Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Week 6

Okay folks, here we go with Week 6 of "Dancing With the Stars!"  Last night I watch the show with a handicap because I was in the throes of 'cleansing' by bowels (I apologize for putting this graphic image in your brain) for my colonoscopy procedure which is to take place in a few hours this morning.  I record and watch "DWTS" on my DVR because I can't stand all the commercials.  I did a lot of pausing of the DVR last night to make mad dashes to my bathroom.  Lots of those mad dashes last night too.  What a night!

Now to the show.  Another VERY entertaining night!

  • Kirstie and Maks -  The lead off dancers and I thought they were MARVELOUS!  Kirstie is one of my favorites but by anyone's objective view they have to admit that she and Maks performed spectacularly last night.  No mishaps!  I like Maks new clean face look.  This man looks good with a beard or without!  Something I can't say for myself.  Kirstie obviously likes Maks too.  I enjoy seeing them together.

Maks and Kirstie have the BEST chemistry
  • Chris and Cheryl - Chris was clunky last night.  I felt for him.  For one thing the music they danced to, "Journey" (which I DON'T like) was God awful.  Then Chris was CLUNKY.  Chris?  What happened?  You had so much potential.  You're getting voted off tonight Chris.  Bye.

Sorry Chris, just wasn't "there" last night.  We'll miss you

  • Romeo and Chelsie - again, Romeo continues to be an unexpected pleasure with his mature and classy performances, unlike what one would expect from a 'up from the 'hood' rapper.  He and Chelsie have chemistry and danced well last night.  They received the first 10 score of the season.  Really?  Their dance was good but I don't think it rated a 10 but what do I know?

Romeo, Romeo - who knew?

  • Chelsea and Mark - is it possible for Mark Ballas to dance without a prop or his face painted up over the top to take attention away from his dance partner?  One week he's got an oversize hat on, the next week he's got a giant teardrop on his eye.  I don't like this guy.  He is a good dancer, I'll give him that but he is too distracting from his partner who is SUPPOSED TO BE THE STAR. Mark, you're only supposed to COMPLIMENT your partner, YOU'RE NOT THE STAR.  So they get out there and dance and actually do quite well.  They also received a 10 which I didn't think was deserved but maybe that's because I dislike Mark so much.  He really doesn't belong on this show.  He wants his own reality show, that much is obvious because he's been auditioning for it ever since the season began.  I hope he's voted off but I fear he and Chelsea will be in the Final Three.
Yeah Mark, yet another another of one of your 'faces' - get over yourself man

One ugly dude - Troll in the making

  • Kendra and Louis - I've changed my opinion on Louis.  Louis does compliment his partner Kendra who seems like she doesn't want to be on the show but I must admit she did VERY WELL last night shaking ALL OF HER ASSETS to Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca".  YOU GO GIRL!  Kendra and Louis will be in the bottom three tonight but she won't be voted off.  She was just too good last night.  The audience loved her and I did too!

Kendra? WOW!

  • Hines and Kym - I just can't get excited about this couple.  Hines continues to dance good but the magic just isn't there for me.  I need a little drama, a little tension, some interest.  Himes come out there with that Plastered Smile and I just can't get into it.  I'm actually bored.  He and Kym will probably be in the Final Three but I can't see them winning.

Technically competent but lacking FIRE!

  • Ralph and Karina - on Ralph what happened?  Way too awkward. Klutzy.  Sorry Ralph, you'll be in the Bottom Three tonight.  If Chris and Cheryl don't get voted off, it will be you.  Too bad because you're a Nice Guy Ralph.  

NIce try Ralph, you may be gone tonight


Cubby said...

Yay, I've been looking forward to this post.

Maks absolutely has the best ass on television and possibly the best ass anywhere. Upon seeing him dance last night my husband and I both jumped off the couch and started licking the TV screen. I'm not kidding!!

The scores last night were far too high. Kendra was at her best, but that isn't so great, IMO.

Poor, poor Ralph is going to be voted off the island I have no doubt. He started out so strong this season. What happened? I'll tell you what happened... it was Len. That a-hole Len broke Ralph's spirit with his ridiculous criticisms. Ralph should go kick dear Lenny in the nuts tonight on live TV.

Ron said...


YOU ARE SOOOOO RIGHT ABOUT MAKS ASS! Man oh man. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. That's why I had to post the video of both of them dancing. What I especially like about Maks (in addition to his obvious good-looks, masculinity, dancing skills and gorgeous body) is the way he defers to Kirstie. Maks is such a gentleman. I LOVE THAT! That's the way I WANT TO BE TREATED BY A MAN LIKE MAKS! Yes, I said it.
I too thought the scores were way to high. If anyone danced a perfect dance it was Maks. Kirstie was good too but probably prevented them from getting a 10. I predict that they will get at least once 10 before the competition is over.
I can tell you don't like Len. I like him but I do think you have a point that he broke Ralph's spirit by his sometimes over the top criticism. I think Ralph is sweet but he doesn't hold a candle to Maks. I could watch Maks (and Kirstie who is the perfect partner for him) all night.
Ralph is gone tonight. Kendra next week.