Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Yet another very busy week.  As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I met with my cardiologist on Wednesday to go over the results of a series of test I took last month to check out the extra "blip" in my heartbeat.  He said I was in good health for a man "my age".  So for a 70 year old I'm hanging in there. He did say the "bottom portion" of my heart was beating at a slower rate but I should be all that concerned about that because that was "normal" for a man "my age."  However, he did say that if I wanted to "really be sure" he could schedule a catheterization for me (up through my groin yet).  No thank you doctor.

Friday I made another visit to my dermatologist (these visits are getting to be routine now) to have a small growth removed from my left forearm.  One stitch later and the offending growth is on it's way to the lab for analysis.

Where my father grew up - NOT the Beverly Hillbillies - this was the real thing

This was the week Bill and had planned our road trip south.  We were going to visit my ancestral grounds in the mountains of western North Carolina, hillbilly country where my father was born and grew up until he was ten years old at which time his father (my grandfather) scooped up his nine sons (no daughters) and wife (my grandmother) and moved to southeastern Pennsylvania to live and work on his brother-in-law's farm as tenant workers.  Two more sons (my uncles) were born in Pennsylvania making a total of eleven Tipton boys to pick those fruits and vegetables on their Uncle Don Byrd's farm. My father met my Mother on a double date in 1940.  They were married shortly thereafter (mom was only 16 years old).  I appeared one year later and the rest is history or as I tell my southern Tipton relatives, "that's why I have a Yankee accent."

Me in those North Carolina hillbilly mountains this past spring - cemetery hunting

So where was I?  Yes, we were going to road trip south.  I even had the Dodge Caravan rented at Enterprise Rental in Rehoboth.  We checked the weather and decided not to go after seeing a forecast of possible showers at least half of next week.  Instead we took a road trip to Pennsylvania today to Union Hill Cemetery, where my said hillbilly grandfather and grandmother are buried with his brother-in-law Don Byrd.  I had some Find a Grave photo requests that I wanted to full fill.  On our trip down south I was going to cemetery hunt anyway.  On this trip I was going to visit my great-great grandfather John Tipton's grave.  He was killed by a Confederate ambush while he and his brother-in-law Curtis Bailey were recruiting for the Union forces in them thar mountains back in 1863.  I never thought I would find where he was buried but I discovered the located a few months ago quite my accident through  My visit to my Civil War hero ancestor will have to wait until spring.  Spring is a good time to visit those beautiful mountains.

Confederate Colonel Vincent Addison Wichter - the man who ambushed and killed my great-great grandfather John Tipton in 1863

Bill and I had a good trip to Pennsylvania.  You know we used to live there.  We didn't visit the old homestead this time though, just the cemetery.  Today was a beautiful, sunny, brisk fall day for soaking up the history and peacefulness of a cemetery. One of my absolute favorite past times.  I was talking to Dr. Spo yesterday on FaceTime and he was quite puzzled as to what the fascination is with Find a Grave and taking volunteer pictures.  He asked "Do you get paid for taking the photos?"  I said "No."  He said "Then why would you do it?"  Ah, Dr. Spo, it is hard to explain.  All I can say is some people like the opera (not I) and some people like to roam cemeteries.

I'm off of work next week which I am greatly looking forward to.  Even though I only work two days a week, it is nice to have a WHOLE WEEK off.  No phones calls about towel shortage, or questions about where is the best place to eat in Lewes, or "where can I park?"  Thank goodness the phone calls asking "Do you have a pool" stopped. I think that question ended when the kiddies went back to school, thank God.

Hey!  Did you all see the VP debate this week?  I loved Joe Biden! He wiped the floor with Paul "Lying" Ryan.  Who cares is Joe laughed?  He was LAUGHING at the ridiculousness of Paul Ryan's lies.  He wasn't going to let Lying Ryan get away with anything.  Go Joe!

"You're not getting away with ANYTHING tonight Lying Ryan."  Joe's got your number.

Now this week we get back to Barack "Barry" Obama.  Somehow I can't see Barry getting into Mittsy's  face.  Oh how I would love to see him call that phony out once and for all but I just don't think Obama has it in him. But we'll see won't we?

This evening I was going through my old letters.  I didn't realize how valuable they were until a few months ago.  Now hardly anyone writes letters.  I'm looking at these letters and they tell my life history.  I'm thinking about publishing all my letter in a separate blog.  If any of you want to see that blog e-mail me directly.  Everyone reads this blog, including some of my co-workers and I DON'T want them reading about some of the more salacious details of my younger days.  However, I don't mind if some of my gay (and straight) friends read them.  After all, I won't be on this planet much longer and it would be a shame if all that history (mine) was lost forever because I am quite sure when I am dead and gone someone will throw out all my saved letters.  No one in my family will be interested in them once I'm gone, especially since I'm gay and many of them would probably feel more comfortable if "Uncle Ronnie" and his "lifestyle" disappeared along with his demise.  Not trying to be maudlin folks, just realistic.

"We (I) Get Letters!"
Now I do believe it is time for me to pop in my Netflix DVD of Season 5 of "Six Feet Under."  I need me someone else's drama tonight.

The End


anne marie in philly said...

why do I knit and like baseball and train travel? because I do not like opera and graveyards. that's what makes the world go round! we cannot all be the same; that would be dull dull dull.

whilst you and bill were in downingtown, spouse and I went into town (philly) for a fancy lunch to celebrate our anniversary (#20 on wednesday). GORGEOUS day to be out and about!

OMB, I remember those stamps on those letters; and without zip codes they must be from the 50s! put me down as interested (I must be one of your str8 friends!).

I wanna see barry mop the floor with mittens!

Uncutplus said...

I'm a genealogy buff also and love looking at tombstones. I even have a genealogy blog about my illustrious ancestors, one of whom owned West Point before the U S Government confiscated it, and put a chain across the Hudson.

The art of letter writing is indeed lost, what with emails, facebook, and twitter. If you do put those letters on a blog, I would be interested in reading them.

Also retired and 70, I enjoy blogging and reading your blog.

Ron said...

I knew I was saving those letters for a reason. I'm glad I saved them. Now is the time to reread them. Very interesting!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

It was a beautiful day yesterday! If Bill was the "going out" type, we would have visited center city Philly too. I loved all the years we used to live there. Once a year I visit in March during the Philadelphia Flower Show. Next year let's meet up for lunch at Woody's with my friend Don McK.


anne marie in philly said...

HELLZ YEAH! give me notice so I can take that day off work! and I have never been to woody's (hangs head in shame).

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

It will be a day in March. I'll let you know the exact day later when I find our the day I'm taking the Delaware Tech bus to Philly.