING (like in the movies with the hose).

I decided to wait until morning.  I get up very early this morning (5:30 am).  Of course Bill is already up.  I asked him "Did the garbage truck come yet?"  He says "No."  I rush down stair to the basement where our freezer chest is located and start digging.  As I'm struggling up the basement stairs Bill wants to know what I'm doing.  So much for sneaking out the old food when he was sleeping.  

I tell him "Leave me alone! I'm going something!" and I rush outside to get rid of the food.  He says "They already came!" Well, why DIDN'T HE TELL ME THAT BEFORE?  The answer?  He didn't hear me.  Bill is hard of hearing.  So many problems because of his not hearing me.  This is just another one.

So, while he's berating me I make a quick decision and dump my boxes of frozen food into my neighbor's recycle container.  I would dump it in ours but it was crammed.  And of course, I should be dumping food in ANY recycle container because they are very FIRM about NON-RECYLCABLES.  

Of course when I went to do this my neighbor across the street was backing out of her driveway.  So I'm standing there waiting for her to back out and she's not moving, probably wondering WTF I'm doing messing around trash cans this early in the morning.  And did I mention?  I was COLD this morning!  Frost on the ground.  And I had just taken a shower.  Yep, I'm out in the below freezing weather (what ever happened to Spring?) with a damp head (in more ways than one obviously to my neighbor probably).

Anyway, after I dump the offending and OLD food into my neighbor's recycling container I got a major case of the GUILTS.  They're away but due back today.  What if they come back and find out that I breached Neighborly Etiquette? 

You know that they say about Character, it's what you do when no one's looking.  I may be deficient in a lot of areas bug one area I have always prided myself on is my honesty and character.  

I go out and yes…..TRASH PICK.  I lean into my neighbor's trash can and take out ALL THE FOOD containers I put in there.  Bill sees all this on his security camera and greets me with a "What will the neighbors think of you going into the trash cans!?"  Ever been in a situation that you realize is spinning completely out of control.  Well folks, this isn't over yet. 
Artfully removing trash from a dumpster

I decided I'm going to take the offending old frozen antique food down to the dumpster outside of Walmart and do a drive by trash dump.  Bill says "Why go all the way down there?  Just dump it on out compost pile."  I said "I don't want to do that because it will draw skunks (the black and white kind who create a big stink when agitated),

I'll take it out to the end of the lane."  There is an abandoned house site out there that is overgrown that we frequently use to dump trimming from our shrubs and trees.

I gather up my old antique frozen food yet again and struggle out the back yard across the crackling grass that was frosted over last night when I hear Bill yelling at me.  "Come back!  Come back!"  I turn and go back.  He said "I didn't know you had THAT much!"  We decided to go down to the Walmart parking lot on Route One which backs up to the Taco Bell, Friendly's and KC Chicken.  They have massive food dumpster back there.  Time for a Drive By dump of old antique frozen food. 

We drive down Route One.  Of course the sun is up now blazing directly into our faces.  The sun is coming through exactly in the middle of the winder, the window visors are useless.

Semi-blinded we turn into the Walmart parking lot.  We back up to one of the dumpster, I think it was the Taco Bell one, appropriate since I think I got my food poisoning on Mexican frozen food.  

As I'm lifting my box of goodies I see a massive sign that says 


I pause for a long two seconds and decide…..not to dump.  That's all I need, a $500 fine.  And I would probably get it too.  Who knows what cameras they have positioned out there.  I'm sure I'm not the only miscreant to decided to take this shortcut.

Dumpster Diving

So, I take my box of frozen antique old food back into my car.  Oh yes, it's still frozen because the morning is still frozen at 30 degrees.  

We go back home.  So what do you think?  You got it right.  I loaded the antique old frozen food back in the freezer and there it will stay until next week at which time I will put it out the NIGHT BEFORE. 

Pepperridge Farm Puff Pastry circa 2006 - time flies when you're having fun

So that folks was my Early Morning Comedy.  

I just saw Bill a few minutes ago.  He gave me a look that was a mixture of sadness and exasperation and said "I think you're losing it Ron."  You think?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Rainy Spring Day

Hey folks, let's go with something positive here.  My last few blog posts have been a bit down (to say the least).  I'm still not feeling the best but thank God, I'm not in bad shape.  Just feeling a bit under the weather because of some possible food poisoning from some local garbage I bought at BJ's a few weeks ago.  I won't name the company (local) but I always suspected the worst of them and now my suspicions are confirmed.  But there I go again, going negative.

Today I got a lot of rest.  In fact I'm rested out.  I can't sleep any more.  I have to gear myself up for another four day marathon work week at the hotel. Plus, I accepted an additional workload yesterday to gin up some of my Democratic neighbors to get out and vote.  Always something folks.  No rest for the weary.  But like I indicated earlier, I'm a lot better off that some people I know, especially my fellow prostate cancer patients who I've been reading about on our group forum.  God, I thought I had it bad with my side effects.  I won't even touch base on what some of these other guys are going through.  Makes my journey look like a Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

Anyway, speaking of tulips, my tulips are up.  I took this short video a few hours ago during a letup in the intermittent rain (which we sorely needed).  Nothing like the bright, fresh colors of spring time bulbs to lighten one's mood.  Enjoy!

Better…..I Think

Dinner last night

Last night I had my first solid food except for that half an omelet I had for breakfast.  I had a small bowl of Panera potato soup and some pita crackers.  I had no lunch.  I didn't miss lunch. 

After talking to my Canadian friend on FaceTime I took his advice and watched "The Spanish Prisoner" on my Netflix DVD rental.  A strange movie with very low production values but it did engage me for a while and take my mind off of my health woes.  

I went to bed shortly thereafter, sans a dessert which I usually have before I go to bed.  However, I did take a couple swigs of my Canada Dry ginger ale which seems to help my stomach settle.

I had a great night's sleep and awoke to clean sheets (thank God!) 

I actually awoke with an appetite for my regular breakfast of Great Value bran flakes

(Walmart) cereal with almond milk and a banana.  I got about 2/3 rd's through it and started to feel "gaggy" again.  I gave Bill the rest of the banana.

I retreated to my home office as is my usual routine after breakfast, to catch up on my e-mail.  I had a visit yesterday from a local Democratic candidate for state district representative and a field worker.  They asked if I could cover a district here where I live.  I agreed.  All I have to do is introduce myself to the Democrat registered voters my neighborhood and urge them to vote.  Like most of you, I hate to knock on the doors of strangers but one must do what one must do to at least help to prevent some of these extreme Tea Party types from gaining office.  This should be easy for me because most of the people I'm to contact are on my Walk Route back in Oyster Rocks.  It won't be like they haven't seen me before.  Now they'll know who I am, one of those annoying people who will be bothering them.  Oh well, I hope my health is up to it.

My Democratic Walking Tools (except for the doily) 

I'm going to finish this post then lie down awhile again. I'm feeling nauseous again.  Hate to be a downer folks but you know me, I tell it like it is.

I'll be back later, hopefully when I'm back to 100% again. I hope that is tomorrow because I go back to work then. Always something.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pooh Bear

"Whoops! Leakage!"

When I woke up this morning from a very restful night of sleep, I felt wet all on my backside.  I went out to Bill and showed him how much I "sweated."  He took one look and said "That's not sweat, you pooped (he used a different word - four letter word that begins with "s" and ends with "t") yourself.  Shocked (and embarrassed) I rushed into my bathroom and saw a huge light brown stain on my underwear and bottom of my T-shirt.  Yes folks, I had "poohed" myself while sleeping.  Now folks, that's how sick I was.

At first I couldn't remember the last time I did that but then later on this morning I did remember.  It was when I was in the Army in 1960.  It was summertime (hot) and a Friday.  I was to participate in a battalion parade (we soldiers all marching past the colonel of the battalion presenting our colors). I was feeling very nauseous.  I knew I had eaten lunch on a metal tray that had some dried soap suds on it.  Don't ask me why I did that, one just didn't turn in a metal tray at the Army mess hall and ask for a clean one. 

Anyway, while marching I was feeling more and more nauseous until I couldn't put one foot in front of another.  Plus, I was afraid of throwing up all over the back of the soldier marching in front of me. I fell out of formation and collapsed under a nearby tree.  I was convinced that the Army MP's were going to arrest me and put me in the stockade.  Of course nothing of the sort happen and once I got my bearings somewhat, I struggled back to the barracks to collapse on my bunk.

Ft. Devens, Mass. - the old German prison or war barracks that was where I lived for four month in 1964

I was exhausted.  I awoke a few hours later and saw that I had "poohed" myself (a dark brown liquid, no "Tootsie Rolls") all over my pants and the mattress underneath me.  Oh crap (although that wasn't the word I used, see previous reference).  Well, that weekend I spent recovering from what food poisoning or soapy metal tray my body was rebelling against.  I hid that poohed stained mattress on an empty bunk, hoping no one would notice.  A few weeks later though, while we were kept in the barracks one of my Army buddies pulled down that mattress and saw the stain and said "Who "poohed"(used that four letter word again begins with "s" and ends with "t") on this f__cking mattress!" Of course I would never tell but never one to hide a poker face, I quickly exited the barracks.

Me (on the left) - my buddies Bill A. and Dick E. never knew it was ME who "poohed" on that mattress - I can just imagine the ribbing I would have gotten if they did know

So now here we are forty-four years later and I had another accident. Man oh man.  Thankfully the only thing I "ate" yesterday was two small bottles of Canada Dry ginger ale.  I don't think I had any "substance" left in me after that diarrhea festival I had yesterday.  

Breakfast this morning - I haven't thrown this up……yet

This morning I went out with Bill and had my first solid food.  We had breakfast at Nectar in Lewes.  My usual, a vegetarian omelet with sweet potato fries, and toast with a "Detox" juice.  I could finish the whole thing but it was good to get something solid down my throat after my involuntary fast yesterday.  Oh, by the way, I did lose six pounds.  What a way to lose weight, eh?

"There! Much better!"

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Washed out Ron

Last night when I went to bed I was very nauseous.  VERY, so nauseous that I couldn't go to sleep.  I don't remember the last time that I was this sick.

I finally got to a fitful sleep around 3 am only to be awaken with a "rush"….. I had to vomit.  Yes folks, I upchucked big time.  Even though I knelt at my toilet I managed to blow out my triple berry smoothie on the sides of the toilet bowl, the floor around the toilet and even on my lower legs and feet.  Not a pretty sight folks.

I tried to go back to bed only to get up again and blow out more of that purple Barney dinosaur smoothie.  How much did I drink anyway?

I gag just looking at this photo of Barney

Of course I also had the diarrhea.  Coming out both ends folks. Sorry for the grossness but that's what was happening with your longtime blogger here.  

I was so weak. I haven't eaten anything since last night.  I did drink a small Canada Dry ginger ale which helps to settle my stomach.  I'm working on my second bottle now.  

I drink the little bottle folks, no cans for me

I slept all day.  ALL DAY.  I'm still tired and weak but I feel like I've turned the corner but I still can't even contemplate eating anything for fear I'll throw that up too.

I think the culprit s some Mexican food I had in the freezer.  It tasted funny when I ate it. That's why I only had one.  When something liked his happens I think "What's different"?  This is the only think I could think of.

This "party in my mouth" didn't sit well with my stomach

I really should eat something right now but I'm afraid I'll just throw it up again.  

Hey folks, I have a new appreciated for my friends and acquaintances who are going through medical maladies right now.  This isn't fun, to say the least.

I just want to get back to normal.

"Do these glasses make me look fat?"