Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The First Stirrings of Spring

Bill and the owner of East Coast Gardens check out the River Birch Tree
Finally, FINALLY!   We got some springtime weather today.  The temperatures shot up to 87 degrees!  Can you believe it?  It didn't seem that hot because of the winds.  But it sure was nice to pay a visit to Eastern Coastal Gardens in Millsboro and check out the river birch trees that Bill and I are going to plant in a mound in our back yard. 

I love river birch trees.  Several of my neighbors have them and they are lovely.  I realize they need a lot of water but since our backyard has an irrigation system in place, that shouldn't be a problem.  

Bill and I will trek back down to Eastern Coastal Gardens tomorrow and buy three of the medium sized trees at $165.00 each.  On Tuesdays I get a 10% senior citizen discount. At $16.50 for each tree that adds up to $49.50.  I'll put that savings towards the new iPad 2 that I just received today.  Yes, I got another iPad.  And it is COOL!  I'll give Bill my 'old' iPad.  

The picture on this blog was taken with my iPhone.  I do believe my iPhone takes better pictures than my Canon 360.  I love my iPhone!  Thank you Don for introducing me to the wonderful world of Mac products.  My life is significantly better for it.  I could never take a picture like this with my TracFone.


Ur-spo said...

I love birch too; it is another thing I miss living in the Southwest.............

Don Voth said...

I, too, love river birches. Congrats, they'll look great in your backyard. I'm sure Bill will enjoy a more 'treed' yard.

You are very welcome regarding the Apple products. They are the best in the world and fantastic machines—almost magical. As Steve Jobs says, "We like to delight people."

nitewrit said...


Well, let's give a little credit where credit is due to introductions to the Apple IWorld and share a bit of that! :)

Really, now Ron, don't you think all these gizmos would have worked much better in a MicroSoft version?


Cubby said...

87? Is that a typo? I think I'm going to move to your neighborhood.

Ron said...


Ron said...


No, 87 wasn't a typo. I had to do a double-take when I saw that number on my indoor/outdoor thermometer. Very warm and windy yesterday. Rain today. Storms racing up the east coast. We're going to pay the price today for yesterday's 87 temps.

Ron said...

I've been admiring my neighbors' river birches for a few years now. Finally I got bill to agree to have a mound of three river birches. He mows the grass and hates mowing around trees but he will make an exception this time so I can have these beautiful trees outside my bedroom window. The birds love the seeds in the river birches too!

Ron said...

My only regret is that I didn't go with Apple products before. Steve Jobs quote "We like to delight people" is right on the mark. You know Bill Gates quote don't you? "We like to frustrate people."

Mark said...

That IPhone photo is incredible. I think if I bought one, I would never use my camera again. Hope that you had a nice weekend. m.

Ron said...

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the iPhone photos! You have to hold the camera steady though to get the really clear pictures. Sometimes that isn't possible because of the shape of the iPhone. I'm spoiled already. I'm finding that I take most of my pictures now with my iPhone.