Friday, April 08, 2011

Complicated Life

A friend sent me this video in response to my bitching about how complicated my life has become.

I thank him.  Watching this video made me smile and realize that my life doesn't have to be this complicated.  I'm working on uncomplicating it.  Starting today.


paradykes said...

I love this video, thanks for sharing it.

Ron said...

Yes, I thought this video was pretty cool too. I had never heard this song before now this signer. I video made me feel good watching it. A 'feel good' video instead of one of those heavy, dark videos.

Mark said...

Okay, so I'm finally seeing this. I'm always late to the game. Yes, that pretty much sums it up. Great Vid! I'll try to live by it. Except some things I can't control.

Ron said...

Yes you can Mark. I have. Whenever I feel the 'complications' creeping in, I back off. It is a constant struggle, that's for sure.