Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seven Year Itch

One of the most famous photos in the world is Marilyn Monroe's famous skirt blowing scene from the movie "The Seven Year Itch."  Hey folks, I'm about as gay as a gay man can be but I have to tell you looking at this photo of Marilyn stirs up "something" deep within the recesses of my id.  Maybe I was straight in a previous life.  God, can you imagine that?  Ron straight with a wifey-poo and a passel of screaming, whining kids?  I can't.

I am so glad I grew up in the Fifties.  I feel sorry for young movie goers today.  Who do they have as their iconic images?  Jo-Lo?  Mariah? Or pouty mouth Scarlett Johannson? Give me a break.  You guys don't know what a real sex symbol is.

Most people can remember where they were when a historic event happened in their life.  How many of you can remember where you were when you heard that Marilyn died?  I remember exactly where I was.  I was in the Army, home for the weekend.  I had brought a friend with me who I had the hots for (he didn't know it).  I did succeed in getting him to sleep in the same bed with me that Saturday night.  I was so hot for him that I had an orgasm just by lying next to him (he was asleep thank God!  How would I EVER have explained that?)

The day was August 5, 1962.  I remember when I heard the news on my transistor radio (transistor radios being a big deal back in the early Sixties, probably the equivalent of an iPhone today).  At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Surely this was a joke.  A cruel joke.  Marilyn dead?  Couldn't be.  She was only 36 years old.  But the more I listened, it began to sink in that Marilyn had indeed died.

When I heard this news I felt like a part of me died too.  I discussed her death with my Army buddy who I was hot for but he wasn't much interested.  We really didn't have much in common other than I thought he was just about the cutest guy with so much energy.  He was adorable.  Unfortunately or fortunately he didn't feel the same way about me.  My God if he did and we descended into some kind of licentious sexual escapade we both would have lost our clearances and been kicked out of the Army.

The reason Marilyn comes to my mind again is that I'm reading a biography of Billy Wilder now.  Billy Wilder was the director of the movies "The Seven Year Itch."  Reading about him directing the movie and his interaction with Marilyn brought back fond memories from my adolescence.  Since I'm on a downward spiral now (soon to be 71 years old), I often think of good memories like Marilyn.

Ironically, about two months ago I was wondering what became of my little Army buddy that I had the hots for who slept with me overnight that August night in 1962.  I saw his obituary.  He died in last year.  He died in a head on collision.  The newspaper said he must have been going a great speed as he was passing on a solid white line because there "wasn't much left of his car or him."  Oh David.  So sad.


anne marie in philly said...

MM certainly had "it"!

8/5/62 - I was 8 years old, about to start 3rd grade. I had NO IDEA about the world outside my own. that would change the following year.

Ron said...

Yes she did Anne Marie, Marilyn had "it." In 1962 I definitely had AN IDEA about the world outside of my own, especially that hottie lying in bed next to me the night before Marilyn died. I didn't sleep a wink. Then to get up the next morning and find that "my Marilyn" had died. August 5th, 1962, a day I will always remember.

Raybeard said...

Ron, your opening paragraph above is SO very funny, I nearly fell off my seat. Yes, just imagine!

I also remember where I was - at home with the radio on in the background. Then the programme with interrupted by a news flash. I went and told my mum who was with a visiting friend in our 'sitting room', and they were just as shocked as I had been.

Still so many questions about the truth behind her death, providing a field-day for conspiracy theorists. Just one of the events which has sprouted scores of them.

Ron said...

Hey Ray! Actually, I wasn't trying to be funny with that opening paragraph, I just tell it like it is. ;)

I just CANNOT imagine being a straight man with all THAT baggage but maybe I was straight in on of my previous lives. Every now and then I see one of these straight sexy pictures and I do feel a faint "stirring". Very faint but there is "something" there. Scary.


Jon said...

Sadly, the golden age of REAL movie stars and icons is gone forever. I'm glad that we grew up in an era when men were men & women were women. I was very young when Marilyn Monroe died but I remember it distinctly. I was outside playing with a friend. My Mom heard it on the radio. She came out and told us. It was a big deal back then.
The photos that you posted were taken on a real street in New York at around two o'clock in the morning. Marilyn's husband Joe DiMaggio was there. He got angry and made a big scene, saying that Marilyn looked like a tramp. He was an asshole and always treated he badly.
After Marilyn died, Joe acted like he had been so deeply in love with her.

nitewrit said...


Lo and I were on vacation, staying at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. I can remember we were walking down the street looking for a restaurant, I believe, and saw the headline of her death on a newspaper.

Here is a little tidbit. Marilyn Monroe's breakout role was in a John Huston film noir called, "The Asphalt Jungle" (1950). She played the girl friend of the star, Sterling Hayden. At the end of the film Hayden's character dies from a gunshot wound in a field full of horses. You see his body lying on the ground and these horses pawing around him. Except it wasn't really Hayden. The studio felt it was too risky to have the star there where he might be stomped by those horses. They went to the University of Kentucky, near where they were filming and hired a young basketball player to take the risk. He was a 6 foot 5 inch blond named Walter Whitaker and 30 years later he would be the boss that hired me at Wilmington Trust.


Ron said...


Wow. Now that is a small world. I am impressed. Walter Whitaker had this claim to fame for his whole life. Very interesting.


Ron said...


The scenes of Marilyn dress blowup filmed on a real New York street almost turned into a riot. Marilyn''s husband, who I agree with you was a Major League Asshole, became incensed that the crowd of strangers would see his wife that way. He stormed off and their marriage was essentially at an end. Ironically, these scenes weren't used in the movie because of the raucous crowd of onlookers. Billy Wilder had the scene filmed again at a Fox backlot where he had more control of the crowd.

I feel as you do, I am glad I grew up in an era when movie stars were men and women were women. No so called movie star today can begin to even com close to the glamor and magic of the stars of yesteryear.


Jeff said...

My grand daughter who just turned 16 loves Marilyn. She has a poster of her at the foot of her bed. I am not sure she has ever seen any of the movies,but that doesn't seem to matter. The poster speaks to her.

Ron said...


Marilyn has aways been on of my very favorite actresses and beauties.