Thursday, October 04, 2012

Jim Lehrer Biggest Loser In Denver Debate

"Where Am I?"

Did anyone happen to get the plate number of that truck that ran over the presidential debate moderator Jim Lehrer last night?  It had a Massachusetts plate.

Jim Lehrer, the 78 year old executive editor of "PBS Newhour" lost control of the debate early on when Mitt Romney decided that he was going to have the last word in every exchange.  For an analysis of the "road kill" that was Jim Lehrer's performance last night see here.

Of course I'm not blaming President Obama's passive performance last night on Lehrer.  Obama could have challenged Romney on many of his inconsistencies but for whatever reason Obama decided to play "presidential."  Maybe President Obama has been in the presidential bubble too long to know how to react to Romney's hyperactive performance last night.  I'm sure no one has ever talked to Obama in the past four years like Romney talked to him last night.  Maybe Obama was in shock.

What really surprises me that President Obama never brought up the "47%", Bain Capital or his support of the Medicare voucher plan that Romney supports.

Next up is the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  I predict that Joe Biden will wipe up the floor with Ryan.

The week after is the second presidential debate.  I'm making no predictions.  I just hope Obama wakes up and challenges Romney.

A sad Big Bird - Romney's going to "Bain" you


Bob said...

I was saddened by Obama last night, but nothing Mittsy said was any different than all the other things he hasn't said or said or didn't say or wouldn't say or took back saying.

Cubby said...

I agree, Ron. But it's not just this moderator, it's all of them. They may as well not even be in the room. The moment the debate starts the rules go right out the window. I'd like to see a debate moderator with real power, like a cutoff switch to the microphones!

Ron said...


I agree with you. The debate format was useless. In fact they didn't even need a moderator with that format. I was so disappointed in Obama that he didn't confront Romney on his many lies that he spewed during the debate. Obama acted like he didn't want to be there which was a big mistake. And he HAS TO STOP LOOKING DOWN AT HIS NOTES. Even I would know not to do that. Here's hoping Obama learned a lesson and is more proactive during the next debate or else he's going to lose the election and then we really will be in deep doo doo.

Uncutplus said...

You said, "Next up is the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. I predict that Joe Biden will wipe up the floor with Ryan."

And you were exactly right!!!