Friday, April 08, 2011

A Quiet Uncomplicated Friday Night

Downtown Lewes, DE fromt he third floor of the hotel where I work

Here I sit in my cozy little home office (converted from the smallest bedroom in the house) on this quiet, uncomplicated Saturday night.  I told you that I was going to uncomplicated my life and I meant it.  

I was going to go out tonight for the weekly Friday Night Dine Out gathering of our group of retired gay men (and some not retired - all are welcomed) but I decided not to go because of the drizzly rain and misty fog on the roads.  I don't like to travel at night anyway but I really don't want to risk life and limb (and my new car) on the speedway that is Rt. 1 on a Friday night.  I live at a beach resort (albeit six miles outside the craziness) and I see the steady stream of all manner of vehicles exceeding the speed limit, racing to get to Rehoboth Beach FOR THE WEEKEND.

This week's restaurant selection was Ruby Tuesday's, an although it is a chain restaurant, the food is pretty good compared to most of the Sysco driven food served at the local restaurants to the tourists (i.e., tourist traps.)  The food isn't the main reason I go to the dine out group, but it is nice to have decent eats.  I go for the camaraderie that I have with my other OLDER gay friends, mostly couples.  We're all past the bar hopping, cursing for a trick days.  These days we talk about our latest medical maladies and how we're paying our bills on a fixed income and whether or not we can afford to have that cute guy down the street mow our lawn.  I'm sorry I passed on the get together this week, maybe next week we'll have better weather.  Spring sure is taking a long time to arrive around these parts.

Thursday I made the visit to my lawyer's office and gave him the information on preparing my new will.  I had a hard time getting into his office on the 300 block of Rehoboth Avenue.  He had some hot looking construction guys outside tearing the shingles off of his roof, in preparation for a new roof replacement.  As I was dodging the shingles being tossed off the roof, I was trying to figure out how to get into the place.  One would think that he would have closed his office with all work going on.  Talk about a potential for a lawsuit.  Having a shingle hit my on the noggin is a lot more than slipping on a grape in the grocery store fruit section.  I dodged the flying shingles and made my way into his office, met him, sat at the conference table and took care of business.  Now I await the finished product.

Taking care of business at my lawyer's office

Last night at work (during a slow period), I completed the booklet titled "What My Family Should Know" which is a book that contains all my pertinent financial information including bank accounts, phone numbers, cemetery lot, doctors' names and phone numbers, IRA's and where they're located, and the combination to my safe.  Talk about complicated.  

Now the last item on my agenda is my colonoscopy scheduled for the end of this month.  Then I'm done.  I plan to coast through the summer.  In fact I'm going to coast right through the summer to the fall and then November when I hit the big 70.  

This morning I was was talking for my former classmate and still good friend and he mentioned that he would be 70 this year and that reminded me....I too will be 70!  Hard to believe.  What happened to all those years?  Pffft!  Gone.  And that me, soon to be gone.  I'm just tidying up the loose ends now.

Now it's time for a show and then I settle down to watching a couple of episodes of "Judge Judy" on my DVR, then some of those chocolate chip cookies I made this afternoon and then to bed.  The rain beating against my bedroom windows will take me off to Dreamland tonight and all my worries will be gone.  


Tiger Chanter said...

You are prepared! I'll say that for you! :) Hopefully it will still be many years before that is necessary!

Vương Tử Trực said...

Have a nice weekend, Ron!
Do you think of living for 20 years more?

Anonymous said...

1) What a terrific photo at the beginning of the post, 2) I myself don't like to drive at dusk, especially in the drizzle or rain, especially after I drove my car over a sharp curb on a busy freeway access and blew out two - count 'em two - tires, under those conditions, 3) I have a tough time remembering that I'm on my way to being 65 years-old, and that works for me: one day I'll be gone, but I'll still think I'm 24. Now that the will is updated, etc., etc., as Judy Garland so eloquently put it, "Get happy!" Cheer up;-)

Ron said...

I've always been prepared. Lately, I've fallen behind a bit father that I'm used to. I too hope it will be many years before I depart this earth but one never knows when The Call comes. I have lost too many friends and relatives younger than me. I have to be ready.

Ron said...


Yes, I actually do hope to live another GOOD twenty years!

Ron said...

1) Thanks for the compliment on the picture! That's one of my "Lights and Shadows" pictures. During my daily rounds I occasionally see a composition of still life that begs for a permanent record so I take out my iPhone and record it for history.
2) I'm 69 but in my mind I think (and act) 37. That was my ideal age. I will probably always be that age in my outlook on life.
3) That was a close call for you on the freeway. I prefer not to tempt fate with another accident (I've had several in my lifetime) so when a Little Voice tells me 'it's dangerous, don't go out tonight'..I listen to that voice.
4) Now that I have my will out of the way and my Record of What My Family Should Know" I feel that I can relax and enjoy everyday life.
Always nice to hear from you Dave. :)