Friday, April 04, 2014


OUCH!  That hurt!

About a hour ago I returned from my 8:15 am visit to my dermatologist.  Last January 24th, he had taken a biopsy of a discolored patch of skin from my right knee.  From that time until today, that wound has never properly healed.  There were times when my pants would rub against the scab and a pain would shoot through my leg like a thorn in the wound.

Last week I made an appointment to see him to take a look at this slow healing wound.  The day before I cancelled it, thinking it had gotten better it hadn't.

On Tuesday this week I made another appointment for this morning.  I arrived bright and early at his office with my wound, still inflamed.  His assistant took a look at it and began poking at the wound.  OUCH!  WOW!  Know how it feels when the dentist drills for a cavity and hits a nerve?  That's the way it felt when she was poking around that inflamed wound.  Hey, I think I can tolerate pain as good or better than most but this morning I was a major pussy.  I  yelled out loud "OH GOD!"  Yes I did.  I really did.  

Two other assistants came into the room.  More poking around and more screaming (yes, SCREAMING) by me.  One of the assistants thought that part of the "dissolvable" stitch was still in the wound.  SOMETHING was in there.  Know how it feels when you have a thorn in your toe or finger?  SOMETHING WAS THERE and it hurt like HELL when they poked.  

The doctor came in.  He took a look with his instrument.  Wouldn't you know he tried to pull something out.  This time I almost kicked him (involuntarily) and yelled "OH GOD!" again.  What is it with me with the "Oh God" exclamation?  I'm not even religious?  Well, anyway, I asked him "Don't you have a pain killer?"  Be careful what you wish (ask) for.  He motions to one of the assistants.  She brings in a MAJOR needle and hands it to him. He said "This is going to pick a little bit."  Uh huh.  I thought the poking around hurt, well ladies and gentlemen, I experienced a new kind of pain.  OUCH!  WOW!  

Folks, this year (and last year) I've been through whole new levels of pain.  From the biopsy and volume check for my prostate cancer to that LONG Labor Day Weekend when my urologist decided to let my stuck kidney stone in me for four days hoping it would pass on it's own.  Yes folks, that was pain but today was a whole new level.  I'm telling you, the medical establishment really should get in touch with those war criminals former vice president Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

"The known unknowns, we don't know anything"

and immediately let them know that we have doctors down here in Lower Slower that could put any of your professional torturers to shame.  

War criminal and former vice president Dick Cheney - still on the loose

My good doctor did some digging around on the now numbed area of my knee and removed the offending stitch that had infected my knee these past three months.  

I left his office with a copy of my medical report to meet Bill (who drove me) down in the lobby.  My knee wasn't hurting now because it was numbed up but I knew it would be hurting as soon as the pain killer wore off and as it is now sore.  But I don't have the shooting pain that was happening before when my pain let would rub the wrong way.  

Bill stopped at Loew's on the way home but I couldn't even get out of the car.  Not only because it is windy and cold this April morning (will this winter ever end?) but because I was feeling woozy (don't go there).  

As soon as I got home I took this picture of my sore knee and an aspirin and hit my bed for about an hour of gathering myself together (and feeling sorry for myself - I do love me a Pity Party).  

After about an hour of slumber I just got up and now I'm ready to take on the rest of the day and get myself prepared for a weekend of work at the hotel.  I'm filling in for a co-worker who is taking off a few days.  

And the beat goes on.  


Amanda said...

I hope you will feel better from now on! Did they give you any antibiotics to help with the infection?

Ron said...

The wound is sore now but I can feel that it is no longer inflamed like it had a splinter in it. And no, they didn't give me anything for the infection. I thought about that too.

Bob said...

I'm in pain--though obviously nowhere near as much as you--from reading that post!
Feel better!

slugmama said...

Getting old ain't for sissies, is it? ;-)

Hope you are feeling your old self(don't go there!)soon.

nitewrit said...


Good grief, what kind of doctors do you go to? Your whole post had me winching. I went and had blood drawn this week (as usual) and got a new tech, a young guy this time. It's always been women. The little prick…maybe I should rephrase…the little pinch pinched the whole time the needle was in and it even hurt when he took it out. More practice before the next time I come, young man.


pat888 said...

Wow Ron - hope this is the last of all these misadventures. I'm hoping because they didn't give you anything special as in antibiotics or cleanser that this will heal rapidly. Sorry to hear about this.


Ron said...

I called and asked if I should put something on it. They said "Yes, neosporin" for a couple of days. I did and now I'm much better. Actually, I shouldn't have to ask should I?


Ron said...

I'm wondering that too. Actually, we all assume we're going to get the best, most experienced medical care. However, that's not always true as both of us have experienced this week.

Ron said...

I wasn't exaggerating, that was MAJOR pain this morning. Hit a nerve that sent an electric shock right through my whole body.

Ron said...

My leg, although sore, feels so much better now. Just like having a thorn removed from your finger. You knew something was there but now it's gone. You body tells you when something is wrong.

David Jeffreys said...

Why had there been no follow-up to the original biopsy? They should have found the "stitch" within a couple of weeks in a FU appt. Healthcare is so poor in the country even when you have insurance.

Two weeks ago today I went to the emergency room, and the ER doc just sent me back home. Four days later my primary physician admitted me and I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago. That was for cellulitis/lymphedemia, but while there my blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels, got extreme shortness of breath and cardiac arrhythmias. Now back home and suddenly my muscular dystrophic leg muscles are weaker and having a hard time getting out of my usual chairs.

Ron said...

There was a followup to the original biopsy. However, there is never a followup when I've had stitches removed. I think the problem this time, (which they of course didn't admit) was that all the stitches weren't removed. There was a new guy removing the stitches on January 24th, when I had them removed. I noticed at the time he wasn't clean and precise about removing the stitches like the other times I had stitches removed. Turns out I was right, he left some in.
I hope your medical problem takes a turn for the better. At our age, it seems like it's one thing after another. We have to stay a step ahead.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that sucks! I am so glad they fixed you up! And sure, I pity you! How could anyone not? You've been through hell and high water the last year or so.

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

Bob (above) got there before me. I'm too am hurting after only reading it. ('scuse me while I reach for the analgesics.) No fun, I know. If there were a heaven you'd surely be excused a term in Purgatory and fast-tracked straight into Paradise. At least that would give this pain and unpleasantness some sort of justification. Pity that there isn't.

Travel said...

Your comfort should have been their first concern. You shouldn't have to ask for pain control when they are poking around and it is obvious you are in pain. Take care, let's hope things heal well this time. DG

Ur-spo said...

one more gouge and you won't have any skin left!
One of my favorite lines from "the lion is winter' is : "Mother's tired. Come stick pins tomorrow, I'll be more responsive".

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Piece by piece, every six months a chunk of my flesh is taken for a biopsy. I seem to be going down a road that I don't want to.


Ron said...

That was my thought too. I'm not the type to blowup immediately when taken for granted for mistreated but now I am thinking about changing doctors. The good news is my leg is finally healing.

Ron said...

The last twelve months I've experienced more pain that I have in all my previous 71 years on this earth. Making up for lost time I suppose.

Ron said...

I knew something was wrong and now that they took out the remaining stitches I feel SOOO much better. Sort of like banging your head against the wall for so long you don't realize how good it feels when you stop until you do it because you've acclimatized yourself to the pain and discomfort.