Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Gets His Ass Handed To Him

Where's Clint?
Hey folks!  Did you see last night's presidential debate?  Sure you did!  Well, I was going to write a long blog posting about it but decided instead to just post photos with captions.

Obama: "Oh God, do I HAVE to shake your hand?" Romney: "I'm going to roll over you again!"

Wary gladiators enter the debate arena 

Romney:  "I'd like to strap you to the roof of my car"  Obama:  "I'm going to wipe the floor with you."

Obama: "Do you know how you can tell Governor Romney lies?  He opens his mouth."

Obama:  "Oh no you didn't just say that!"

Romney:  "WAW! WAW! WAW!"

Obama:  "Governor Romney, could you stop lying for just one minute?"

Check out Romney's VERY TIGHT smile - this is the smile of a CEO who isn't used to being challenged

The Real Romney - a mean, viscous, soulless CEO who will eliminate your job and take the money saved and put in a Swiss bank account (or Cayman Islands)

President Obama exposing yet another Romney Lie

This is the way a pissed off former CEO looks when his lies are exposed

Anne Romney:  "I can't believe I married this douche"

Michelle Obama:  "Now THIS is the Barack I know!"

The Accusatory Fingers

See you all in Boca for the Final Round 


Bob said...

"Governor Romney, could you stop lying for just one minute?"

Funny, cuz it's true.
I also love how Mittsy got FactChecked by the moderator and exposed for telling more lies.

Ron said...

Kudos to Candy Crowley for fact checking Romney in real time. I'm glad Obama didn't let Romney get away with his lies. Now I'm hearing on TV that Obama interrupted "too much." WHAT? If Obama didn't interrupt them Romney would roll over the moderator and Obama like he did in the first debate. Romney looked worn out after this debate. He looked like the vicious business predator that he is for real.

Nadege said...

I didn't see it but I can't believe the 33 % un-decided. What's up with that?

Ron said...


After the debate I watched a focus group being interviewed. Most of them were still UNDECIDED! What is the matter with them?


anne marie in philly said...

OH SNAP! ron, your posts have such a vibrant way with words lately. did your writing class inspire you to do this?

PS - I am REALLY enjoying fay's book you sent me; she is a scream and I see some parts of myself in her writings. I can't wait to read her second book!

Ron said...

Thank you Anne Marie! Yes, I have changed my writing somewhat from some things I learned in Fay's class. She said "write like you think."

When you and hubby visit in Febuary, I'll try and arrange a meeting with you and Fay (if she is in town). I know you would like her. She is a funny in person as she is in her book. I'm glad you like her book. It is funny. By the way, I see some of you in her writing. You could do the same!


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, that would be so awesome! but please don't put her on the spot or anything.

and no, I am not about to write a book; the blog will do just fine.

Jeff said...

I love it. Great captions!

Ron said...

Thanks Jeff! Nice to get a compliment on one of my political postings. I think that most of my readers are of the Romney-Ryan persuasion. For the life of me I don't know how any gay person could support the anti-gay Romney/Ryan ticket for presidency.