Thursday, April 07, 2011

Last Will and Testament

One boy man's life
This morning I meet with my lawyer with the details of my last will and testament.  I hope this IS my last will.  I've done so many of these things over the years since my first will back in 1966.  Frankly, I'm sick of making them up.

Last night I spent several hours listing the details of my estate which is actually quite substantial, more so than I had thought.  

First I leave everything to my husband (life-partner, spouse, lover or whatever term the reader is comfortable with) Bill.  That's the easy part.  However, since Bill is thirteen years older than me (82), the odds are he will die before me so I had to make provisions for subsequent beneficiaries should I die alone in the world. 

I have no children but I do have four nieces and one nephew.  I also have seven grand nieces and five grand nephews.  They will all get $10,000.  In addition to those beneficiaries I am leaving the same bequest to two life long friends who have always been kind and loyal to me during my lifetime.  My final bequest is to my favorite charity, the Tipton-Haynes Historical site in Johnson City, Tennessee.  That makes a total of twenty beneficiaries.  Isn't it ironic that I am neat and precise even at the end of my life?  Anal to the end, that's me.

All my jewelry (diamond rings included) go to my grand-nephews.  My genealogy records go to my fifth cousin Tim Tipton who has agreed to continue our common Tipton family research.  No one in my immediate family  is interested in my records, which causes me great sadness but there isn't much I can do about that.  I would hate to see all my records tossed out on the sidewalk on a rainy Saturday morning the way I have seen other records soggy and abandoned with no one to love and cherish them.

My personal items my long time friend Larry has agreed to rescue.  Where the go after he departs, I do not know.  Larry is the same age as I am.  I'm not planning on checking out anytime soon but this could be my last day on earth.  You never know. No doubt when he goes his children will toss my lifelong accumulation of memorabilia.  I try not to think about it but I know of no one who wants it.  I guess this is something that is only of value to me and Larry, Children of the Fifties.

My clothing and household items are to be donated to the Encore, a local thrift store run by Clear Space Productions.  That should be a boon to them because I have LOADS of clothing, including all my business drag (ties, shirts, suits, etc) from my previous life as a banker.  But then no one wears Business Drag down here in Lower Slower.  The only drag down here are the gay drag queens in Rehoboth and I have NOTHING for them.  I was born male and have always enjoyed being a male.  I never had that gay urge to be a female.  I like being a guy  

I have given instructions for my house and all the remaining contents to be auctioned off and the proceeds go to my executor.  They can use the proceeds as they wish.  

Before I die I hope to sell most or all of my collectibles (including my stamp collection, coin collection, etc) on eBay.  I've been procrastinating getting on eBay but as I approach my 70th year on this planet, I think it is time to part with these items so someone else can enjoy them.  

And that my friends is my life...some money and a lot of junk (and maybe a good memory...or two). 


Mark said...

Ron, I feel like you're burying yourself now.
Yes, I do hope that someone takes care of all of those photos and your records. Those things are more valuble, in the end, than money.
Take care and I can't wait until you change your Will, again, in 20 years.
Your Friend, m.

Ron said...

I hope I'm around 20 years from now but I have a 'feeling'. Remember that 'intense dream'. As I indicated it wasn't a wet dream but another very revealing dream. I don't think I'm long for this world but I may be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. Poor Bill if I check out first.

Kim Ayres said...

You mean there's nothing in there for your blogging pal in Scotland? ;)

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


I think one or two of my kids will be very happy to continue the preservation of the items in question, both yours and mine.


Ron said...

There might be a surprise or two in my will.

Ron said...


Who would that be?

tigerchanter said...

A sad but necessary step that your family will appreciate.

the cajun said...

I understand your frustration. I've made 5 changes just since the 80s and AIDS took the stage.

The last one was after the breakup and I don't want to even imagine having to change it again. There ain't much monetary, only a few personal things, but that's all in the hands of the executor when I finally croak.

I think a personal post on this subject may be in my future.

Glad you got the deed done.


D@vid said...

It's a daunting task... but it feels good when you get it done. Believe it or not, I have mine sitting right next to my computer... I've been meaning to go over it for some time now but never get the chance. For me, I am more worried about what happens to my body. Being an organ donor, I'd like the rest of me to go to science... and what's left to be cremated and spread out in some field. I could care less what happens to my money and things...

Btw... love the Pinto station wagon... and who is that stud on the tractor? I may have to put him in my next YUM posting :)

Ron said...

You're right, it does feel good when you're done! I finally finished the list of 'Things My Family Should Know.' Now I await the lawyer to complete my will and I'll send both copies off of my brother and his wife so they can take care of things when I go, I am concerned with who gets me money and 'things' when I go. I want them to go to the right people. I'm not concerned with what happens to my body but I will be buried. I was going to be cremated but since I've gotten into genealogy I want a final resting place for myself for a future me who is researching the family history. I don't want to 'disappear' like that. Who was the 'stud' on the tractor? That was me, in 1976. You knew that didn't you? I did alright in my day. :)

Buddy Bear said...

Ron, you were more than "all right", you hottie, you!

Ron said...

Buddy Bear,