Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Out Of Dodge

We await Frankenstorm.  The wind is picking up, the rain is spotty but coming.  It is inevitable, this is the:


I am SOOO tired of the latest STORM OF THE CENTURY warnings.

Our governor has issued a mandatory evacuation for everyone here living in coastal Delaware who lives within 3/4 mile of a body of water.  Here at Casa Tipton-Kelly we're TWO MILES from the water.  We are exempt!  

My first inclination is not to evacuate but if we did live right next to the ocean I guess I would evacuate.  Just like the shower scene in "Psycho", I will never get those images out of my mind of those people in New Orleans stranded on the rooftops of their homes after the levees broke.  OMG!  NOT ME!

New York City mayor Bloomberg on on TV now giving a status report on New York's preparation for Hurricane Sandy, aka "Frankenstorm."  Gee, I guess he's taking time off from issuing orders on 7-11 Big Gulp container size restrictions.

Looking out my home office window here as I type this Sunday morning blog I see where the rain has begun.  Ah yes, here we go again.  

Bill and I have filled buckets of water just in case our electric goes out so we can flush our toilets.  I just got of FaceTime with Dr. Spo who lives in Arizona.  I had to explain to him why the need for water - TO FLUSH THE TOILETS WHEN THE ELECTRIC GOES OUT.  Of course my friend Dr. Spo just had to show me his sunny, blue skies.  Thanks Dr. Spo!

So here's the deal, I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow.  We have an event scheduled, a fund raiser for Governor Markel.  I assume that fund raiser is off.  I talked to Robert, my fellow front desk person at the hotel.  He's staying at the hotel overnight with his cat.  He said he would take my shift and I could take his shift later on in the week.  Sounds good to me!  

We do what we have to do here folks.  I just hope our power doesn't go out.  If it does, this may be the last blog posting you get from me for a while, especially since there are many predictions of being without power for A WEEK!  

This is really getting old folks, real old.  

This just in, Mitt Romney PROMISED that if he's elected president there will be no more Frankenstorms!  


anne marie in philly said...

spouse and I are ROTFFLOFAO at the romney comment!

uh, we don't get the toilet/electric connection either. pardon our ignorance. we have plenty of water in the garage; we collect it in a rainbarrel most of the year.

up here, the rain has stopped; it was only light rain anyway; no wind. we cleaned up the yard yesterday; no possible projectiles out there.

stay safe and dry!

wcs said...

You guys take care and be safe!

Bob said...

Stay dry and flushable.

Iberostar said...

Hang in there, Ron!! Hope you are ok!! Love reading your blog!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

It is 7:02 PM now. The winds are up and the rain is sporadic. I feel "it" coming. I already called in work and told them I would be in tomorrow. NO WAY. I'm hanging out here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.


Ron said...

Thank you Walt. This is getting real old. Seems like every year we have a "storm of the century" do deal with. I just hope we don't lose power.


Ron said...


Definitely stay flushable. Losing power is a pain, especially when I have my freezer stuffed. We have several buckets of water for the flushing.


Ron said...

That you Iberostar!


Cubby said...

Take care, fellas. It's the second storm of the century this year, but fear not, we still have two more months to work in a third!