Thursday, October 04, 2012

"Have You Ever Had a Gay Experience?"

A fun video to watch after last night's disastrous (for me) presidential debate.  God knows I need to laugh about something after watching that road kill.


Mark said...

So Ron, have you? ha!

Ron said... two. :)

Ron said...


Now if I was asked "Have you ever had a heterosexual experience?" my answer would be "GOD NO!"


Raybeard said...

Got me smiling too (the film clip, I mean, not any gay experience. Mind you, now I think about it......)

Sorry to hear about last night, Ron, which I only learnt about from our news reports this morning. I reckon it was part of a cunning plan so that O's victory in the next two debates will appear all the more overwhelming. D'you reckon? ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

a few str8 experiences, no gay ones. I was born that way hey! :)

Ron said...


That film clip was funny wasn't it? I hope Obama's disastrous, weak, debate performance last night was part of a Grand Plan. I hope.