Friday, October 05, 2012

Ron the Writer - 1957

Ron (me) - 1957 - "pen pal" picture

Regular readers of this blog know that I LIKE to write.  Do you know how long I've been writing?  A LONG TIME!

When I was in high school I had fifty-seven pen pals around the country and the world.  Some of my friends and relatives thought I was a loser because I had pen pals and no friends.  They were wrong.  I had friends but I also had a curiosity about other people who lived in other parts of the country and world.  Not much has changed has it?  Now I have a blog that I write and make friends with in other parts of the country.

Recently my friend Larry sent me a copy of a letter that I wrote to him.  I wrote this letter September 12, 1957, 57 years ago!  That's older than most of the readers of this blog!  Wow, I am one OLD DUDE.  I wrote to Larry about my new pen pal named "Chico" in Los Angeles, California.  I remember nothing about "Chico" or this letter now but I do remember I had a load of pen pals.  I always looked forward to checking my Post Office box 212 to see how many letters were there from my pen pal friends.

That letter is below.  Read it and tell me if my style has changed.  Do you think?

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nitewrit said...


By the way, I still have a bunch of those recordings you, Stuart and I made at the Farmer's Market. I think they were 78 rpm, so I don't have a player that will play them anymore.


Ron said...


Bring those recordings down the next time you visit me. I can record them on a tape cassette for you and myself. I have a 78 rpm player.


Jon said...

This letter is tangibe proof that you were always a good writer. It's very spontaneous and interesting. I believe that writing is an art that's largely inherent. Nobody can truly teach you to do it. Sadly, writing is also becoming a LOST art.

I remember those good old pre-computer days when having penpals was a popular pastime. I had lots of them through the years- - mostly in Europe.
I've always liked to write letters. I still have a huge old suitcase filled with letters from friends and relatives.Some of the letters date back from the 1960's.

Ron said...

Thank you! I have always liked to write. You're right, writing is becoming a lost art. Writing is one of my true pleasures, perhaps even more so than sex.

You are a good writer Jon. I can use the same adjectives to describe your writing - spontaneous and interesting.


Harpers Keeper said...

Isn't it sad that future generations won't have the opportunity to revisit old letters. Digital communication can be as permanent but it will never be as evocative.

Ron said...


It is sad that future generations won't have the opportunity of real letters for their memories. I'm glad I saved most of mine. Letter writing in handwriting will be a thing of the past. I'm glad I keep a journal everyday to keep my handwriting intact. I was losing it for several years when all I did was print short notes on Post-It notes.