Friday, April 15, 2011

Clay Warren Hunt

I try not to post my political views on my blog.  So much ranting and raving (on both sides) is done already, my little grain of sand contribution won't make much difference in the cacophony.  But sometimes I just cannot let an event pass by without commenting and/or bringing it to the attention of others.

Such an 'event' happened on the 31st of March.  A young man whose name I did not know committed suicide on that day.  His name was Clay Warren Hunt and he was a  veteran of our War of Choice in Iraq.  

Enough has already been said about those political leaders (of both parties) who instigated and authorized this unnecessary war with Iraq.  I cannot add anything new other than to again express my disgust and revulsion at those chicken hawks like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the repulsive Paul Wolfowitz who lied to take this country into war with Iraq.

This posting is only about marking the memory of this one young man who sacrificed his life on the altar of the unparalleled greed and ego of all those in Congress and the Bush Administration who took this country into a totally unnecessary war with Iraq.  

This young man's agony ended on March 31st.  However, the pain of his premature death will have to be endured by his family and friends for the rest of their lives.  Such a waste.  

Again, sorry for the 'down' posting but this was just something I had to say.

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Stan said...

Don't be sorry for posting this. I for one thank you for it. Not enough is said about tragedy's like this in this country. It's America's dirty little secret. Everybody waves the flag and acts like patriots but nobody talks about the sacrifices some people make like this young man and his family. These suicides are not even counted as casualties of the wars.
A couple of years ago I read in the local paper about a young man like this who shot and killed himself because he was about to be deployed to Afganistan after doing two deployments to Iraq. He was to be part of the increase in troups that Obama stupidly ordered.
There's a excellent HBO Documentary covering this subject called Wartorn 1861-2010 you can get further info by the link below.
These suicides have been happening since the begining of America's love of war.

Ron said...

Thank you for your comments. My heart breaks every time I read a story like this of a life wasted because of this obscene and unnecessary war. So many thousands of our best and brightest young men and women whose lives were lost or who are permanently maimed for lifetime physically and mentally and what does this the military worry about? Gays in the military. So stupid.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog when googling Clay's obituary. Tragically sad. Your last paragraph got to me:
This young man's agony ended on March 31st. However, the pain of his premature death will have to be endured by his family and friends for the rest of their lives. Such a waste.

A waste to be certain. War is a waste. PEACE.

Judy Martinez from Dallas Texas

Ron said...

Thank you Judy Martinez from Dallas, Texas for your comment. Yes, war is a waste. With very few exceptions, there is no need for war. We should only go to war when attacked. Wars of choice are criminal. I feel so bad for this young man's family and all the families of those who lives were lost in a war that was a lie.