Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Five More on the Fifth

Waiting for the light to change at Rt. 1 and 16 - uh oh, what's that up there?

I know, I know...I've already posted my "Five on the Fifth" today but events demand that I post another "Five on the Fifth."  

I asked Bill to take me to the Post Office in Milton to mail a iPhone dock charger to my brother John in Greenville, South Carolina.  While in Milton I wanted to stop by my main supermarket, Food Lion, to pick up a rotisserie chicken.  I use rotisserie chickens in my broccoli cheese recipe and I was feeling some of that this afternoon.  Well, you know how the best laid planes of mice and men and something like that goes don't you?

As we arrived at the intersection of Routes 1 and Routes 16 to make the left turn to the town of Milton we see an accident that just happened.  It didn't appear that anyone was hurt but both cars were pretty well damaged.  They would probably have to be towed away.  Just think, a few minutes earlier we could have been that car making a left hand turn on Rt.  16 and get plowed into by that idiot in the 'other' car.  Could've been us!

Somebody was driving where they shouldn't be

Next stop Food Lion.  I zip into the store to pick up a $5.99 , $6.99, er...$7.88 rotisserie chicken.  Uh, that's how much the price has gone up this month.  The best rotisserie chickens are at Sam's Club in Dover.  They only cost $4.99 and they are big, juicy, tasty birds with just the right seasoning.  The Food Lion chickens are alright but not as tasty.  I could stop in Rehoboth at Super Fresh or Giant and get one of their puny $8.49 oven roasted chickens (have to pay for that union overhead).  The price of Food Lion's rotisserie chickens have gone up almost $2.00 in ONE MONTH.  No thank you.  Good old Slower Lower never disappoints.  One would think the chicken prices would be about 3 bucks a chicken down here since this is where they raise the poor fowl who are trucked daily to Auschwitz the processing plants. I put the still warm plastic container of $7.88 rotisserie chicken back in its case and zipped on out of the store.

The Milton, DE Food Lion where the price of rotisserie chicken goes up faster than the price of gas

Next stop, the Milton Post Office.  A visit to the Milton Post Office is always the highlight of my day.  Today was no exception.  A typical, slow-ass local post office.  I gave the zombie like lady postal clerk my small bubble envelope contain the aforementioned iPhone docking device and got the postage ($1.79).

Back to Bill and his antique (1991) Jeep Laredo waiting for me outside.  We left Milton by way of Atlantic Avenue because I was sure the POO - LEASE would have the accident scene blocked for at least an hour while they 'investigated' the scene of the accident.  Hey, the one lady plowed into the other lady.  What's to investigate?  They'll make big deal out of it anyway.  I always feel sorry for people in accidents (which can happen to anybody).  All the aggravation that they have to go through now with the police, insurance, etc.  As I said before, THANK GOODNESS no one was hurt.

Downtown Milton Delaware - yes, the DO roll up the streets at night

Bill and I got back home.  I decided not to take a walk this afternoon because the cold and wind are back.  Yesterday's 87 degree temperatures (even with the wind) were an anomaly.  We're back to our balmy 45 degrees.  Down to 38 degrees tonight.  

Spring, where art thou?

Back home again, Bill soaking up the latest issue of Globe magazine (Kirstie is fat!)


Cubby said...

Did you see the accident happen? Have you ever seen one? In my 44 years, I have never seen one, but I know folks who've seen several. Uh oh, I better go knock wood.

Ron said...

I didn't see this accident happen but it must have happened minutes before we got there. When I told Bill I wanted to go to the store he said "I'll be there in about 10 minutes". If he had went earlier that might have been us because it looks like that woman was hellbent on making that turn, car or no car in her way. Yes, I have seen two accidents as they happened. I have been in four accidents myself. No fun believe me.

nitewrit said...


Sorry, for not making ny comments last few posts, but I've been in a fowl mood for the last couple days and you know that is against my nature and I don't trust what i might say.


Ron said...

So you've been feeling like a chicken ('fowl' mood) the last couple of days?

nitewrit said...


What're you trying to do--ruffle my feathers? Here I am in a foul mood and somebody has to goose me over using the wrong word. Good thing you weren't here or you might-a hadda duck. I would have come at you with both talons and that wouldn't be pheasant...I mean pleasant. What'd'a you the big cock of the walk crowing about your mastery of words? Okay, so I laid an egg, doesn't mean I'm completely scrambled. I'm temped to squawk, "Cluck you!" :)