Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update In Lewes Delaware

It's bad folks. Here are some pictures that I took from the Cape Gazette.  I'm sure the hotel where I work at in Lewes is flooded as I type this.  I was supposed to go into work today.  Looks like I won't be going in this week and maybe next week.

Cedar Street, Lewes, DE
The Lewes-Rehoboth Canal near the Rehoboth Beach drawbridge:

The sandpipers wait out the storm on the beach.  No flying today.

Some funsters in Dewey Beach, DE.

We're getting a direct hit in about seven hours!

This one I call "Idiots on the beach" - Lewes Style

Where do seagulls go during a Frankenstorm?  Nowhere.

I expect the power to go out any moment.  I wanted to post these pictures from the Cape Gazette before I lost power.  Isn't this exciting?


anne marie in philly said...

EWWWWWW! I am having a pina colada; still raining and 20 mph winds.

Vicci said...

Be safe, Ron!
I found this post while looking for photos of Lewes. My husband and I (PA residents, like you used to be) just so happened to make an offer on our retirement home in Lewes this past Thursday and now are trying to figure out if it's still there or is bobbing about somewhere in the bay...

Cathy said...

I dated a man from Lewes for several years, and spent many months in town there... I'm from Minnesota - and have followed this storm hoping everyone I know out there is ok :) Thanks for the great pictures - Happy Clean-up :)

Cathy said...

I dated a man from Lewes for several years (many years ago) and have followed this storm hoping Lewes would be spared... It's a GORGEOUS place and I would LOVE to retire there someday!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures :) Hope your family is safe, and that you don't have too much to clean up!!


Ron said...


Glad you liked the pictures of Lewes. However I can't take credit for those photos. I got them from the Cape Gazette.