Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Reflections on Immortality

Time again folks for one of my periodical reflections on life.  

I was prompted to write this blog after reading a fellow blogger's post on his reflections on immortality. Will he be remembered after he is gone.  

At one time I was concerned about how I would be thought about after I'm gone.  To be clear, after I die.  

I was also concerned would everything in my life be all tidied up and in order when I make my Final Exit. Now, I am not concerned.  Of course I'll try to make it as easy as possible for my friend and former boss who I have named as the executor of my estate to clean up all the loose ends when I die.  

When I was much younger than I am now I wasn't concerned with these things. But now as I approach my 79th year, having outlived most of my contemporaries, I think of these things.  

"Things" I used to worry about was what will happen to all the photos (over 100,000) and videos I have accumulated?  Who will take care and appreciate them?  Seriously, this used to cause me great concern. Not now, because after I'm gone I won't know the difference. Perhaps the main reason I have ceased to care is that every family member I have reached out to over the years has not exhibited one iota of interest in this rich history I have accumulated over my lifetime of myself and our family. They.Just.Don't.Care. They're too involved in their own lives to care about mine.  And perhaps that is as it should be.  Why should they care about me?  

I have finally come to the realization that all these photos and videos are for my pleasure and interests. And leave it there.

I have journals (diaries) that I've kept over the years. Again, of no interest or value to anyone but me.  

Presently I am finally getting rid of many of my accumulated possession through donations to thrift stores, advertisements for free items on the NextDoor app, and EBay. 

I am assuming the day will come when Bill predeceases me and I will be alone.  Or if I die before Bill it won't matter.  I hope I don't die before Bill though because he will be totally lost without me.  And I don't say that out of any sense of exaggerated sense of self importance but as a fact.  I sincerely hope that doesn't happen. 

When that day comes when I am alone here I'm not sure how I will handle that.  As regular followers of this blog know I have a very good friend in Pat, my Canadian Travel Buddy. Pat and I are very good friends but we will never live together. We're both too independent for that. Our "arrangement" works out fine now, we see each other four times (quarterly) a year. We have been doing that routine for six years now.  Works for us. 

I'm tired folks. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring Flowers 2019

This spring has been exceptional. A little chilly and we did have a mini tornado tear through our back yard last week but overall, a very nice spring. 

Every fall, when I am faced with planting over one hundred spring bulbs I wonder, "Why did I order so many?"  But when spring rolls around after a long, cold, gray, bleak winter, I am thankful that I made the effort last fall to plant all those bulbs. Never too many I say!

Tomorrow I take Bill back to the eye institute to have his left eye treated for removal of his scar tissue from cataract surgery.  

Last week I had half of our house power washed. Looks good!  In fact our house looks brand new.  

Last week I also employed some guys (English speaking, what a relief) to dig up two new herb plant beds for me and lay some mulch. I used to do all this work myself but at my age now I know my limits because my body tells me when I push myself.  

Even though I fatigue easily doing manual labor I can still work at the hotel. Looks like what I'm doing now is a trade off, money I earn at the hotel I pay someone else to do the manual labor around here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Making adjustments for my old age folks.

Yesterday I did manage to do some work outside.  I do like working outside. I just have to scale back my endeavors. But then if I did kneel over from a heart attack while working in my flower beds, well  that would be desirable for me instead of passing into the Great Beyond hooked up to IV units and a heart monitor at the hospital. 

You know folks, as much as I love Palm Springs, I do like living in a place where I can experience the change of seasons. 

Enjoy the flowers!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bill's Cataract Correction Surgery

Busy days here folks! Yesterday I had a mixup as to who was going to cut up my fallen river birch tree branch and dispose of same branch. That was quite a story which I am just too tired to relate tonight. Maybe my next blog post, with pictures and videos.

Today was the day Pat and I were in the audience for "The Price is Right."  I taped the program and caught a little bit of it but couldn't see myself in the audience. I was wearing a red "Never Give Up!" T-shirt.  Unfortunately for me about half the audience had red T-shirts. I spotted Pat in his black top right away but me?  Blended in the audience.  I'll have to study that tape a bit more before I post any of it here on this blog.

Yesterday, among all the activity around here about arranging cleanup for fallen trees and tree branches, I managed to get Bill down to the Delaware Eye Institute for cataract correction surgery. Bill had his cataracts removed last year.  Just his luck, scar tissue has formed around his replacement lenses seriously affecting his vision. He can't even see the big E on the eye chart. 

Waiting for Bill's cataract correction surgery yesterday - one of our many visits to doctors' offices this time of our life
 Even though Bill didn't want to go through the whole process again at the eye institute (he doesn't like his routine disturbed), I managed to persuade him to go and have the laser correction surgery.  Right eye first. Next week he gets his left eye done. The whole procedure went well even though Bill grumbled that it "took too long."  As I said, Bill doesn't like his routine disturbed. 

Later this month I have a consultation with my doctor about my colonoscopy.  I get one every three  years now because they found several big polyps three years ago and my family history is high risk for colon cancer. Last week I had several keratosis removed from my back, arm and legs. I'm falling apart folks. 

More activity on my EBay account for which I will also write about in a future blog post. 

I do not lead a dull life folks. No complaints though, I am thankful I'm here. And these beautiful spring days, even with the occasional tornado, are beautiful.  

Tulips in our driveway - all that hard work of planting last fall has paid off!

Monday, April 15, 2019


Viserion the dragon

This morning at approximately 3:30 am I was awoken by a "train" roaring through our house.

Then I heard a tremendous crack of thunder. My first though was "Game of Thrones", final episode.  
Viserion was coming!

After that racket died down I went back to sleep. When I got up this morning, as is my usual practice, I looked out my back bedroom window at the oval planter with three river birch trees and this is what I saw:

Oh no!  A major branch of my river birch tree was down.  There goes my shade for the summer. We get the late afternoon hot sun during the summer and this tree was my respite from heating up my bedroom.  Oh well, thank goodness the whole tree didn't come down.

After I had breakfast I asked Bill to take a short video of me inspecting the damage. Then that's when I discovered my neighbors suffered a lot more damage that I did thus proving the point it can always be worse.  

Here are the pictures I took of that damage:

My favorite riverbirch trees. Just like Daenerys's three dragons, I have my favorite river birch trees. Now one is severely damaged but at least it's not a white walker zombie 

Bill and I took a ride around the neighborhood to see additional damage but we saw none. A few twigs down but nothing like trees uprooted like we had here in our little five house radius. Lucky us. Thank goodness no one was hurt.  

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ebay Update and Other Drama

The silver dollar buckle I placed for sale on Ebay this morning = $25 asking price

Hello folks, I'm back!

Well, this past week has been very interesting. To update those of you who are interested in my Ebay postings, I made another sale, a pair of vintage jeans for $15.00.  I turned down an offer of $10.00.  I'm locked in to a bid of $4.65.  I took Ebay's suggestion and placed on of my Levi jeans up for bid at Ebay's suggested starting bid. They said "start low and Ebay's will bid it up."  Ha!  Didn't happen.  I'm locked in to that low bid.  I'm glad I only put one of my pairs of jeans on the bid function. All the others I set a price of $30.  I'm finding whatever I set the price, if I get a bid it's usually half what I set up the price.

Some items I thought I could sell easily but I'm finding out that isn't so.  I have about sixty 45 RPM records, half of them never out of the bag I purchased them in.  I checked Ebay to see if anyone else is selling them and wow!  Much to my surprise and disappointment there are loads of 45 RPMS records for sale, for pennies per record even if you can get that.  Lots of 100's.  Forget it, I'll keep those 45 RPM records in estate.  

I had to rethink what I'm putting up on Ebay for sale.  I removed my vintage antique Heidi doll.  Never got a bid on it.  I packed it up and sent it to a cousin to give to one of her grandchildren.  

Yesterday I put my vintage Tyco train up for sale. No hits yet but I'm hopeful.

Now that's not the only activity I've had the last couple of days. Two days ago I inadvertently kicked a hornet's nest by answering a question one of my cousins posed:  "What would cause you to lose respect for a person in five minutes after learning something about them?"  I answered "Finding they are a Trump supporter."  Wow!  That started a firestorm. I won't go into the details because some of my Tipton kin check my blog for reasons to spew more hate to me.  But I did unfriend several more hateful Tipton relatives.  I have a Facebook account to keep in touch and see photos of Tipton relatives.  This because I keep and update a Tipton family tree.  But I'm finding too many of my Tipton relatives don't like me.  I don't have time for that hate especially people who don't like me, especially my relatives. Reminds me of something my distant cousin the late Charles Tipton (and family researcher) often said "You can pick your nose but you can't pick your relatives." 

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Daffodils Spring 2019

Let us pause in the daily travails and enjoy this short video of my spring daffodils in full bloom.

I love daffodils! They are the cheerful harbinger of spring. Spring, that time of year of rebirth.

After a long cold winter, seeing the cheerful yellow daffodils heads dancing in the wind sooth my psyche on these stressful days.

Every fall I plant more daffodils. Last night I placed an order with Brecks for even more daffodils to plant this fall. 

Can never have enough daffodils!

Looking at this video I am again reminded that this is my last move. I am totally happy here on our one acre of land in southern coastal Delaware. Of course I miss hills and mountains  and warm weather and the beat and throb of the city but here is where I will end my days. Of course punctuated with my quarterly excursions with Pat, my Canadian Travel Buddy.

Living the dream folks!

Monday, April 08, 2019

Mayor Pete

A largely unknown presidential candidate a few weeks ago, Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend Indiana has taken the 2000 presidential race to a new level that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. 

I have more to write about Mayor Pete in subsequent posts but for now I would like you all to see this video of remarks mayor Pete made yesterday. I am so glad that in my lifetime I have a presidential candidate who is good, decent, intelligent and .......gay.  There, I said it. The unthinkable, a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the United States who is gay and who is not a stereotype gay but just a good and decent man who cares about this country and who isn't ashamed of being gay and offers no apologies. Not even to his fellow Indianian Mike Pence. 

Friday, April 05, 2019

EBay Progress Report

Me posing with my biker leather jacket today to send this photo to my EBay inquiry as to whether or not my jacket is "shiny". Since I sent this I haven't heard from him. I guess it's to shiny enough for him.
Me, yes that really is, back in the day (1971) when my biker leather jacket was new and shiny

Update time folks.

Today I posted more sale items on my EBay account. So far I have no bids on my antique Heidi doll.  Looks like one of my grand nieces is going to receive a very nice gift. However, I feel sorry for the Heidi doll. Little girls tend to be very rough on dainty antique dolls, dragging the doll around by her arm until it falls off. My Mother often told me the story about how her two older brothers tore the head off of her doll.

My Mother with her favorite doll which her two older brothers (pictured) eventually tore the head off (1926)

 may just keep Heidi here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. Get a nice display case and light her up. At least get her out of that box she's been in the last forty years.

The additional items I posted on EBay today were seven pairs of my vintage (from the 70's) Levi jeans.  These are the jeans I wore during my gay bar cruising days. The waists measure 32 and 33 inches and the length 36 inches. Time and gravity has taken its toll and my waist is now 34 inches and length 34 inches. Plus the legs are too slim. I'm not a "skinny jeans" type of guy.  I put a couple up for auction and the rest I put a set price of $20, figuring that one would pay more for washed out jeans at Walmart whereas mine are authentic "washed out" jeans. Much to my surprise I'm not getting any hits on those items I put up for sale.

Lastly I put up my favorite leather vest and leather biker jacket.  The leather biker jacket I received an e-mail inquiry about the size ("pit to pit") and if the jacket is "shiny" (it is).  I sent the pit to pit measurements and endured the insult from the person inquiring that the jacket "looked dull" (it doesn't) but I haven't heard anything since.  

The auction items wills stay on for a week but if I don't get any bids I'll remove them. The other items that I posted for a set price I'll leave for a week or ten days but if no bites, I'll remove them too. I have to say I'm a little surprised and disappointed, I was expecting more of a positive response.  However, I still have more items to post.  This is all a new learning experience for me folks.  One way or another, these items will be gone.  I just thought I could make a few bucks off of what I considered my more valuable items that I've collected during my seventy-seven years on this planet.  

Have a Great Day!

Busy times here folks! 

I've been tardy in updating my blog (again).

I spent the morning adding more items for sale on my eBay account.  Still no sales but I'm not giving up. 

I hope to catch up this weekend. 

Don't give up on me! I'll be back.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

eBay Update

Vintage Heidi Collector's doll for sale - no takers on eBay

Monday I placed my second item up for sale on eBay. I placed the vintage Heidi collector's doll. 

Not one nibble folks. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

Initially I placed it up for an auction with a beginning .99 cent bid.  Of course I felt a little uneasy about such a low beginning bid but that's what eBay suggested as the "best way" to get a bidding war started. Alas, there was no bidding war. There was nothing. 

Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

Not wanting to be trapped into selling my valuable Heidi collector's doll for less than a dollar, which I would have been obligated to if someone bid 99 cents, I changed the starting bid to $20.  That's a fair price.

Now if I don't get a bid, one of my grand nieces or great grandnieces (I have two of them!) will soon receive a very nice gift from their Uncle Ronnie.

Next item up for sale on eBay?  One of my fifty or so vintage jeans, Levi's made in USA!

Vintage Levi jeans, circa 1965 - 32 W X 36 L - slim fit (means no longer fits my 34 inch waist)
Note:  I've changed the comment section on my blog for word verification.  I know that's a pain for those of you who want to comment but I must do so, I'm wasting way too much of my time plowing through all the Anonymous spam and trolls who are cursing me out on a regular basis. I have better things to do with my time than read their garbage.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

eBay Sale - Success!

My first eBay sale!

Good news! 

My first sale on eBay was a success!

Here's how it went folks. 

Last week I put my House of Miniatures Dollhouse furniture kits up for sale on eBay. I did my research and decided to put them up for auction instead of a set price.

I paid $14.75 per kit plus shipping when I was on a semi-monthly plan to receive these kits back in the late 80's. When I researched the kits that were already on sale on eBay I found the prices ranged form $4.50 to $8.95 per kit.  I had twenty-eight kits plus two shadow boxes and the XACTO knife set and glue.  I figured $100 was a fair price, both to me and a potential buyer. 

My next decision was to either put this lot up for auction or a set price.  I decided to put the lot up for auction with a starting bid of $50.  eBay suggested start the bid at .99 cents, they advised that works better for auctions.  I was too nervous to take that chance, not for twenty-eight unopened kits and the shadow boxes and the equipment to put it together. No one else was selling all those items in a House of Miniatures log on eBay.  

I placed my sale on eBay on Wednesday. 

Almost immediately I received an inquiry from a potential buyer, she was questioning the mailing/shipping costs.  I had researched the shipping cost of the kits and two shadow boxes, which weighed a total of nineteen pounds, and the costs ranged from thirty dollars to seventy-nine dollars, depending on the ZIP code where I would be mailing the kits. I decided to set a flat shipping cost of $50. This woman didn't like that. I thanked her for her communication and changed my ad to reflect the actually shipping cost.  She suggested that I pay the shipping cost. Well, that wasn't going to happen. 

I went to bed that night.  Next morning when I woke up I checked my iPhone to see if I got any other bids.  I did. Two of them!  One for $34.95 and one for $100!!  Wow!  

I have to tell you that offer caught me off guard.  One hundred dollars was want I wanted.  Maybe I could get more?  But the offer said I had "24 hours to either accept for decline the offer."  Oh, this was a new wrinkle that I hadn't expected.  My auction had six more days to run. I'm thinking maybe I could get more but then I'm also thinking one hundred dollars is what I wanted and would be happy with.  After about six hours of thinking about it, I decided to accept that offer. 

How about the other offer?  I rejected it of course.  Then that person upped his offer $5.00 to $39.95. Is this guy kidding?  Of course I rejected his offer with a note explaining to him if I accepted his offer it would amount to $1.97 per kit.  I sent him that communication. That was the last I heard from him.  Nice try guy.  

Next up was the mailing process.  This is what I wasn't sure about. I was pleasantly surprised to find that eBay makes printing a packing slip and mailing label very easy.  I was even able to print the postage.  How cool is that?

I mailed the nineteen pound box off on Friday at the Post Office. 

Now I'm ready to make my next sale.  One thing I found out though from this sale was that I posted it on the worst day of the week, Wednesday.  I've done more research for the best time to post a seven day auction item and all sources say the auction should end at 9 pm Sunday.  The information I got from the Internet says Sunday is the highest traffic time for viewing eBay.  Thus I will post my next sale tomorrow at about 9 o'clock. 

This time I'm selling a Heidi doll. This is a doll with hand made clothing by the husband of a former co-worker of mine.  Her name was Frida Grimm and her husband's name was Hermann Grimm.  Both were immigrants from Germany.  I purchased this doll from Frida and Hermann in 1968. She's been in her box ever since.

Heidi in a box since 1968
Add caption
Time to free Heidi! 

I purchased Heidi as a Christmas gift for one of my nieces but because I have four nieces and didn't want to slight any, I never gave Heidi to any of them. I would have to buy three more dolls and I didn't want to spend that much money.  I think I paid $45 for Heidi and this was back in 1968 when I was only making about $80 a week at my banking job in the trust operations department. 

Poor Heidi, she's had to reside in that box for  the past forty-one years.  Now she's going to have a new home.

I took her out to check her condition and I found her left eye to be cloudy. Looks like she developed an eye condition spending all that time in a box. I tried to clean her eye and got most of it off but her left eye is slightly different. I will disclose that in my ad when I place it on eBay tomorrow.

eBay suggests that for the best auction price I start the bid at .99 cents.  I'm still not sure about that.  I'll decide tomorrow.  Maybe I will. Then maybe I'll set a base price of $10, which I think is fair.

Since I began downsizing about five years ago I've given all my items to local thrift stores. However, now I'm getting down to my more valuable items.  Why not make some money off of some of my misguided buys during my previous life?  And you know I have a LOT of those items. 

This is going to be fun folks. I'm glad I took the plunge last week.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

EBay - Finally!

Today I posted my first sale item ever on EBay. 

This was a long time coming folks. I first started thinking about posting some of my more valuable items on EBay twenty years ago.  But I procrastinated because I wasn't sure how to do it. 

I had briefly considered hiring someone to sell my items but then I thought "I can do this."  Then I put it off again.  Now twenty years later I finally did it!  

The past two years I have been slowly downsizing items in my storage room that I haven't been using and never will use.  Many of those items have little worth.  I've been donating those items to local thrift stores.  However, I do have some items that have value.  Actually, I have quite a few items of value that I just can't justify giving away to thrift stores.  Why not make some money off of them?  

The first items I have put up for sale are twenty-eight boxes of dollhouse furniture.  I had subscribed to this place called "House of Miniatures" from Terre Haute Indiana.  What was I thinking?  I was going to actually put together this furniture and have a dollhouse?  Really?  Chalk it up to youthful folly.

I bought these kits for an average of $14.95 a kit about forty years ago.  Yes, FORTY.  Man oh man, how fast time goes by.  

I figured these kits would be worth something today.  Especially since the House of Miniatures went out of business. I checked EBay to see if anyone else was selling these kits.  They were. 

I checked the prices. Reality check, the kits were averaging $5.95 a box. There goes my get rich quick scheme.  These kits match my house, worth less now than it was when I purchased it in 2006.  Heck, I guess I'm worth less. 

House of Miniatures kids and shadow boxes for sale on EBay

Now to do my research and learn how to see on EBay.  First the cost of mailing the kits and two shadow boxes, tool kit and glue. Total weight nineteen lbs.  I check at both the local multi-purpose mailing store (FED-EX, UPS) and U.S. Post Office. Max mailing cost (depends on distance) was 90210 (yep, Beverly Hills, California) was $77.95, plus the cost of the box to mail the kits. Hmmm, a lot more expensive than I thought. 

Armed with my cost information I took my photos of the items and posted them for sale this morning on EBay's website. 

I posted them as an auction item.  Now I'm feeling the excitement.  This is fun.  

Now already I've received an inquiry from a potential buyer.  She questioned the mailing costs. I had posted a $50 flat Fed Ex rate. She thought that was too much. I'm glad she sent me that inquiring.  I made a change on my sell posting and put in to calculate the postage charge. 

I have to tell you folks, this is going to be fun. It's going to be interesting to see how much I can sell these kits for.  

Next up, I have about two dozen vintage jeans of all brands that I've been accumulating all my adult life. I've never thrown away jeans.  They have to be worth somethings especially after seeing those $500 distressed jeans for sale in Nordstrom's when we were in Beverly Hills.  

Why do I have so many jeans for sale?  Don't tell anyone but these jeans don't fit me any more. For many years my waist size was 32 inches. About ten years ago it crept up to 33 inches.  Now folks, my waist size is 34 inches. I kept these jeans assuming I could get my waist size down to 32 inches. That's not going to happen folks. I have to face reality, my shape has shifted. Shape Shifter Ron.

I'm entering another new phase of my life folks with my entry into the EBay seller's market. 

Exciting times.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bloggerpalooza 2013 - Last Day

On this day, March 24, 2013 was the last day of the first Bloggerpalooza.  That was six years ago. My, how fast time goes by.  

We held another Bloggerpalooza the following year in 2014.  We haven't had one since because of  lack of interest of some and the expense incurred by this blogger. I have limited income (Social Security and some modest pensions - all fixed income) which I supplement by working part-time at the hotel where this Bloggerpalooza was held. That two thousand plus dollars I now spend on my annual winter California holiday which last year we actually had a mini bloggerpalooza when Dr. Spo, Someone, Doug, gathered for a tete a tete in Palm Springs. The previous year Tim and Larry joined us for a tram up Mt. Jacinto.

(from back left to right) Pat, Someone, Tim
(seated left to right) me, Spo and Larry - February 2017 Mt. Jacinto, Palm Springs, CA

Next year Pat and I will return to Palm Springs February 9th through February 23rd.  All bloggers are invited to join us.  Yesterday I informed Dr. Spo when Pat and I would be in Palm Springs. I'm informing all others reading this blog when we'll be there.  If anybody wants to join us, let me know and I'll arrange something so we can all get together. 

This short video memory that I'm posting brings back some sweet and sad memories. Included in the video is Jay of Virginia who is no longer with us. 

Watching this video I am reminded of the wonderful camaraderie that was experienced and enjoyed by all who attended. How wonderful in this day and age of so much political strife when folks take sides according to their tribal affiliations. This bloggerpalooza was just a gathering of friends who heretofore only knew each other through the ether of the Internet. How wonderful that we were finally able to meet.

I remember when I first saw Dr. Spo, emerging from his room on the fourth floor of the hotel where I work and where he and Someone were staying.  What struck me was that Spo is tall!  Almost as tall as I am.  Well over four feet for sure. For some reason I thought was one of those "little guys."  

Bloggers greet Spo and Someone in person first day of the Bloggerpalooza March 22, 2013 - note that Spo is taller than Someone and almost as tall as I am, well over 4 feet
Here's hoping there is another Bloggerpalooza in the future.

Blogger gathering in Palm Springs February 2018 - from left to right - Someone, me, Spo, Pat and Leon

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Green Earth Restaurant Pasadena, California 2019

Every year when Pat and I visit California for our annual winter holiday, we make sure to visit the Green Earth restaurant in Pasadena, California.

The Green Earth restaurant, as the title would indicate, is a vegetarian restaurant. Pat wanted to visit this restaurant because it is the sister restaurant (run by the same Vietnamese family) of the Green Earth restaurant in Tornonto, Canada, Pat's former home (Pat now lives in Hamilton, Ontario).

Thuoung U - The Green Earth Restaurant

Our host at the Green Earth restaurant in Pasadena is Thuoung U, a Vietnamese immigrant.  I remember the first time I asked him his last name and he said "U".  I said "How do you spell your last name?"  He said "U".  Pen ready, I said "What is the rest of it?"  He said, "That's it, just 'U'".  Pretty cool eh?

Pasadena is a short drive mileage wise from our stay in West Hollywood but long traffic wise. It is worth the trip though. Pasadena is a beautiful town.  Neat and clean.  

Pat and I always sit at the same booth, which has always been available when we drop in unannounced. We're always receive a friendly welcome by Thuoung.  

Pat and me at our booth at the Green Earth Restaurant - I don't know what Pat was doing - by the way we don't sit next to each other, I sit across from pat at the table, we just posed this way for the picture which probably discombulated Pat

The menu changes every year.  We look forward to trying new vegetarian entrees. This year was no exception.  

Our vegan dishes at the Green Earth Restaurant - the one with tofu chunks are Pat's - I don't like tofu, that's how I knew the difference

I don't remember the names of these entrees but they were delicious. And we always top off our meal with a slice of vegan cheesecake which we share.  

Vegan cheesecake, which I like better than regular cheesecake - I don't have that heavy feeling in my stomach after I eat it, very tasty!

This blog post just another little slice of our annual California adventure. Sad to say we probably won't be visiting Thuoung next year.  We have decided to spend our whole two weeks in Palm Springs next year.  Maybe in 2021 we will return, hopefully.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Memory Foam Mattress

Pat approving of the memory foam mattress at our Palm Springs rental

My whole life I've slept on uncomfortable mattresses.  From the time when I was growing up and I had to sleep with my two younger brothers in the same bed (which I hated, I eventually got my own bed, a fold up, when I was sixteen years old) until my latest mattress, which I got from the hotel where I work. 

Me at 12 years old ready to go to bed with my two brothers in one very uncomfortable bed

In my seventy-seven years I've slept on all types of mattress, even a water bed which made me sea sick. Maybe the worst were the thin mattresses I slept on during my three year Army enlistment. 

Me with Army bed at Ft. Meade, MD. 1962

I've gotten used to waking up with an aching back. I just assumed that was my lot in life.

Thus it was a very pleasant surprise to discover a different kind of mattress during our stay in Palm Springs. 

Our uncomfortable bed inWest Hollywood, sunk in the middle.  So uncomfortable I slept in the other bedroom

Both Pat and I immediately noticed how comfortable the mattress was at our VRBO rental unit in Palm Springs. We had to find out what kind of mattress that was.  We took off the sheets and turned over the mattress to discover the mattress we were sleeping on was a memory foam mattress.  I called the owner of the unit and asked her where she got the mattress.  She said Amazon.com.  We did a it more research and found this:

Pat and I went in downtown Palm Springs and found a mattress store to see if they were selling any.  We found one that had a memory foam mattress, it was a Posturepedic mattress.  We tested it but at $2,999 it was a bit over my budget (you think)?  You all know the prices for mattresses vary greatly. Mattress pricing is right there with hearing aids and glasses, prices are high. You have to shop around.  Even though the salesman at the Palm Springs offered free delivery of his mattress, I passed. He wasn't happy. I'm immune these days to pushy salespeople. 

Shortly after I got home I received an e-mail with this offer from BJ's, a store where I regularly shop.

Memory foam mattress from BJ's
I saw this ad and decided "Why not?"  I ordered it.

The compressed mattress arrived in a box. Now to get rid of my old mattress.  I called Alfredo, the son of my Mexican landscaper to see if his parents wanted my old mattress. They did.  They came by and picked it up.  

I opened the box my memory foam mattress and let it expand.  I put it on my bed.  A few hours later I tested it.  Fabulous! 

My old mattress - goodbye!
My new memory foam mattress - hello!

Man oh man.  For the first time in my life I sleep in comfort and wake up without a back ache. Only problem, my afternoon naps now last hours and I mean hours.  First day I slept over three hours!  

I told Bill "This is the bed I die in."  No hospital bed for me, hooked up to IV units and in a fog from pain killers.  I plan to ease out of this life in sweet comfort and not twisting around in my bed trying to get a good position so my back doesn't ache. 

Now I know some of you are questioning "Why didn't you order the memory foam mattress from Amazon?"  Good question.  I goofed. Memory foam mattresses are probably like sugar.  Doesn't matter which brand you order. I goofed but it's all right, for once in my life I sleep in comfort.  I love it!

Where did memory foam mattress come from?  This from the Internet:

Memory foam, also known as temper foam, was developed under a NASA contract in the 1970s that set out to improve seat cushioning and crash protection from airline pilots and passengers. Memory foam has widespread commercial applications, in addition to the popular mattresses and pillows.

Now I understand that memory foam mattresses aren't for everyone.  I hear that for some they are too hot. But they work for me.