Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Geezers' Night Out

Springtime colors in front of my house this morning

Spring is almost here.  Although spring arrived officially a month ago, spring really hasn't arrived yet.  Oh a day or two here and there but for the most part we've had cold, gray and wet days around these parts on the eastern coast of Delaware. 

Today I finally felt a Taste of Spring.  After Bill and I returned from Loew's with another couple bags of mulch, I worked all morning to break up a couple hundred daffodil bulbs and replant then.  Oh, I know that I'm supposed to wait until the 'green dies back" but by the time that happens (July 4th) I'm in no mood to dig up daffodil bulbs because it is usually too hot for digging and besides, the mosquitoes are out in full force.  So I threw the rules out the window (like I usually do with my plantings) and dug those daffodils up this mooring and took about three hours to transplant everything.  Next spring we're going to be in Daffodil Heaven at this house.

Early tomorrow morning (7:30 am), Sposato Irrigation is coming by to turn on my irrigation system.  This is summer time folks.  Next I pay a visit to the East Coast Garden Center and buy three river birch trees.  Bill and I are going to build a kidney shaped island outside my bedroom window to block out the heat of the summer midday sun.  I like that sun coming in my bedroom during the winter (nothing like the comfortable heat of a solar warmed bedroom in the dead cold of the winter) but in the summertime it's a bit much.

These evening my friends Don V., Ted W. and Bob C. came by to pick me up and we had dinner at the Nage Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach.  We don't usually patronize expensive restaurants but Don had a 50% off coupon good until the end of April so we all decided to take advantage of his generosity.  We all had filet mignon.  It's been a long time since I had such a tender and tasty piece of meat like I had tonight.

Don in front of Nage Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, DE

We call our occasional get togethers at for fine restaurant dining "Old Geezer's Night Out."  This occasion is not to be confused with the regular Friday Night Dine Out Group. That group of (mostly old geezers with few exceptions) is at an inexpensive Sysco Food Driven restaurant.  But, occasionally, we break off from the group and patronize a restaurant that make their food fresh from scratch.  It may be more expensive and perhaps we can't afford it but it is worth it.  One really nice thing about tonight's dining experience, no kids.  Hey, I love little kids and I think some of them are just as cute as they can be but sometimes, just sometimes I like to dine out without the background sound of a screaming kid or a crying baby.  Tonight was a treat.

Old Geezers ready to chow down


Raybeard said...

Ron, I noticed before that you are another one who really appreciates flowers. I find them absolutely hypnotic though, unlike you, I've no talent or patience for gardening - so I selfishly 'drink in' the visuals and scents of displays where others have provided all the muscle and sweat, as well as those blooms with which nature is so profligate.
I also ought to say that it's a pleasure to get to know yet another animal lover, as you evidently are. Even though I've never had a partner, I'm ever grateful for the solace that my two pussies generously provide. And it's not only cats. Any animals - dogs, horses, rabbits etc - just make me melt.
Btw your final pic above looks like a really cosy gathering. But I suspect that the 'bitching-at- others-not-present' quotient was quite high? At least I hope it was. ;-)

Don Voth said...

Ron, It WAS a treat!!! We're a very compatible group. Besides the meals we go to are lots of fun! I hadn't thought about but, you're right, NO screaming kids.
Delicious Food -- Good Friends!! We're very lucky.

Ron said...

Yes, I do love flowers and all plants, even weeds. One of the few talents I have is gardening. I got that from my father. I have no building skills (carpentry) like my brothers and my father but I did inherit his gardening skills. My brothers didn't.
I do love animals, even the wild ones. Racoons, porcupines, ducks, squirrels. I hesitate to say that I probably like animals more than I like people but that is probably very close to the truth.
No one said anything about the lack of little screaming kids last night but I noticed. Babies and the Little One's in restaurants where I am paying top dollar for a dining experience is one of my pet peeves. I don't put out all that money to hear someone else's undisciplined kid. But that's me.

Ron said...

Thanks again Don for inviting me to take advantage of your Nage discount last night. Yes, we are a very compatible group. We'll have to do it again. And wasn't pleasant not to have squirming, screaming kids around? I don't hate kids but they don't belong in restaurants, especially ones where I'm putting out a lot of money for a fine dining experience. Pay a babysitter for chrissakes!

Mark said...

I'm going to the nursery this afternoon and start getting the outside ready for warmer weather. However, it's raining here, again!!!
I'm glad that you enjoyed your quiet night out. What is that like? And here's hoping that you get to experience another tender and tasty piece of meat soon.
Your Friend, m.

Tiger Chanter said...

I'm so glad that you had such a nice time! (And I'll resist the urge to comment on the "tender and tasty piece of meat" remark! ;)

nitewrit said...


Been a while since I've had a nice filet mignon. Used to be a favorite, but kind of on a hamburger budget these days. Looks like you're having a good time.


Ron said...

It's been a long time since I had a good piece of meat but I'm telling you, that filet last night was DEE-LISH-OUS! That piece of beef was like butter to my knife. And the flavor....very tasty! We all had the filet and raved about it. The desserts weren't too good and the appetizers so, so. But the main course...superb!

Ron said...

Mark and tigerchanter,
I do appreciate a good piece of meat. It's been a long time and last night didn't disappoint. Yum!

Ur-spo said...

I wish you would lay off the 'o' word (old) to describe yourself - you are more active than a lot of 30 year olds I know.

Spo sato sounds interesting.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I am going to take your advice and lay off the "old" references. Not only is it boring, it isn't necessary. I guess I'm a little surprised that I woke up one day and realized how old I was. This after always being the youngest in my group. Now I'm almost always the oldest. Actually, I don't mind being old. When I refer to my age I always do so with some bemusement and appreciation that I have lasted this long. I am working on GravyTime now and I know it. Thank you for your always excellent advice. You are a good man Dr. Spo. :)

Raybeard said...

(Written after reading your replies to my Emails.)

Ron, I'll just repeat one of the things which I was trying to say yesterday before I surrendered and aborted my attempt.
You say above that you would admit to liking animals more than humans. I'm with you there totally and have no shame in saying so, though others might think I ought to have - I would only add the word 'generally'.

(Right - deep breath. Here goes...)

Ron said...

I definitely like animals more than I like (most) humans. Of course there are exceptions with the humans. I've met and known some really nice people. But with animals I like ALL OF THEM. No exceptions.

Raybeard said...

Ron, I wrote my comment above after seeing your first two E-mail replies. I've only just discovered that there was a third.
I'd have expected my computer to be a fairly advanced one as it's more recent than some - though I certainly don't hear any background music on this blog. So I'm going to assume that mine is short on capacity and features, though I'm pleased that after your 'clear-out' my comments are now much easier to process.
Btw: re animals again. We are clearly kindred spirits on the subject. I too love ALL animals, and not just the cute and cuddly ones (though that helps!). I'm always thinking how they would be seeing the world from their point of view, and that informs my reaction to them - one of friendliness, safety and trust. I'd guess that you readily identify with what I mean.
We'll probably explore this more on future blogs so let's draw a line under this particular entry for now.

Stan said...

Looks like a handsome group of fella's to me.

Ron said...

I agree Stan! That's what we Old Geezers like to hear!