Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why I Hate Mitt Romney

Hate is a strong word but I can think of no other word to accurately describe my visceral dislike of Mitt Romney.  To me Romney represents the ruling class of this nation who think they are inherently superior to people like me who had the misfortune to be born of poor and poorly educated parents.  They are not.

When I was young I used to think the rich and upper middle class WERE better than me.  Partly because that attitude was drummed into me by my 8th grade educated hillbilly, truck driver father and my mother who spent her childhood bordering on starvation and physical and emotional abuse after she lost her mother before she was two years old.  My Mother married my father at 16 years of age, not only because she loved my father but to "get away from the mess" (as she termed her home living conditions).

I was their first born in November of 1941.  Our families first home was in an unheated shack without running water and an outhouse.  My brothers were born in 1943 and 1944.  Having failed the draft, my father was a long distance truck driver during World War II.  He was gone from home for long periods of time and when he was home he spent what little money he earned on other women.  There were many a day that my Mother didn't know where she was going to get food to feed her three young boys.

Growing up, I was told that my parents wouldn't pay for a college education for me.  I wasn't one of those Fortunate Sons that Creedence Clearwater sang about.  Lacking a positive self image and support to go to college, I chose to take the commercial course in high school so I could at least get a job.

Graduating from high school in 1959, without the prospect of having my parents paying for a college education for me, I searched in vain for a job.  I could not find one.  I decided to join the Army.  The Army promised that they would train me for a job and also provide lifetime medical care if I should need it.  I joined in 196  and left in 1963 because I didn't want to risk a career in the Army hiding my homosexuality.

After leaving the Army I got a job at a major Philadelphia Bank through the help of my friend Ron who was in the Army with me (and also gay).  I eventually worked my way up to become a manager of the Trust Operations Department.  One of my responsibilities was the trust remittance unit.  I was in charge of distributing trust funds to people like Mitt Romney and his family.  I often thought, "I'm on the the wrong side of this equation."  

For thirty seven years I had a career in the trust operations department of the bank.  I made sure the rich people got their money.  Did I resent this?  Not really but I often wondered how some people were lucky to be born into wealth and others not.

In 1982 Mellon Bank took over the bank where I worked and I lost my job.  I got another job at another bank.  In the next ten years I worked at three more banks before I finally quit and semi-retired.

Now I survive on three small bank pensions, Social Security and Medicare.  I'm managing, but just.  I still need to work at 70 years old to supplement my income to pay for my ever increasing Medicare supplemental insurance which goes up an average of 14% a year.  I also have other bills that creep up, not keeping pace with my fixed pension payments and Social Security.

For most of my adult life I was a registered Republican.  I was your typical conservative Republican.  I began to drift away when I watch the 1992 Republican Convention in Houston Texas.  Remember Pat Buchanan's speech?  The one where he denigrated and drummed out of America gays like me.  Remember how the white, clean cut audience cheered him on like the Germans saluted "Heil Hitler!" to Adolph Hitler.  Chills went down my back when I saw those "good Americans" cheer on the hate monger Pat Buchanan.

After I lost my job at the last bank where I worked, I needed surgery.  What was I to do?  I remembered the promise that the Army made to me.  I had signed up earlier with the Veterans Administration.  I went to them for help.  They helped me.  I had my surgery.  I had to have a second operation.  I had surgery again.  If I didn't have the VA to help me, the medical bill would probably have bankrupted me.  I had no money because what little I had I lost in the stock market.  Ironically, I never needed medical care all the years when I work at the banks.

So here we are today.  We have a man, Mitt Romney, a man who was born into privilege and wealth, who wants to be president in the worst way.  This is a man who looks down on people like me because of the circumstances of my birth.  I also don't fit into his definition of "American Values" because I was born homosexual.  This is a man who condemns me as one of the 47% who "don't take responsibility for their lives and consider themselves victims"  

  • This is a man who wants to be president just to add being president to his resume.  
  • This is a man who has almost unimaginable wealth to people like me and who gained most of his wealth by eliminated jobs of people like me.  
  • This is a man who has no concept of what it is like to be born into circumstances in which almost everything is stacked against you.  He literally cannot comprehend.
  • This is a man who thinks he is entitled to become president of the United States just because he has always gotten what he has wanted.
  • This is a man who will say anything to become president.
  • This is a man who is openly contemptuous of our current president as he demonstrated during the last presidential debate.
  • This is a man who lies without guilt just to get what he wants.
  • This is a man without a moral center.
Romney and his running mage, Paul Ryan (also a Fortunate Son born into wealth) who believe that there are two sets of rules in this country.  One for the rich like them and another for people like me who weren't born into the ruling class.  

The previous Republican administration of Bush and Cheney almost ran this country into the ground with a war of choice and tax cuts that were not paid for.  I just cannot image going through another Republican administration, especially one headed by two men who have sworn to eliminate Medicare as we know it, privatize Social Security, and appoint members to the Supreme Court who will eventually overturn Roe versus Wade.  Believe me folks, if we go down that rabbit hole, we're done for.

When I see Romney and hear his voice, my ears become hot and I get a sick feeling in my stomach.  I am so looking forward to November 7th, when they are defeated and disappear.  I can't think of a better birthday present.


anne marie in philly said...

the GOP makes me puke. they just don't get it.

barack obama is a man; mittens is a pussy.

michelle obama is an intelligent woman; ann romney is a stepford wife, does whatever mittens and her kids tell her to do cause boys are the boss and girls play house.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Romney is a coward and a bully.


Ur-spo said...

I will be very sad and bitter if he is elected. My only consolation if he is elected is he will be just what the country deserves.

Anonymous said...

Good news obama won the election

Ron said...


That's what I heard.


Anonymous said...

Obama won and I am a very happy person because if we had rommeny as president it would be twice as bad for me and the rest of the middle class and poor pennsylvania because we would have our horrible govenor corbitt and president Romeny

Ron said...

Thank God Obama was elected. The most important reason was because now Romney and the Republicans won't be able to appoint the next Supreme Court Justices. That in addition I think that gay marriage will now actually happen in our lifetime.

Ron said...


I used to live in Pennsylvania and worked as a poll worker. I don't think I would enforce the voter ID law the Republicans were pushing to supress the vote in PA. As a former Pennsylvanian, I was ashamed that the PA Republicans tried to pull that stunt to win PA for Romney.