Saturday, April 12, 2014

Daffodil Saturday

My haul this morning

Hey folks, I love my daffodils!  I love my spring bulbs!  I love Spring!

Well, I do believe that spring is finally here. This morning I visited my favorite nursery, Peppers, and bought up ever last one of their potted daffodils.  Oh I know "fall is the time to plant spring bulbs" and I do but two factors discourage me from fall planting.  First I'm not really in the mood after a summertime of gardening and secondly, I'm never sure where my previously planted bulbs are located.  One thing I hate to do in the fall when digging in the dirt, is to shove my trowel into a perfectly good daffodil or tulip bulb.
This is why I take advantage of potted daffodil bulbs in the spring, I know the "holes" where I can plant them.  

By the way, did you notice my propensity for double entendres lately? Especially of a sexual nature?  My goodness, what has gotten into me? Truth be told though, I've always had this "propensity" thinking it was clever and funny when in actually I'm only outwardly displaying my latent sexual nature.  I am a passionate person I am.  Lucky you if you're on the receiving end of my passion, just saying.  If I can't toot my own horn who can?

Oldie Goldie

Well folks, time to spread that mulch on those eighty or so daffodil bulbs that I put in the ground earlier today.  I'm going to take my shirt off and get my first dose of vitamin D (sunshine).  My old pale torso could use some sun to get rid of its winter pallor.  

The Lewes Tulip Festival has nothing on my backyard oval


anne marie in philly said...

you are a naughty boy! ;-b

but we like you that way. nice daffys; and I see your tulips are starting to sprout up around the oval. hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend.

Raybeard said...

I've always seen daffs as the 'happiest' of flowers. Maybe it's something to do with their 'trumpets' which makes it look as though they're merrily heralding their presences - "I'm here. Look at me!"

pat888 said...

Ron you probably have prettiest lot in the neighbourhood. i always admired the folks in my neighbourhoods who maintained beautiful lots of any style.


Ur-spo said...

I want to die in spring, among the daffodils, so there are plenty for me at the funeral.