Sunday, April 06, 2014

Working Weekend

For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you'll notice there's been a blip in my usual daily posting.  That's because I worked the day shift at the hotel this weekend.  My regular hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3 pm to 11 pm.  Occasionally I am asked to work for one (or two) of the regular full time front desk agents (we don't call them "hotel front desk CLERKS these days don't you know).  This weekend was one of those weekends.  

Wasn't so bad although I do have to get up before the birds (5 am) in order to get to work in time to set out the breakfast by 7:30 am.  Usually I like to sleep in until about 7 am or later.  But as I said, working this weekend wasn't so bad, helped a lot I'm sure by a hotel almost full of very pleasant guests.  

Our guests are usually retirees for a weekend getaway, or soon to be retirees looking to move to Delaware and the occasional newlyweds (which we had this weekend).  These folks are almost always pleasant, non-demanding and a pleasure to be of service to.  Plus, it helped that this weekend we had almost perfect weather.  Clear blue skies and a brisk bite in the air.  We could've used maybe ten degrees warmer but brisk air felt good.

My daffodils in full bloom today!

Bill misses me terribly when I'm gone from the house all day, even though when I am at our house I'm either on my computer, eating or taking a nap. At least I'm in the house which seems to give him some comfort.  I have to admit it is nice to be wanted and cared for and to care for someone.  

The only problem I have with working these irregular hours is that it throws off my digestive system (I get constipated because I can't go to the bathroom at work - yeah, I said it).  Other than that, and missing my daily blog entries, not a bad weekend of work at all.

Now I do it all over again in two weeks.  Then I work the night shift (3 pm to 11 pm) for my other full time co-worker.  Don't cry for me (Argentina) though, I'm taking off two weeks at the end of August to visit…….guess where?  Yep, Canada (read prior blog post for context).  

Time to watch more episodes of "The Good Wife" now (oh I am addicted to this show, it is SOOO GOOD).

Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

I hate being thrown off my schedule. I'm very regular. Change that and I am miserable.

Have fun on your trip! It will be GREAT!

Peace <3

Amanda said...

A little extra money doesn't hurt for that extra day!

Jack said...

I often think to myself that I should go out and get me a nice little part time job. I can always use the extra money. I tried to go part time from the last company I retired from and ended up going back to full time. After I retired for good I went to Wal Mart and became a People Greeter. The pay was actually $1.25 over minimum wage and I only wanted twenty hours weekly maximum. Well lucky me I got a department manager who thought I should work 33 to 35 hours weekly. Needless to say I would have stayed where I was before I "retired", I definitely did not want to "retire" from Wal Mart. Long story short, lasted 3 months and haven't worked since. Things have a way of working out, I definitely would have had to stop working so I could spend the time caring for my mother before she died. If I could find something now like you have for 2 days a week, I would definitely consider it. More than that on a consistent basis would be too much, when would we schedule our appointments for the doctor, dentist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon (the plastic surgeon takes off the suspicious looking lesions while the dermatologist takes care of the dermatitis) and now I have a urologist. I think nature keeps us healthy when we're younger so we can retire and fall apart when we're older and have nothing better to do but go from one doctor to another.
Tomorrow I sit down and write a rather sizable check (five figures) to the IRS that I've been putting off since January. Tomorrow's weather is cloudy and rain so it will be appropriately a gloomy day. I'll think of your daffodils to brighten my day.

Travel said...

Most days I enjoy my work and can't imagine not working. I like the structure work creates in my life.

Antionette Blake said...

Great blog, we live in Middletown and will be leaving the state of Delaware when we retire, however, I will follow your blog until we do - lol!

Ron said...

Oh no! That's not the way it works, no one retires FROM Delaware and moves to another state. That's what residents of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia do….they move TO Delaware to escape the high taxes and enjoy the more relaxed lifestyle of Delaware. The only folks I know who move FROM Delaware are those rich government retirees who move TO Florida. Thank you for the kind words you said about my blog. All compliments accepted!

Ron said...

Same here, I cannot imagine not having some kind of job. For me it also adds structure to my life plus I need that reinforcement that I still matter and the extra cash helps me to occasionally indulge in splurges that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do. I'm one of those guys who will work until I can no longer move. Only thing is that I don't want to work five days a week, fifty weeks a year. Working part-time as I do now is perfect.

Ron said...

The extra money makes a big difference. For most of my life I've had to pinch pennies and do without. For only a few years have I earned enough that I could occasionally splurge and spend money on something other than the necessities. Plus, I also like to occasionally spend money on other people (yes, I'm one of those guys) to bring a little happiness in their life.
You have a good point though that if I worked full-time how would I have time for all my doctors' appointments? When I did work full-time I never went to the doctor. I think I must have went at least twenty-five years without seeing a doctor. Now I can hardly go a month without some kind of doctors' appointment. As I said before, I have turned into my Mother, who I used to joke with her that her life seemed like nothing but a series of doctors' appointments. By the way, almost all of my daffodils are up and they look great! Look for the video.

Ron said...

Exactly right, like a trip to Canada or…….LA!

Ron said...

Like you I am a creature of habit, especially the older I get. I don't like change but some of it is inevitable, especially in today's digital age.