Tuesday, October 02, 2012


"Ron"  - 1962 - after the transformation from "Ronnie"

Ronald Walter Tipton

That's my name, don't wear it out.

Like many of you I have several nicknames that I have accumulated over the past three score and ten years (that's 70 for those of you who don't know the Gettysburg Address reference).

"Little Ronnie" - 1948

My given name these days is "Ron."  However, I wasn't always a "Ron."  In fact I gave myself that nickname after I joined the Army in 1960, when I was 18 years old.  Prior to me leaving home, I was always known as "Ronnie" (which I didn't like) or "Ronald" (usually called that by teachers and my Mother when I was in trouble.)

"Ronnie" - 1952

The first few months when I was in the Army I was known by my last name only "Tipton" as were almost all of my fellow trainees.  Oh yes, during the eight weeks of basic training my name was "F__cking Trainee" as were almost all of my fellow recruits. 

Transformation complete - now "Ron" - 1962

After basic training I was sent to Army Security Agency training school in Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  While there I continued to be known by one name "Tipton."  Then, as I began forming close friendships I was asked my my first name was.  I decided then and there to make a BIG CHANGE.  This was my opportunity to get rid of the hated "Ronnie" which to me always sounded like a girl's name (short for Veronica of "Archie" comic book fame).  Heretofore I was to be known as "RON". 

"Ron" at First Financial Bank - 2000

During my three years in the Army I met a lot of people, made many friends and when I left the service in January of 1963 I was probably known by more people as "RON" than "Ronnie."  However, once I returned home I was called "Ronnie." 

"Ron" - 1976

In the ensuing years friends from my Army days and subsequent civilian job years overlapped with my pre-Army days.  Each side was somewhat amused when I was called either "Ron" or "Ronnie." 

"Ronald" - 1959 - shortly before I joined the Army and before the change to "Ron"

Yesterday I attended my 53rd annual high school class reunion.  Most people referred to me as "Ronnie".  A few, who have known me over the years now call me "Ron."

"Ron" - 1968

Now for my other nicknames.  My two younger brothers have a special nickname for me that they have called me for years.  I don't know the origin of this nickname but I suspect that it contains a bit of tinge of sarcasm because I am the older, smarter, and better looking brother which I find I have to constantly remind them of this fact.  Are you ready?  Their preferred nickname for me is:  "Buck".  Yep, Buck.  And they always say it with a special emphasis on the last syllable "ck."  Uh huh.  They sort of spit it out if you knoow what I mean.  I always suspected there was an undercurrent of disrespect in their tone.  I don't think they quite bought into my first born superiority over them.

Brothers Isaac, John and "Buck" - July 25, 1956

I have some other nicknames out there that are unique to one person.  One long time friend usually calls me "Tipper" or "Tip."  That is a common nickname for us of the Tipton family.  Not much original there.  In fact, my brother calls his wife "Tipper" and she's not even a blood Tipton so go figure.

"Ron" - 1984

One of my co-workers at the Philadelphia bank where I worked in a previous life always called me "Handsome" and "Good-looking", which I didn't mind AT ALL.  I don't think he ever called me by my given name, first or last.  I really liked that guy.  He always made me smile.

Mellon Bank Days - 1982 "Handsome/Goodlooking" days (thank you)

Now for the pet names. The main one My Bill uses is "Pots."  Where does that come from?  Very simple.  He used to call me "Sweetie Pie" which evolved into "Sweetie Pots" and eventually he shortened over the years to "Pots."  Embarrassing isn't it?

"Ron" today (2012)


nitewrit said...


Have I ever called you anything, but Ron? I notice in the diaries of my mom and grandmother you are always called Ronald. I noticed you left out the name your dad sometimes called you, which I will not say here. It doesn't sound as bad as my dad calling me "Gertrude", but I have a feeling it was.

I wanted a nickname as a child, but all I got was "Lar". I finally got a nickname in high school, "Frank". A lot of my classmates still call me that at reunions.

I don't see you as a "Buck".


Ron said...


I believe you used to call me "Ronald" when we were in school. Only my brothers see me as "Buck." It wasn't a term of affection. :)


anne marie in philly said...

my deceased uncle used to call me "anna banana"; he was the ONLY person allowed to call me that.

spouse calls me "dear".

everyone else it's "anne marie" or I don't answer.

and NO ONE better call me by spouse's name (i.e., "mrs. spouse name") or I will go fucking balls-to-the-wall ballistic!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

You are definitely an "Anne Marie." I cannot imagine you with any other name. :)


anne marie in philly said...

MWAH, you handsome silver-tongued devil you!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

That's not the first time I've been called "silver-tongued" or....a "devil." :)


Harpers Keeper said...

What a terrific post! I never had a nickname but was planning on doing a post of pics as I aged like that. I will hold off now...at least for a while.

All the pictures are terrific but I think "Ron" - 1984 might bump Anderson Cooper off my wallpaper.

anne marie in philly said...

hohoho (to borrow a spo phrase), do tell do tell! :)

Ron said...

Harper's Keeper,

Thank you! All compliments are welcomed in this quarter. :) I am flattered that I might have bumped Anderson Cooper off your wallpaper.

I am looking forward to seeing your age progression pictures. I got the idea from another blog, "The Bearded One."

Have a great day!


Ur-spo said...

what sweet photos, at any age.
S.O. nicknames are the 'worst' as they are so saccaharin. but hey they stick.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

What can I say? I'm a sweet guy....at any age. :)