Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Roundup

That was the week that was.  Remember that show?  If you do then you are fricking old man!

So here's the deal.  Dr. Spo hit exactly on the source of my depression.  I have this sense of foreboding that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan actually stand a good chance of being elected president and vice president of the United States.  This possibility of this those to blatant liars being elected president not only depresses me for what they would do to this country once they got into power, but I am also depressed that so many people would vote against their own interests and vote for these two men who have no moral core.

Romney only wants to be president because he truly believes he is entitled.  Ryan wants to position himself in power to he can be the spearhead in dismantling all the social safety net programs since the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt.  Everyone knows that the Republicans have always opposed Medicare and Social Security for their inception.  Now they finally have two men who are "pretty", unlike the ugly pig faced Karl Rove and his ilk, who will slip into power by lies, fear mongering, and voter intimidation.  I fear for this country if Romney and Ryan get into power and take control of our government and start dismantling the social safety net.  Even worse, a Republican president stands a good chance in the next four years of appointing one of two new Supreme Court Justices.  If that happens look for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe versus Wade and the right to choose will again be illegal in this country.

That's all I'm going to say about the political situation.  The last presidential debate is tomorrow night.  I expect Romney to dominate the debate and continue with his lie and flip flop to a more moderate stance to appeal to the undecided voter.  By the way, who in the hell can be undecided at this late date?

Today Bill and I took another trip to Pennsylvania.  Today was a beautiful fall day.  Bill misses Pennsylvania so much.  I wanted him to see the fall foliage color before the cold gray days of winter descend on the landscape to the state north of us.  We weren't disappointed.  We also stopped in another cemetery to try and full fill twenty Find a photo requests.  Didn't have any luck there.  Most of the graves were in the 1700's, that's over three hundred years old folks.  Many winter winds have worn away the lettering on those ancient tombstones.

On the way back we stopped in our new favorite restaurant, "Daddy's Kitchen."  We had the homemade cream of mushroom soup again.  Delicious!  I wasn't so fortunate in the choice of "sandwich."  I ordered a chicken quesadilla.  It was a cheesy mess.  I'm still digesting it four hours after I ate only half of it.  The french fries were superb though.

Today ends my "vacation" week.  I truly enjoyed it.  Tomorrow I go back to work at the hotel.  Tomorrow evening on my shift they're having an event.  A $1,000 plate (or whatever they call it since it's not really a sit down dinner) to raise funds for governor Markel's reelection campaign.  I'll be busy meeting and greeting.  I'll be busy but I don't mind.  At least governor Markel won't be making any comments about "not caring for 47% of the American public."  He's a Democrat.


Ur-spo said...

One of the greatest sources of depression is how readily and regularly the GOP wins the lexicon. Words like 'liberal' and "voted for Obama' are now equal to 'satanist'. It is not the other way around where 'conservative' = evil. The Right does a fine job winning the war on words, and this is a major victory indeed.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

i agree with you, the Republicans always win the war on words. What amazes me is the ease that Romney lies and how much of the American public believes his lies. George Costanza (of "Seinfeld") had it right when he said "if you believe it, then it is not a lie." I feel as you do now that if the American public elects Romney/Ryan they deserve what they get. This is one advantage of being older, I probably won't be around long enough to see and experience all the damage that a Romney/Ryan administration will do.