Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy - The Day After

I woke up this morning - EXHAUSTED.  I couldn't figure out why because I wasn't physically working yesterday.  Then I figured it out, after undergoing almost 24 straight hours of wind and rain pounding against our house and the worry about the power going out (which it didn't, thank God), the stress was just a bit much for this old codger.  Of course Bill is an old worry wart hen so that didn't help either.  He found three places where water was coming into the house from the sideways rain and heavy winds whipping around our little development.

I got a call this morning from my co-worker at the hotel.  She asked if I was coming in.  I asked "Is the hotel open?" She said "Yes, they're putting it back together now." My other co-worker Robert, who sacrificed his days off to stay at the empty hotel, had told me that all the furniture and everything else was removed from the first floor.  Hotel lobby exposed!  Well, time for a deep cleaning, wouldn't you say?

Bill wanted to take a "day after hurricane tour" this morning.  I really didn't want to go but he wanted to make sure I could get to work.  The way I go to work I have to cross over a little canal called Canary Creek on New Road.  That little baby frequently floods and closes New Road.  We took a drive down there and noticed that the road to our development was closed!  Apparently our entrance road was flooded yesterday.  We didn't know because we didn't go out.

The video at the beginning of this blog is one that I took of our "tour" this morning.  We also drove to Milton and as expected, downtown Milton is still a lake.  The Broadkill River almost always floods when there is a nor'easter or hurricane and this storm was no exception.  I would have taken pictures but the police and fire engines were down there with lights a flashing and I didn't want to take a chance of encountering an overzealous first responder.

Overall the damage isn't too bad around here.  We definitely did dodge a bullet.  What was even more surprising was that we didn't lose power at all.  We even had satellite reception which surprises me because usually when there is just a little rainfall we lose reception.  We did lose power for about two hours on Sunday night, before the storm even started.  We were very lucky not to lose power.  Thank you Jesus.  I'm not religious but when I dodge a bullet I automatically default to spouting religious phrases.

So we dodged this disaster.  Now my worry is that Romney might actually be elected president next Tuesday.  Now THAT really would be a disaster.  Especially since he's on record for privatizing FEMA and turning over all that responsibility to the states.  Can you imagine where we would be now if you had to PAY someone to come in and rescue you?  One thing you can be sure of, Romney would have shares in that company.


anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ, you and bill are OK!

we are fine up here, still have electricity. no work, everything still closed (schools, public transportation, airport, liquor stores). have some small branches down, but no trees. just f-ing cold, 47 degrees right now. misty rain, no wind.

Liza SMS said...

Catagory 1 is the speed of the wind, not the amount of water the hurricane is dumping/churning up! The amount of water is more of an issue than the wind speed. It is easy to construct against wind speed, it is much harder to construct against tide surge. and the associated flooding.

Ron said...

We have some patching up to do to prevent water from coming into our house when the next storm hits.

Ron said...

Glad to hear you and hubby are OK too! Get that chimney fixed!

Bob said...

Glad you're okay and hoping people will realize a Romney White House will be a disaster even FEMA can't fix!

Jon said...

That is such a funny photo on your blog header!! What a great mask!!
It's a relief to know that you survived the wrath of the storm and still have your power. I haven't yet heard from any of my New Jersey relatives - - they probably all lost their power.

You asked for my email address so you can send the YouTube link. Here it is:


Ron said...


I was hesitant about putting that picture up but I thought "Why not?". glad you liked it.


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, WHO is that zombie? looks good on ya, ron! bwhahahahaha! love ya! :)

Ron said...

That zombie be me Anne Marie. Can't you tell by my gorgeous legs?

Ur-spo said...

I wanted to call or facetime you to see if you were OK, but I figured you did not have the capacity. I am glad to know things are well enough with you at your end. Thanks you.