Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Wish List

Ginger and Fred - the Standard to be met

 My Dancing With the Stars Wish List!

Of course I think some of the best dancing is men dancing with men. Watch this video of two brothers dancing the tango, which began as a man-to-man dance.  I would like to suggest two male couples for Dancing With the Stars but I know that isn't going to happen in my lifetime.  This country has come a long way into acceptance of same sex couples but I don't think we're ready yet for same sex couple on the dancing floor.  But I'll tell you, the most sensual time of my gay life was when I went into my first gay bar and a man (a real man, not a fey gay guy) asked me to dance.  I accepted.  When my partner put his right hand to the small of my back and took my left hand in his hand and pulled me in close to him as we danced to "Our Day Will Come" by Ruby and the Romantics....well folks, that was the MOST erotic experience I've ever had in my life.  Nothing since has even come close.  That was the Moment when I realized that I was not ALONE and I was okay.  I was NORMAL.  Everything "worked."  

But I digress.  That experience will be a subject for a future blog posting.  This blog is about my realistic wish list for future 'star' contestants on Dancing With the Stars:

This is the criteria I take into consideration for choosing my 'stars."

  • Must be interesting personalities
  • Must be either past their prime and trying to restart their career
  • Must be physically attractive (it takes all types)
  • Must be athletic
  • Must posses a set of balls (men and woman) because this is HARD WORK!
Here, without further ado is my "Wish List"

Steve Carrell
Steve for comedy

Christie Brinkley
Tall and elegant - the 'model' contestant

Faith Hill
Tall and elegant - the music star

Jennifer Hudson
Jen's not doing anything else _(where are those movie roles?)

John McEnroe
The Asshole Star - need one for balance

Johnny Weir
Watch out Mark Ballas!  You have met your match!

Lyndsay Lohan
Oh Lynds!  You JUST KNOW she will put on a show

Mike Tyson
The beefy athletic star who surprises all with his graceful moves
Let's just hope he doesn't bit off his partner's ear if he doesn't win

Michael Phelps
He of the long torso and short legs - would love to see THAT gliding across the dance floor

Tori Spelling
The 'star' who thinks she's all THAT but isn't - I love to see this kind of 'star' voted off

Venus Williams
Go on and admit it - don't you want to see these buns dancing?

The likelihood of any of these stars actually agreeing to go on Dancing With the Stars is little to none, I realize that.  The physical aspects of training and performing on DWTS and facing the humiliation of being voted off takes a lot of guts.  Not many 'stars', with their fragile egos which need constant stroking can take it.  I believe the ones I mentioned above can.  Wouldn't it be an interesting show if they did agree to go on?  Talk about a ratings buster.  

If there is a male to male couple, I would love to see Mark Ballas paired with Johnny Weir.  It would be worth the price of admission alone to watch those two midget egos battle for dominance on the dance floor.  Well, at least they wouldn't have to wear platform shoes - they're both short.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer just released a new album and set to tour.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a keen dancer, not even with my judgement clouded by alcohol, however a good dancer always has my attention. It doesn't matter if it's someone doing ballet or one of these hip-hop kids on the street. Talent (and guts) is always amazing!

Sounds like you had a fantastic experience. I'm a bit jealous, I admit that.


Ron said...

The available movies roles for black actresses are few even if they have won an Academy Award. Look at Halle Berry. I've always liked Jennifer Hudson although I think she sometimes over signs a song. If she would lighten up a bit she would be more effective. No need to shout.

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmmm, steve carrell...hairy...ummmmmmmmmmmmm!

faith hill and christie brinkley - YES! gorgeous women!

the rest...not so much.

and bring gene kelly back from the dead - another great dancer!

Mark said...

That's a great list. I don't watch the show but I would guess that the more popular it gets, the bigger stars it will attract.
Your Friend, m.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

You like Steve Carrell too? Super! I think he is one sexy man. There are a lot of great dancers like Gene Kelly, Donald O'Conner and Gene Nelson (remember him?) but DWTS should be stars without the dancing background. That's what makes it so interesting.

Ron said...


I'm not a good dancer. I would be the first one voted of DWTS. But I do enjoy dancing, always have. My First Dance which was my introduction to the gay bars and gay life was so erotic. It could not of had a better introduction to the world that awaited me. Back then in the Sixties men slow danced with each other. I found out later that the man who asked me to dance was the police chief of the township! He was very butch; crew cut, horn rim glasses and a hard body (which I felt dancing chest to chest as we were slow dancing). That was the first time I experienced "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Cubby said...

You forgot Charlie Sheen.
Duh, winning!!!

I like your picks, Ron. And it's not really that humiliating to be voted off first. They all get $100,000 whether they are voted off first or last.

Ron said...

You're right Cubby! How could I forget Charlie Sheen!?!

WINNING! You know who else would be cool on the show? Vanilla Ice.