Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jolly Good

Guess Who?

Just as I was finishing my lunch of a roasted red pepper hummus wrap I hear the harp ringtone on my iPhone.  I go over to the granite countertop where my I always put my iPhone at rest when I am in the house and I see the handsome visage of Dr. Spo on my iPhone!  Yes folks, it was Dr. Spo of Phoenix Arizona, known far and wide for his beloved blog "Spo Reflections" making his virgin FaceTime call on his iPhone (or his 'iPrecious" as he calls his loved iPhone).  Now talk about a Pick-Me-Up!  Be still my heart (and nether regions).  

The famous Dr. Spo of Arizona (wow) 

First thing I thought was "How's my hair?"  "How do I look?"  Yes folks, I am one of the many Spo Fans. Yes, yes....I know.  I am in a long term relationship as is Dr. Spo.  He is TAKEN but hey, I can fantasize can't I?  Dr. SPO WAS CALLING ME!  

I touch my forefinger on the "Accept FaceTime" display only iPhone and viola!  There he was.  Perhaps the most handsome and adorable face to grace the FaceTime feature on my iPhone yet.  Sorry Don and Larry, I love you guys but Dr. Spo is SO GOOD-LOOKING AND SEXY! 

Looking at this comparison picture I feel real old and ugly

I congratulated Dr. Spo on making the connection.  Shortly into the conversation I told him how to take a picture with FaceTime and I took his picture which is what you see on this post.  Dr. Spo immediately said "How's my hair?"  HA!  He said the same thing I thought when I answered his call earlier.  He told me this was a family joke.  He said one of his aunts, after every time she got her picture taken (or was it before)? would ask "How's my hair."  Well Spo, you hair was just fine as were you (you handsome devil you). In fact, if I was twenty years younger, single and lived in Phoenix I would give Dr. Spo a go.  I would give Someone some competition.  Yeah, I said it.   

Dr. Spo shows me how my shirt will look finished - looks good on him doesn't it?

Dr. Spo then showed me the progress he had made on the shirt that be was making for me.  He posed with the pieces of the colorful material that I had sent to him a few months ago from eQuilter.  I have also posted those pictures.

Them I showed Dr. Spo some of the features of the iPhone like how you can reverse the camera and I took him on a tour of my back deck and to the front of my house and showed him my tulips.  Yes, 'my tulips."  I bet no one has ever used that come on line before..."Why don't you come home with me and see my TULIPS?"  

Well folks, all I can say is that I started out in a 'fowl' (to use my friend Lar's spelling of 'foul') mood this morning.  However that mood quickly evaporated when my Blogger Buddy Spo called me using FaceTime on his iPhone.  

"Jolly Good!"  

Dr. Spo in all his adorableness


anne marie in philly said...

you lucky dog you! getting to talk with the good dr.!

believe it or not, I am still waiting for the traveling spo-shirt to make its way to my house. I think it has gotten lost at buddy bear's house (or it went down the drain after buddy got it wet in the shower).

have a good week, ron!

the cajun said...

What a nice change of pace. And you got to see the bits of the shirt before it's all put together. Also, glad it put you in a better mood...that always helps enjoy the day.

nitewrit said...


Perhaps you don't see it, but you and Dr. Spo have a definite physical resemblance. He could be your son. You ever have a secret life you never told anyone about?


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Indeed! Aren't I the lucky dog though to have a visit by Dr. Spo? He is a sweetheart.

Ron said...


Folks like Dr. Spo bring out the best in me. That was a real treat this afternoon to talk to this fine gentleman.

Ron said...


No, I didn't notice the resemblance between me and Dr. Spo. As for the possibility that he could have been my Lost Love Child, well......I would be proud to have Dr. Spo as my son but there was absolutely NO WAY I have a Lost Love Child. There is a certain act that has to take place and unless some in heat woman rolled in the sheets of my bed and impregnated herself with my spent sperm, immediately after one of my one night stands, I have no Lost Love Children roaming around unaccounted for. I am a 69 Year Old Virgin (how would you like to see THAT movie?)

Buddy Bear said...

Ron, You are double lucky! Speaking to that sweet Dr. Spo (he seems like such a gentleman in his e-mails!) AND you are getting a custom-made Spo-shirt. Aren't you special!!!

anne marie, I sent the incredibly clean Spo-Shirt to the next recipient. Proof? Here is Birdie looking great wearing it!

Ron said...

Buddy Bear,
You are exactly right! I am double lucky speaking to 'that sweet Dr. Spo and getting a custom made Spo-shirt. And Dr. Spo is a gentleman. I appreciate his friendship very much.

Ur-spo said...

Gads! Next time I smile!

Vương Tử Trực said...

Good Lord!

Raybeard said...

I would have said "Lucky, LUCKY you" but that truthful word has been over-used above. So I'll just say I'm emerald green with envy - and I wish I not only owned an iPhone, I wish knew what one was!

Ron said...

No complaints from this quarter Dr. Spo. I was thrilled to get your call.

Ron said...

Do you have FaceTime on your iPhone Tai?

Vương Tử Trực said...

I want to Ron but my iPhone 3GS can't use FaceTime which is only compatible for iPhone 4 :(

Ron said...


I understand. I think you told me this before. I had forgotten.

Ron said...


I am addicted to my iPhone now. I had to be talked into getting it because I didn't think I needed it but I've found out it's the difference between owning a car and a horse and buggy. Both will get you to your destination but the car is SO MUCH BETTER. I could never go back to a TracFone or any other ordinary cell phone. I am spoiled.

Tiger Chanter said...

Well! I guess that's one more reason for me to get an iPhone! :)