Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update 9:28 am

Okay folks, I'm trying to update as much as possible in real time here.  The previous video was of poor quality so I asked Bill to take this video of me with my iPhone.  I'm in my office talking to my friend Larry who lives in upstate Delaware.  The video is now in HD, which should do away with the bleariness of the previous video.

I'm surprised that we still have power and even more surprised that we have satellite reception.  Usually when it rains heavily I lose my DirecTV satellite reception.  That hasn't happened yet this morning.  The gods are with me so far.  I just hope the gods stay with us when Hurricane Sandy makes landfall later this afternoon.

I heard on the news this morning that President Obama issued a state of emergency for five states and Washington D.C.  Oops!  Just had a HUGE gust of wind smack against the house. WOW!  That will take off some shingles.  So anyway, the news caster listed the states as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut and D.C.  Uh.....missing a state aren't we?  Like DELAWARE, the state that Hurricane Sandy is going to ROLL ACROSS this afternoon on it's way to D.C. and Baltimore.  When I lived in Pennsylvania, the national news weather bureau never mentioned Philadelhia when giving out the national range of temperatures.  No wonder I have an inferiority complex.

So we sit here in our comfy house, buffeted by gusts of wind and spurts of rain, awaiting the BIG ONE later this afternoon.  Not looking forward to this folks, not at all.


Anonymous said...

So far so good up here but any road headed towards the water is closed and for the first time that we can remember, our house is in an evacuation zone! Never seen water anywhere close but this is a perfect storm.

Can't believe that NY and PA aren't included in the SOE.

Any talk yet of "Frankenstorm's" possible impact on next week's election? It seems to be aimed at the entire east coast electoral voting block!

Rick Bettencourt said...

Stay safe...thoughts with you!

Ron said...

Thank you Rick!

Ron said...


That it is Sean. And we didn't even get the full brunt of it.