Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sugar Ray Is Gone!

Anna and Sugar Ray's Swan Song

Well, it looks like the American public agrees with me, my three least favorite dance couples were on the Bottom Three last night on "Dancing With the Stars."  

Any one of them could be voted off and I wouldn't miss them.  However, I do feel sorry for Chelsea  Kane because her hog pig selfish "I'm the star!" dancing partner Mark Ballas isn't fair to her by his show-off choreography which features him more than it does his 'star' dancing partner.  Okay Mark, we got it.  You're all THAT.  Now get over yourself.  Did you see how surprised the self centered oaf was when HE was in the bottom three?  It appears that me and Len aren't the only ones who agree that Mark isn't doing his partner Chelsea any favors by he weekly auditions for a Broadway show.  

"Hey! Look at me!  Ain't I grand?" - Mark Ballas - Selfish Jerk

Mark and Kendra got a pass last night and they will probably make it through next week's elimination phase also.  Knowing Mark, he'll go even farther over the top with his "Look at me!" choreography attempting to 'hit it out of the park' in his desperation to stay in the spotlight.  Mark should take his cue from the more adult professional dance partners like Maks and Dimtry and not try to upstage their dancing partners.

Having said that, I wasn't sad to see Sugar Ray Leonard eliminated last night.  Was it me or did anyone else feel creepy when they saw Sugar Ray 'gliding' around the dance floor?  I never did buy the 'Sugar Ray Story' that he was a Fighter Against All Odds.  He reminds me too much of Ben Vereen, another semi-talent who thinks he's a lot better than he really is and thinks he has an adorable cute smile that will just melt everyone into his fan.  Not happening.  Ben Vereen was a bore and you are too Sugar Ray.  Buh bye!

Ah, let's see.  Oh yes, the Other Couple was Kendra and Louis.  There is something going on between those two that I can't quite put my finger on.  I don't think they like one another.  Maybe Kendra wanted a more manly partner than she got with the weird Little Louie.  I don't know.  Louie gives me the creeps too. I actually like Kendra but I think she's in over her head.  She and Louie will probably go next week.  Unfortunately, I think Mark will be around for awhile.  He has just that kind of phony, "Look at me!  Look at me" show business type of personality that the Great Unwashed seem to go for.  Not me, I see right through it.  

The beautiful  Kendra with Louis (who teases his hair so he's taller than Kendra)

This is a DANCE SHOW WITH CELEBRITIES.  Not the Mark Ballas show.  


Cubby said...

Maybe Mark will get the message. Maybe not.

I want Kendra GONE.

Ron said...

Hey Cubby! So you don't like Kendra? I feel sorry for her but she shouldn't have said what she said about not feeling glamorous or something like that. That wasn't fair to Louie and all the hard work he's done to help her. I think you'll get your wish and she will be gone next week. I would love to see Mark and his smirking face out of there but I fear he'll be around several more weeks to showoff. Maybe once he gets his Broadway offer he'll be off the show. That's what he's doing with all his choreography, auditioning which is not fair to his partner. But then he's one of those selfish guys who just doesn't get it.

nitewrit said...


I'm confused. If I watched the show I probably wouldn't be, but are there two stars named Kendra? I know the one Kendra Wilkerson, who really isn't a star I guess, but just basically a whore who struck a gold-mine of a john. I'll stop there, because I don't really have very much nice to say about this person.

Who is the other Kendra?

Anyway, I thought this was a show focused on the "stars" (a somewhat questionable accolade for some of them). They are pared with a professional dancer to teach them how to dance well. It seems like the object of such a trainer would be to make the star look good, not themselves.


Jeff said...

Wow! You really don't like Mark Ballas. I cut him some slack. He is Corky Ballas's son. He is talented. But you are right he is upstaging his partner and that is not what the show is about. But unfortunately I am still charmed by him. An ovious character flaw I have.

Ron said...

I like nothing about Mark Ballas. He's one of those little, short, smug, ugly bastards who get away with walking over people his whole life. I know people like him. They're all the same. It is unforgivable what he is doing to Chelsea by stealing the spotlight from her. He's ugly too. Oh, did I say he's also short? I'm not a violent person but I would like to pop him right in his smug little mouth.